Game of Thrones (Spoilers inside)

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If any of you guys watch HBO I really recommend you guys check this show out! I'm on Book 3 of the series and it really only gets more excellent from here!


  • whats it about?
  • YES. Such a great show. It's like Lord Of The Rings meets Zombies. Quite dramatic, but very well done.
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    i'm really close to being finished with the second season of this show. just finished episode eight; two more to go. anyone else watch it? i've really been enjoying it, even though it's so tragic that i always have to watch it little bits at a time, lest it get me down.
  • I've watched a few episodes of the show, but i mostly read the books. I actually just finished book 2 2 days ago. Arya and Tyrion are my favorite characters (although Arya's getting a little creepy...) And i hate Theon Catelyn and Jon have been pretty boring so far And Daenerys has been interesting i guess
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    Arya's my favorite character too, I relate to her like in so many ways. Round peg, square hole. I haven't read the books yet, but I think I might start. The story's so gripping.
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    EDIT: had to delete this post since the spoiler function doesnt seem to work :(
  • Thanks man I appreciate it. The series is so gripping, I'm actually rewatching the whole thing from the beginning with my mom while she's here visiting me.
  • I'm rewatching it tonight actually. Watched season 1 in the two weeks preceding season 2. Probably my favorite show to watch, and definetly the show that makes me want to slap some of the characters. My favorite character/s is either Arya, Jon Snow, or Dany (so hawt, sorry had to say it). I'm going to make this thread officially with spoilers so we can discuss the show in better terms.
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