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  • Hey you beautiful people! Recently I've emerged from 10 years holed up in my Brooklyn home studio to release a decade retrospective. It's a beautiful thing for me to get this music out there. The release is in chronological order (2002 through 2012) so you can see how I've grown...and how I've stayed the same. :) I really appreciate you downloading, sharing, checking it out. It's free. Thanks!
  • i came out with my first fruity loops track on soundcloud. It's seventeen seconds long. Give it a listen if you like. The worst to come is seventeen seconds lost.
  • it's 16 seconds! you even say it right on there! what game is this!
  • My best friend's forest music. Give it a try. We might release a full-length this summer...
  • cool stuff
  • [quote=IkoOvo] best friend's forest music.Give it a try.We might release a full-length this summer...[/quote] Also, I love all of your/your friend's stuff. Please do release a full length!
  • [quote=Timbertones]IkoOvo said: best friend's forest music.Give it a try.We might release a full-length this summer...Also, I love all of your/your friend's stuff. Please do release a full length![/quote] You listened to all of our stuff? Wow, Thanks! I am going to be moving to Scotland at the end of the summer, so it might be hard to find time to record stuff... But we will try really hard to make a full length of sample-filled swampy acoustic goodness!!!
  • Please do <3
  • the choice for the "Dee!" was excellent! haha!
  • "Dee"?
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    [url= Here's a song I just made! Maybe a little preview of me and my friends possible full-length!! An ode to childhood! There is more to come!
  • and more never came! I NEVER CAME! something's in the wolf! don't drink the shitwater!
  • we [i]did[/i] put out a full-length, but it was way different than we thought it would be
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  • Hello all. I haven't posted in over a year but I recently had a music video released to accompany my song, Magic Custom Wants off of my self-released album, Where I Am I. Here is the link to the video. I think some of you may enjoy it: I'd love any feedback. Here is the album:
  • If anybody need some dubstep to get them through hard times....
  • But itll probably be useless so why even bother.... Thats the problem with this!!! no one bothers to do something or make something which requires response becuz there'll be two or three responses and the thread is DEAD. It would work fine if it just went offtrack and continues into the eternity....but something like that seems really unlikely :( :bz :bz
  • The bees the bees the bees *garbled sounds* that feel when playing music and the bee smileys swing in the tempo of the song :D
  • ahh not the bees! oh they're going in my EYE!
  • the nicolas cage... IN A CAGE inception :bz :bz
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    This is my debut album. It sounds nice to my ears and think you all should take a listen. It's a playlist with 6 songs.
  • trapped in dopHELL! galanger! how'd it get burned? how'd it get BURNED? HOW'D IT GET BURNED HOW'D IT GET BURNED? (I don't KNOW!)
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