how to reverse pullhair

can anyone help me with this? i simple want to hear Pullhair/Rubeye i have teh CD but want to hear it reversed plees help


  • Audacity should work if you want to do it manually. To do it with Audacity, all you'd need to do is download the program, make sure you have the MP3 mod (which should be easily found on the Audacity site), and go through each track, highlight it all, apply the "reverse" option, and export as MP3 or whatever format you want to use. There may also be a finished version floating around out there, but I don't know for sure -- merely speculation.
  • Just google it that's how i found it
  • Yep. It's actually harder to find a download of the songs in the "correct" direction. Most are already in reverse that I found.
  • everything is backwards!
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