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  • My band is T-Money and The Thug Bunch. You could look us up but odds are you've already heard of us since we went platinum! HAHAHAHA! Well check us out on twitter, facebook, youtube, email, yeyeye. I Sing, play guitar, raprapraprapraprap, eat Stogies and smoke ho-ho's! Ha (I'm serious though)(not the last part)
  • Purple my friend I listened to your band and I listened to the song: nick ? Sounds very Noah and the whaleish GOODJOB keep up the good work
  • Below is a link to the Facebook page of my little brother : Go check it out, it's nothing like AC but it's still music ! :)
  • HAH!! THANKS CLAYSON!!! Our bands mixing a lot of stuff around now. We are putting up new videos of recent performances (That I unfortunetly had no part of, still my band) and we just jammed with a new base player tonight. He's so awesome. I vocally tell him what I'd like him to play and he can repeat it back on bass holy crap! We have never sounded so full or ligitimate. Now we need to get the sampler thing down, then we can Do rap, experimental anco like stuff and well the possibilities are endless. I've been pumping out songs like a dairy truck and hopefully we can do a lot more gigs this summer.
  • Just finished this song, it's similar to some of AC's chiller stuff. Enjoy!
  • that was boss yo
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    I feel like I've been back on the board long enough to promote my band again, so here is a EP we recorded a while ago: It's free! Any listening or feedback or half-sincere comments are appreciated! :D (how do you make clickable links?)
  • I just shut off Joanna Newsom to listen to your music! Shit just got real. Strongest moment: Stay Weakest moment: Post-Sleep The coolest thing is that you guys sound like you're having fun, which is a really nice feeling coming across. Your harmonies on Sunny Days and Stay were beautiful, reminded of Eisley. Question: Are you guys recording around one microphone? I'm really bad at this review stuff, I'll just say I liked it.
  • Thanks so much Claude! And no we're not, I think it's just mixed weird. Post-Sleep is actually supposed to have drums but it just wouldn't work. It's much better live, though I still like the harmonies on this one. Let England Shake has drums now too.
  • I feel like you guys could really benefit from better production, but money is hard to come by. There's just some times when the vocals get drowned out by the guitar and drums, but I know from experience that production is difficult on a budget. I imagine you guys really flourish in a live setting though, I would go.
  • Great work! I agree that the production is what is holding it back so live is where you guys will shine.
  • That is our friend project... we are some guys, coming from hamburg and we love to improvise and play by ear. It's fun and very hypnotical, our third man is every session sleeping at the half of playing :) Sorry for my english, i talk like think it's right :p Oha! the german guys, please hold me back!
  • I like the way you talk.
  • "I like the way you talk..." i like the way YOU talk! [img][/img] i like them french fried purtaters!
  • Achja!!! St.Pauli is a great friendship football club of every time, ever peacefull and alternative to all other clubs :)
  • and what said Christina Ricci in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas :) : "they gave me LSD." That is where our music come out from... we wan't to to love the world and kiss the sky! everybody who could feel this, know what I mean.
  • Somehow my knowledge of German Football prevailed! Freundschaft ist Magie!
  • FC Reidlingen FTW! ...
  • FREU! It's great to hear this here... Power Diggi!
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    NEW SOUND EXPERIMENT! is it wrong, crazy, right, nonsense, beautiful, orgasmic, lame, watery.. i just finished recording this album on my own in my tiny lofted room in brooklyn with my loop pedal and a lot of layers. I need someone to critique my songs that does not already know me so I get an honest opinion.. I've been making it since january so its all very fresh in my ears and i'm not sure what to think. would love any sort of feedback, positive or negative. the songs all kind of bleed in to one another, though they all feel fairly different from each other. If you are a musician and interested in collaborating on this project with me, if you feel you could enhance or fix any problem sounds you notice, I would also be interested in that. Basically, any kind of response would be appreciated. Thank you, and have a wonderful day:)
  • Droomps, I moved you here. Thanks for posting and we'll give a listen! I don't think music can never be wrong or right.
  • I'm going to give this a good listen tonight so expect a review in the morning!
  • thankya kindly winilula and i appreciate it much peasfihs
  • I'm at work and terribly bored, Droompa, so I'm gonna happily throw this on and write as I listen to the album as a whole. 1. Hotday Funday Love the tone of this guitar, just detuned enough. Oooh chills as the jangles came in. Interesting time signature, the rhythm is neat - ~2:14 when the riff comes back in from the distorted bridge, I'm crossing my fingers for a change in the progression at this point, nothing wrong with repetition, but... oh shit, it's over - maybe that was the perfect moment. 2. Good Luck Weather I love this riff. Vocals! Like the processing here, oh the percussion is great! I love the bit-crushed effect on almost anything and this is no exception. Hmm, again I find myself waiting for shift in the progression, just to surprise me. Well, boom there it happened with the beat repeat and skipping, excellent! Perfect timing again. Awww it didn't last that long. :( 3. Drippiness Cool hip-hop sound to the beat, ahh the pads underneath add a great atmosphere. Jangly bouncy techno sounds, and a ra-pum-pum, aha the higher voice going "oh oh oh" in the background is cute. I feel like the low-end needs a bit more once the pads come back in - have it hit a bit harder maybe. Vocal processing is great again. Cutting the pads for the spoken word bit was a good call, switches it to a new, fresher rhythm. I like the SFX at the end, reminds of some of AC's beds! Very drippy indeed. 4. Magic Custom Wants Ooooh I LOVE these SFX. Aha I thought the music that was fading in was the ice-cream truck music for a second there. I like this - subtle, very atmospheric - I feel like that could go on a bit longer before the wavering pads come in. Drag that moment out, don't rush it, it's mint. The beat works well and what is that sound? Almost sounds like a harmonica - really neat. Aha I love love these vocals. Strongest I've heard them so far. That "sha-ba-da-da" bit is going to be caught in my head, I know it already. Surprising twist with the vocals cutting, repeating and fading, I like, I like - I'd be tempted to tell you to have them go on a bit longer before you pull that switch though. Slick fade into this new bit - very meditative, I love the sporadic blip bass - again, I think the low end on it could be boosted a bit to make it hit a bit harder, and the gentle processed vocals. Sick! SICK! Oh my, the build up here with the drums is awesome - oh no it faded out before it went anywhere! Oh no, here comes the beat. Hmm, I think you've got two or three really cool starts here but they end before they fully reach their potential. Maybe experiment with where these beats/sounds could go - I found myself frustrated that they cut when they did. Not that there's anything wrong with the more meditative, subtle flow that follows, but there's potential in the middle there. These vocals ~7:00 are charming. Great end to that one. 5. Sloth Party Good call starting this one with heavy texture after the sprawling sparse landscape of MCW. Cool. Again, the tones here are well-picked, I love the tremolo. Vocals are even better on this track as well. The percussion coming in gave me the chills, is that a processed beatbox? Really cool. I really like what you've done with the vocals here, how the processing switches from line to line to word to word. You picked just the right moment to switch it all up too, cool stuff - I feel like the vocals sound too distant here, and while I like the "bum bum bum" in the background, perhaps it could be dropped a little further into the backdrop to make some room for the other vox? Just a thought, just me. I like this cacophony of sounds and voices ~5:20 - a nice way to wrap it up. 6. Coffee Hmm, I wonder if there's a way you could dirty up these drums a bit - sounds a bit too (one thing a musician never wants to hear) Garage Band-ish? Ahh the low end of the percussion comes in a bit later - maybe consider starting it with the low end already in? I love these chopped up vocals to the bass riff, really cool, kind of wish it would last longer. Sick, is that a sped up sample of "Stand By Me" in the background?! It sounds like it and I love it, even if it isn't! This is great, the whistling, the guitar and the hip-hop beat! Aww it's over. This track feels a little too ADD for me at this point. There have been tons of moments that, while you never want them to overstay their welcome, haven't even been around long enough to really start appreciating or grooving along to them - ends up being more distracting than anything. And that's a shame, 'cause they really are great starts. I absolutely ADORE the part at ~4:33. This is probably the strongest moment melodically on the album to me, I've heard so far. Really strong vocals too - "The FLAAASH ASH ASH ASH ASH ASH ash ash ash!" Dammit, it's done. I'm waiting for this song to find itself at this point, or at least revisit a moment to kind of... ground it? I feel there are too many little vignettes and they don't stop coming. The finale is interesting, I would like to hear where you could take it if you expanded past that few seconds. 7. Rabbit Dog I love the minimalism of this after the last few tracks. Again though, it's switching a little too much for my taste... it's gotta find itself. This beat at 1:10 is fantastic, I'm waiting to hear some vocals over top to add the bit of melody it needs to make it perfect, and the screams are great aha - and it's done. :( Great use of your voice here, with the whistling - OH YES the beat is back! Still craving one more layer of melody over top... great ending. 8. Water USA For some reason when I see the title, I think it's gonna be a surf-sounding song (probably cause of Surfing USA aha). I like this beat and the melody, especially the tom rolls. It was an interesting choice to do the auto-tuned voices, but I think it works in this context. I'm glad this song stays consistent, as its elements work strongly together from the get-go. 9. Gay Twin Brother Love the use of panning on the beat. Just the right amount of low-end as well. Already feels like an appropriate closer, which is good. I like the ominous feel this one has, with the electronic organ sounding pads and the melody it has. Cool use of voices as well, especially the layered in, un-processed speaking voices. Mmmm, I'm gonna have to say it feels a little late in the game to be making such sudden switches still... you want the end to leave the lasting mark, and that's difficult when there's nothing playing long enough for me to really grab onto. Final Thoughts Great job man, I love the feel and you definitely have a "sound" to your stylings. Great work with the melodies and the riffs in the first few tracks are unique and interesting and are there just long enough before you switch it up to make for a few perfect moments in the listening experience. I really enjoy what you've done with the vocals and you have a great ear for processing them, they never felt like they stayed in the same place too long. However, nearer to the crux of the album, your two sprawlers, Magic Custom Wants and Coffee, there's a little too much of a spastic feel for me - there's nothing wrong with surprising the listener, but it became distracting that no moment reached its potential before it was abruptly cut. It's a shame because the potential was definitely there with a lot of those moments. Particularly, my favourite was 4:33 in Coffee or 1:10 in Rabbit Dog, the latter of which DEFINITELY should take off with more layers after the beat comes in. But overall, nicely done. Also, I only listened once (and will definitely listen again) so all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. And should go without saying that this is all my opinion and is completely subjective to my own tastes. High point: Rabbit Dog Low point: Coffee
  • Thanks for that review Frumpy, I'm still listening to it, I will get around to reviewing sometime. In case Droompa comes back, I have a question: What program do you use?
  • Aha only now did I realize he only had those two posts to his name. I did also mean to ask about his setup as well!
  • From what I've listen to so far, he relies on effects a bit too much so if he used similar programs to mine I was going to offer to produce a track for him to see how it would turn out. I use Ableton Live mostly but I also have Fruity Loops. He has a good sound going for him though, especially when he hops on that guitar of his. Droompa, it would be nice if you involved yourself more in the forum, feel free to post in current threads or revive old ones. Or make you own! We don't bite, and you might find you like the place.
  • He'll be back, he was here again on the 8th.
  • Loving to hear all the thoughts on it. Very kind and glad it interests you. I've just decided to have this be the final project and move on because it would not be the same If I were to continue or change this right now.. It has an effect on me and the past few months of my life will be harnessed in this and when i listen to it later in life it will probably make me laugh. if i were to change anything on it right now, I feel like I would be lying to myself.. That may have sounded odd, I don't really care though. Ill link the band camp site with album art and lyrics and it will be free. Would love to hear more thoughts. Thanks so much for listening and telling me what you think. It's very much appreciated.
  • I really respect that droompa, your music is yours. Good luck in your endeavors.
  • hey, droompa you've got some really creative stuff there. just downloaded the entire album and planning on giving a more thorough listen soon. cheers
  • preview of my next song comming out.
  • No. Bad link.
  • Is that the same synth they use in Super Mario Bros 3? My favourite part was the end! "Be Considerate." :D
  • Sounds like it don't it. Maybe that's why I liked it although I'm more Sonic the hedgehog but, thankyou
  • just my friends and I covering a Devotchka song for a speech I had a while ago. forgot one of em put it on the tube so figured I'd share
  • Pretty cool Pottle, and I like DeVotChka so I really ENJOYED it!
  • Z'at you rocking the plaid? That song is so familiar...I like it! It was for a speech YOU did? What speech? And if your friend has a YouTube called whatwouldiwantsky then why aren't they here??? Wll someone please cover THE BEES more than my split second mention in 1000 posts(Movin on Up)?
  • I'm trying to convince Marzokey to do it Wini!
  • Glad ya liked it Fishey. Yeah that's me on the keys, i gave my final speech on music theory so I had to do a little Somethin. I've told her about the magical board before but she's hardly online as it is
  • Funny, I'm going to be giving a speech on how music relates to human nature and the human condition. I think we have had plenty of friends who tried to come on to board and never got on or left soon. Turtlebite and Mercury Veins!
  • I presented animal collective to my music theory class
  • My zisual aid for my speech will be ODDSAC then!
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