Doctor Who

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I love the show Doctor Who, I was just curious to see if anyone on here else liked it.


  • Doctor who?
  • I like the show a lot actually. The acting/effects can be low budget, but the last 2 seasons have been much much better in that sense. The main reason why I like Doctor Who is because of the crazy plots which span over multiple seasons.
  • I love the plots a lot aswell, I also like some of the low budgetness to the show it gives it a certain charm, but yeah it's just a fantastic show lol
  • I wanted to get a photo of my Official Doctor Who Fan Club Membership Card (vintage 1980's bright yellow plastic) but I've been a bit scattered and didn't want any more time to lapse so I will just use boring words to say I adored the Tom Baker doctor and then cute blond guy after but haven't watched any episodes in years. It had a big impact on me, and my understanding of time/space, as a kid. I should watch it again!
  • My brother loves this show. I gotta admit its actually really good. I'm kinda hesitant of the whole brit-nerd thing that the show has around it, but it is really entertaining.
  • If you would like to watch the old episodes you could buy them on dvd if you want. Personnally I have only heard about he old episodes and I have never watched them so I think I may slowly buy the clasic 3rd 4th and 5th doctor episodes. Anyways the new series that started in 2005 completely made me love the show. I was like 12 years old and saw the first two new series episodes and never stopped. The 6 season of the new series ends next week and I can not wait. By the way do not jump in if you have not watched the last 2 to 3 seasons you probably be lost for the finale. [img][/img] I need that awesome scarf!
  • Oh hey guys. I'm back after too long of a break from visiting. Anyway, had to chime in here. I love Doctor Who. I've only seen the new series (2005-now) but I really love it. I've taken a liking to the two newest seasons with Matt Smith. He might be my favorite Doctor, although Tennant was great. Anyway...super excited for the finale this weekend
  • Ah yes, the scarf! I knit one...and I'm pretty sure my friends Jessy and David had super long scarves, too. The scarf in Doctor Who is like the towel in Hitchhikers Guide. Very Useful.
  • I've actually never seen a full episode of Doctor Who, but my best friend is in love with David Tennant, and is working on knitting the full length scarf from the picture. She has about half of it done, at this point.. It's crazy!
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    I like this. Also, I like the new season of Doctor Who. P.S. (I have never actually never seen a full episode of the old doctor who, I just know what it was like)
  • dr.... it's what it's like! the final question doctor WHOM?
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