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I know G.O.'s a fan, but can anybody tell me where to start in terms of them. I just youtubed a couple of their songs and they sounded good but until then I'd only heard they were extremely weird, but it sounded really sweet.


  • fabulush muskls is the biggie one most suggest but that one can get pretty out there (but has the "hit song" i love ze valley OH!) that last one (dear god i hate myself) was really short and punchy poppy and the album that was always threatened to make!
  • i just listened through fabulous muscles, i liked the weird sounds aspect of it, but good god, the title was very very unsettling. overall i thought it was cool though
  • I've listened to a few of their songs before (after hearing G.O. mention them, actually). The ones that I remember I liked are Cumberland Gap, and of course, I Love the Valley OH! I've been meaning to check out some more of their stuff.. about to download Fabulous Muscles as well. <!-- s:)) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt=":))" title="Very Happy" /><!-- s:)) -->
  • Yeah, I'm at the point where I think Fabulous Muscles is FANTASTIC! it's awesome, i'm so happy I heard it. My favorites were, Luv the Valley OH!, Little Panda McElroy and Clowne Towne (God those strings are gorgeous). I love the intricate dance between noise and pop The thing is, I always heard that Xiu Xiu were really abstract and hard to get into but I found sonically this to be VERY accessible. Weird huh
  • xiu xiu is usually stuff divided into 3 things for me... the really catchy / upbeat / poppier parts (love 'em! crank heart! not enough love that one!) ... the more abstrakt noizey / experimental bits [can be really great as long as they don't go on too long] ... but then also the really mellow slow and sometimes boring stuff (and that stuff can really bother me... ) though i guess the lesser stuff can be a bit of a break from the intensity and make the good parts hit that much harder... i suppose! i still think later-era poppy xiu xiu (last 3 albums...) don't get enough love! oh!
  • I have trouble getting into their music because their lyrics are so heavy. I just can't deal with the imagery. I love the first ones off of Fabulous Muscles though, as probably everyone does and I did have the pleasure of seeing them live last year and was blown away by Jamie's performance and assholery. He's an amazing performer who throws everything into what he's doing. It's so raw and alarming, I guess that is what people like about their recorded music too.
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    I'm reviving thiss!!! I had tried to listen to Fabulous Muscles a bunch of years ago and [i]didn't get it[/i], but now I revisited and it blew me away first listen. The jagged noise-poppy-art-rocky sound, the sometimes really disturbing lyrics (THE TITLE TRACK), the everything else! I'm really excited about Xiu Xiu and I think I will love this band very very much. So now I've darted on to Knife Play and A Promise, and I'll tell you guys what I think of those. Maybe I should relisten to FM first, maybe I'll listen to that after the others. G.O, do you know of other bands which have a similar sound/vibe to these guys?
  • Parenthetical Girls! not nearly as "out there" but there are def. similar vibes... i worry you won't like the poppy later xiu :( i worry a LOT!
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    I'm sure I'll like poppier Xiu just as much as nihilistic-harsher Xiu. To be honest, I'm pretty sure I'll like old Xiu more. But I won't know until I've listened to a couple of their later albums, won't I? I just listened to the first song off their 2012 album 'Always' and I think I can dig this style. Just in a very different way to the other stuff. It does have this indie pop sound, but it can be recognised as theirs. I finished A Promise yesterday. I don't know what my opinion on it is yet. With this band it seems like their music has to sink in. I will say that when 'Fast Car' came on it was the last thing I'd ever have expected. And THAT part of Sad Pony Guerrilla Girl may be one of the most uncomfortable parts of a song [i]I've[/i] ever heard. The story about the cover isn't that nice though :(
  • i guess i'm not much of a lyrics guy so much of THAT side of xiu xiu is lost on me which is probably the reason many damn liked him in the first place? or one of the biggie reasons! i like the idea of NO FRIENDS OH! and i do what i want when i damn want! and i can button my own pants!~ (hell! from eau claire! der goon wis consin!) so cheesy! i love it! crank heart!!!!
  • winding me up!
  • wind me up! jack me off! drift into the sea SHE SAID TO ME
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