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  • Purpley now you make me wish I had done an AC song instead.. Peacey that will be more than perfect !!! they'll be so stimulated and captivated by the awesome ness thats being presented before them that they wont be able to look away. do you have an idea of what scene ??
  • Probably the begining scene (Mr. Fingers) or Lady on the Lake.
  • Dicked around on the guitar last night for a bit and came up with this little jam:
  • Im following you now. That's damn good, let's make a band man.
  • Aha thanks man, glad you enjoyed. I'm always down to make music with anyone
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    If that's you "dicking", I'll be blown away by you full-bore-concentrating! Excellent and fun! edit: well, I finally joined soundcloud so i can comment on all y'all....
  • Hey everyone, I finally put out a new album. It's called "Atlantic Downs". It's streaming over here: The songs "Coast Is A Ghost" and "Delta" are free downloads. Sounds like Animal Collective, Boards of Canada, Clams Casino, Flying Lotus, Zomby, John Maus? Your feedback means a lot to me. Thank you!
  • Good stuff man, seriously. Your voice reminds me a lot of Deakin's, is that intentional? Love the influences, couldn't have picked ones myself.
  • Good stuff man, seriously. Your voice reminds me a lot of Deakin's, is that intentional? Love the influences, couldn't have picked ones myself.
  • Hey guys, it'd be nice if some of you checked out some of my work. I like to make remixes and stuff, but I don't really do them the usual way most people make them, I'm more into taking samples of the song and looping it to create something new, but still has the same feeling of the song. So I try my best at making good remixes and other beat oriented music here: I also have a lot more experimental/trippy stuff, I have a full album out called Time Dilation, and some EPs. Some of the songs are very sample based and trippy, but some others have me singing with normal song structures.
  • Very cool, i'm a big fan of remixes so this stuff was right up my alley. I also like it when people "take samples of the song and looping it to create something new". And as for the album, I'm going to listen to that tomorrow, i'm so damn tired, but I'll tell you what I think once i've given it a full listen. Sweet avatar btw!
  • Hey guys, I'm in a band called Artists Only, you can listen to our stuff here: and 'like' our page here: Excited for Centipede Hz!
  • When I first heard Sung Tongs, I thought,"Man. That is an album I could have made, and I'll wish I had for some time to come..." Feels was amazing. I actually saw the collective perform in San Diego on that tour. After the show I saw them look over at me and I thought I should say something but didn't know what, and I'll never know what. Every release I would keep listening. Even some of the non-releases. MPP came out, and I thought A/C had struck gold, but I knew it wouldn't end there. What's the point of saying all this? I don't know. I recorded some stuff around when Strawberry Jam happened and decided to put it on soundcloud. I'd be honored if you could take some time and listen to what I made. It's nothing fancy, but I would enjoy any kind of honest feedback, even if you really don't like it then please tell me why. I thought I'd share this here because of the first sentence in this paragraph. Thanks, and keep doing what you do!
  • my friends rap group
  • Yaoooooo! Our band made a music video! (chock-full of 90's VHS nostalgia!) I'd love to know what you guys think! We also released an EP alongside it which you can check out at :)
  • Fought this might be worth a punt. Just some things I did after work over the past week
  • Davetate great sound stuff man. Keep it up I'd thought Canada was my favorite. Can't wait to hear what you cook up next. Here,, try giving this a listen.
  • Hi everybody hope you listen to this n____n thnaks and nice day.
  • I like it drworm. Very kaki king. Here's something else i did a while ago a bit 80's influenced
  • Just finished first solo LP under moniker "Friendly Ghost." All songs were just published last week! Some AC vibes on there, but mostly inspired by early electronica and psychedelia.
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    What's up! I am in a band Called Aardvark Park from Georgia. We have a live e.p up for FREE download! pick it up at <a href="">AardvarkPark</a> those who download it before Monday (Labor Day 2012) are entered to win a free Aardvark Park t-shirt. Drawing will be Monday! Check it out and let me know what you think!
  • Hey guys, just uploaded a few new songs. I want to say right off the bat that Downstream was influenced by Dan Deacon. Have a listen and let me know what you think. Stay classy.
  • frumpkin i can't wait to get your ep!!!
  • Frumkin's the boss
  • he's a bit frumpy!
  • Frumpkin, I love the teachers song. I want to quote nearly every line from that song. "If all else fails you can become a teacher" "we'll all be freelance journalists" "Whats the point in concentration if theres only regurgitation". It all deeply resonated with me as I've been saying this stuff for years. Perhaps a sociologist would say that people like me are against the school system because the school system is against people like me for whatever freekin reason. I PAYED 5 AMERICAN DOLLARS FOR THIS EP!!!! It's the retirement home for children. :p
  • Hey yeah I just saw the purchase! Thanks so much man! Yeah my roommate (the lyricist) has many of the same qualms with the system as you. We appreciate the kind words! :)
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    school isn't for learning material or skills. it's for learning to become a drone. it's an accreditation mill.
  • well i had fun and learned a bit! it also inspired some music i made! how else would i have come up with the song Butanoic Acid and the Rancid Butter Monkeys That Failed! they failed! they failed! every day! they failed! FAILED! :(|) :(|) :(|)
  • Gee Dave, thanks for pepping me up for next Monday. :(|)
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    lol sorry man. on the other hand, there are some teachers (who are usually in the minority) who have a lot to offer. i had fun in the classes i've taken, but, for the most part, i wasn't learning anything i didn't already know. the lemon sour patch kids remind me of the flavor of some blue shiva blotter (which tasted nowhere as good, really kind of bad)... kind of funny what can take you back.
  • Not that I'm disagreeing. I don't know if I can, unfortunately. Will college be different? Say it's different, guys
  • Teachers arent as invasive??? You don't get treated like shit? You have more freedom? Sombody better revive this thread interesting video on public education
  • Lol, my english 101 professor showed us some of the rsa animated vids in his class... And introduced me to louis c.k. Proof college really is better.
  • i like it a lot, wish i could download it
  • Here is my first EP. It's free and I'd love to here what you guys think of it. Idk what genre I'd call it, but it's got some ambient stuff and a bit of Deerhunter influence
  • good evening! checked out the iko ovo stuff... i liked it! it was something different for sure! but that was NOT yr first EP why must you LIE!
  • I don't really consider my other stuff on there actual releases. I guess that Loving Murmur is my first release I'm proud of
  • they're all your releases! own yr ghosts!
  • It was a lie. And the more I saw them, the more I hated lies.
  • Ok, ok, I shouldn't have lied like that. But some of the stuff on my site is comedy stuff I did with my friend. Thanks for checking out my music though, not many people do
  • Oh I'm sorry dude, I wasn't trying to say you were lying (though it looks pretty much exactly like I was, unfortunately). It was just a line that came on in Apocalypse Now just as I read GO's post, and it seemed appropriate. Which again makes it seem like I'm calling you a liar, which is not my intention. Oh man, the circle cycle's making me nuts. Oy.
  • You're good Dave, I didn't think you were actually calling me a liar, just jokin around a bit. We're all friendly on here, right? :)
  • I'm everyone's frenemy.
  • Here's some good rap music please check it out!
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