Deakin and Geologist

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So what exactly does Deakin do on [i]Here Comes The Indian[/i]? I speculate percussion and sporadic electronics. During a 2011 show, I saw via youtube video, "Did You See The Words" reoworked and I heard Deakin rework his guitar licks amazingly! Bad ass version of DYSTW. Geologist and Deakin did a song together for plants! Called "Seeing Twinkles" I believe. That should go on a future box set some day. In some Youtube video Avey Tare said Geologist was responsible for a lot "the surprising elements" in their music. I think that is awesome. Can you think of any?? Discuss Geologist and Deakin favorite music moments.


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    Geologist used this really cool Godzilla-like sample on the Malta performance of Cuckoo Cuckoo and it kind of bummed me out that he didn't use it on the album version. Deakin's high note licks/plucks are well done on "Grass". In the bridge you can hear Avey stop playing guitar, the harmonizing voices come in, and Deakin lays down some nice laid back guitar licks. On the 2011 guitar versions of Summertime Clothes I am pretty sure it's Deakin who provides the whistling sounds in the chorus via his guitar.
  • Almost all the samples are from Geo. He walks around places and records noises to be used in samples. Deaks actually does a ton on the older albums. He's the guitar guy, and if you listen close enough he sings in some songs.
  • I really love that Geo is just walking around recording stuff because i've always wanted to do this. and he finds some really awesome stuff, the atmospheric textures on their earlier albums are amazing and judging from the live boots the next possible studio is going to have some great new stuff as far as Deakin goes i think he is mostly the guitar dude, he sings on campfire songs for sure but i don't know about the other albums maybe in feels but a lot of the background vocals are run through effects and pitched up and down so its kind of hard to tell. there are a lot of live recordings of him doing back up on "For Reverend Green" and it fits really well i can't wait for his solo album just to see what his guitar playing is like because honestly i can't distinguish who is playing guitar at what part in feels sj and campfire i think on hcti he does electronics sampling and keyboard, i don't really know what else.....
  • he's the guitar dude! watch out for his guitarparts!
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