Is it Down There season?

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It seems like a pretty seasonal album and with the Oliver Twist video coming out, it seems that its setting in again. What do ya'll think? I liked the video, by the way.


  • Yeah it's raining right now and today was pretty cold and gloomy. Very Down There.
  • You need to get out of that durn patio and head to Georgia, 90 something and sunny! Well, not right now, the sun is setting...
  • Well in Denmark it is ! It's raining all the time and the summer was rainy too so it has been Down There season for Awhile here
  • It's hurricane season down here. Is that Down There season?
  • i think I will be ready to listen to Down There again on Saturday. Just FYI.
  • I think I am going to buy Down There since the only other AnCo related albums I do not own include; Tomboy, Prospect Hummer, Hollingagin (I think I missed a dee in there), Young Prayer, Panda Bear, and I lost my mp3's of Animal Crack Box. I received Camp Songs, Danse, HCTI, and People from a friend, Thanks Will. I also think songs form MPP seem fallish.
  • Own as in bought or don't have?
  • Own as in do not have. I physically bought MPP, Feels, Sung Tongs, Straw Jam, Person Pitch, Water Curses, Spirt, and FBK, and the others were graciuosly offered by by said friend. Tomboy is second on my album wish list behind Down There so I am saving my cash for those albums.
  • Prospect should definitely be a must-get. I wish they had it on vinyl. Vashti's voice sounds super sweet in the context of freak-folk era Animal Collective.
  • I have not stopped listening to Down There. I read the posts in the "Down There?" thread and it seems this happens to a lot of people. And after 50 listens I think of it as Radiohead like since I can not stop tearing up during Laughing Heiroglyphic and Heather In the Hospital (both for personal reasons). Anyway we really need a new LP 2.8+ years since MPP and Oddsac doesn't really count.
  • oddsak may not count as a regular album / "PROPER" follow-up to MPP but i stand by that we've had a LOT since mpp Crack Box (may 09) / FALL BE KIND (almost a mini album more than an EP!) / ODDSAK / DOWN THERE / TOM BOY / KEEP KASSET and new live songs and promise of a Deeks solo release for early 2012! with so many side things and crazy stuff going on and how much they toured the HELL out of the Mpp stuff (and let's face it seemed like they were kind of burning out on it!) ... i think this was the perfect time for a 3 year break... sure it'd be wonderful if it could be like old days when they did an album every year but bands usually slow down and yeah all the side / solo stuff doesn't help! i'm just happy there will be another AC album! MPP would have been a heck of a high note to go out on (at least # of new fans wise...) so much damn pressure for a follow-up...
  • Yeah I see what you are saying. I came off a bit selfish. I agree that AC should slow down, Avey Tare got messed up by the MPP years, I just am too loving with the LP's. The solo stuff and EP's DO NOT make me satisfied like a full LP by the group. It just isn't the same, but it still is great. Overall I just need to be patient. If I wait longer it may be better when I get to hear it, and I am glad that there IS another and they did not break up.
  • def. feels weird that my 3 fave bands ... who usually had an album every year or every other year... are now in +3 year waitings between albums Radiohead ... now 4 year gaps! Super Furry Animals... first time ever there will be a 3 year gap! AC ... first time ever a 3 year gap!
  • It's snowing here. That's not Down There season. And already too. It's not even Halloween yet.
  • Watch for it, next Animal Collective album after the new material one will be 2025. When do you think we'll see an "Animal Collective's Greatest Hits" cd?
  • they already could have quite a massive one! even if you just used the singles / obviously COULD-BE ones! 1. My Girls 2. Summertime Clothes 3. Brother Sport 4. Peacebone 5. Fireworks 6. Grass 7. Purple Bottle 8. Who Could Win a Rabbit? 9. Leaf House X. Slippi obviously not in that order and then you'd have winter's glove and some earlier tracks! they'd already have such insane killer best of / greatest shits even if you picked the most bare bone obvious choices / singles!
  • I know those are supposed to be the obvious choices (and I agree, they are), but mine would look more like... 1. What Would I Want? Sky 2. Taste (Delicious!) 3. #1 4. People 5. Knock You Down (Why, oh [i]why[/i] did I write this song?!) 6. Did You See Them Thar Words? 7. I Think I Can 8. Winters Love 9. Take This............ Wait! 10. Spirit They've Varnished 11. Forever In Green 12. No More Runnin' 13. Bro Sport 14. Banshee Beat 15. We Tigers Bonus Track: Untitled Or something like that. Craziest shit is that, like you said, it could be massive. Yours could be disc one, this one could be disc two (minus the overlapping toons), with other great tracks to spare.
  • Dave, are you impling that Take This Weight and Knock Me Down are going to be singles or are they just your favorites of the new stuff. 1.Did You See The Words 2.Leafhouse 3.My Girls 4.Chocolate Girl 5.Peacebone 6.Brother Sport 7.Bat You'll Fly 8.Safer 9.Who Could Win a Rabbit 10.Banshee Beat 11.Essplode 12.Slippi 13.Summertime Clothes 14.For Reverend Green 15.Grass 16.Winter's Love 17.Alvin Row (Best of Lists are too long, but I think if they are not than you know how great a band is.)
  • i don't know the new songs at all! so it is weird to see their names (even if they aren't official names) pan flute jam / am i real? / house (material things!) /// also best ofs for bands you really like are strange... that radiohead one that radiohead didn't want (after their contract expired) looked ... so off! they had a 1 disk version and a 2disk version and seeing those songs in such strange orders and the # of picks from each album... i didn't know what to think! the best i can think of is one of my fave bands super furry animals where they took the more objective route of just doing singles... at least that way no fan could argue of the choices!
  • Well dang, man, the "best of" Grateful Dead collections are all studio shit, and 11/13 of their studio albums weren't beast of anything. Too true, they're never what you want 'em to be.
  • i don't wanna go back down there!
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