Gary's Got Nowhere to Glow!

Birthdays Congratulations to: gary1980 (32), gotnowheretogo (23) 32 23 | 32 23 there's just something about it! i don't know what it even IS! (and where it's going)


  • NOW HERE! there IS no THERE! <!-- s>__< --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif" alt=">__<" title="mad" /><!-- s>__< --> you just don't care!
  • You can't say that. You're not a bear.
  • I didn't wish those folks, those aforementioned members with auspicious dates, birthday greetings because they do not post right now. I hope not too many people read this because it is not very interesting. No offense G.O. and Dave.
  • I have taken offense! You'll be receiving a letter from my emotional lawyer. Edit: After I clicked "Submit", I thought it might be prudent to explain that my emotional lawyer is me after I've had 6-7 drinks.
  • when i was 8 years old i pretended i had a lawyer named Jon Sherman... it was only many years later i realized how weird that was what was i playing at!
  • Jon Sherman's really the man to ask, I would think.
  • or possibly JAY sure man! it stinks! yes dave... EVERYTHING stinks!
  • Jon Sherman's evil twin. It's about time he reared his ugly head. He's an ex-con with a taste for the bizarre.
  • he's a bent up kid trapped in a world he never MADE!
  • these are the things i carry call me gary LARRY!!! :(|)
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