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  • When they are better than okay like Scam Newton, he broke almost every rookie record at the position, but that said, I think he is a pretty good passer so that on top of his running/scrambling makes him damn good. Mike Vick would be a good player, but...along with that "dog slayer 3000" thing, and he is a trig he gets hurt a lot, and that doesn't bother me at all. The vikings had Warren Moon and the Pepp (Dante Culpepper), who was good because of Denny Green's system, We crowned them, and we let them off the hook. We'll see if Tim Tebow can do better next year, this time he'll have an actual offseason.
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    i guess i just think of scrambling as very much a collegiate thing; pro ball just doesn't allow the same flexibility for a quarterback. the defensive players are just too fast. it's not possible to be a truly great passer when half the time you're looking for ways to make a run for it. the best quarterbacks are pocket passers who have a great spacial sense in the pocket and the kind of accuracy, timing, and power that can be delivered on a consistent basis. scramblers just can't do that every game, and often not even throughout one game. i'd take eli or peyton manning, drew brees, tom brady, alex smith, or joe flacco over cam newton any day. and if tebow wants to remain a starter and not just turn into a specialty item for stuff like the wildcat formation and be in the game for 5-10 plays a game, then he'd better learn to throw like a real quarterback.
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    I respectfully disagree, I think cam is better than Alex Smith and maybe as good as flacco. Newton's stats for rookie year, 6-10 after being 2-10, Much like Matt Stafford in detroit. Year Team G GS Passing Rushing Fumbles Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int Rate Rush Yds Avg TD Fum Lost 310 517 60.0% 4,051 7.8 21 17 84.5 126 706 5.6 14 5 2 Flacco Rookie numbers, 13-6 (2-1 in playoffs), after a disapointing 5-11 season the year previous. Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int Rating Rush Yds Avg TD Fum Lost + 1 recieving touchdown 2008 257 428 60% 2,971 6.9 14 12 80.3 52 180 3.5 2 11 2 2009 315 499 63.1% 3,613 7.2 21 12 88.9 35 56 1.6 0 8 2 2010 306 489 62.6% 3,622 7.4 25 10 93.6 43 84 2.0 1 9 4 2011 312 542 57.6% 3,610 6.7 20 12 80.9 39 88 2.3 1 11 6 Also keep in mind Cam had no REAL off season, he was only a ROOKIE, and he started all 16 just like flacco. Although flacco won, I think wins are a team stat, unless you are Peyton Manning the best quarterback ever (not in postseason and hes tied with Marino basically). Its tough to judge Cam but right now I see no way how he won't be a great quarter back especially when you compare him to Peyton's rookie numbers. Peyton Manning Year Team Games Starts Wins Passing Rushing Rating Comp Att Pct Yds YPA TD Int Rush Yds Avg TD Rate 1998 326 575 56.7 3,739 6.5 26 28 15 62 4.1 0 71.2 1999 331 533 62.1 4,135 7.8 26 15 35 73 2.1 2 90.7 2000 357 571 62.5 4,413 7.7 33 15 37 116 3.1 1 94.7 2001 343 547 62.7 4,131 7.6 26 23 35 157 4.5 4 84.1 He also went 3-13, 13-4(0-1),10-7(0-1), 6-10. This is also why I'm not sold on anyone until they have had 4 years starting 16 games in each, they can change. If you look at this, after 4 years you can see the progression of a QB, and if Cam plays the next three years, he could beat these guys.
  • Fuck, you probably can't read the stats slaerly but the point is that a QB like cam started off better than anyone else. He still hasn't hit his ceiling so imagine if he can improve upon those numbers, He is no where close of wuarter back like tebow. Look at his attempts throwing, he IS a quarterback that THROWS and running is secondary or for redzone/goaline situations.
  • oh man... and i thought mine eyes / mind glazed over for the guitar tech talk! ... this might as well be in a different language or about the workings of computers or philosophy or science jargon bargain! eyah!!!! borther spurt!
  • Tebow has said that God doesn't help any team in particular. One of the reasons I like him so much is that he realizes that football, in the end, is just a game. He only wants to have fun, and no matter what the score is, he always praises God. Haha did you guys see when they mic'ed him up? It was kinda funny. He just sang the whole game. Anyway. I don't know much about football, so I'll just read from now on.
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    It is a game, but games are damn fun to watch or play, and after all is said Tim chose football as a Profession and a JOB and in that JOB, one is expected to PLAY well and win. That whole thing up there is for my sports nerds, I can also nerd out on Animal Collective/music, Video Games, History, Random Facts, TV, Movies, other sports, cars, philosphy, world religons, math, science, liturature, hell even talking about how I nerd out. In general I THINK I have a good if not great memory, BUT most of the time I use it for random shit like that post a while back, instead of my school work or actually useful stuff, I am really good at trivia too. I should be on Jeopardy. Edit: MoonDoggyDog, yes I did see that and yes Tebow knows football isn't everything, and on top of that a TRUE sports fan, like ME, should not riot, throw a BIG fit, harm others like that Dodgers fan, or think that sports are everything. I like sports because they are something to occupy your mind with instead of MY(a persons) problems. Double Edit: Yes do read, I like nerding out here instead of the ESPN forums because over there it gets real mean. Also I find it wierd when a friend is talking about Rap (sorta)music, or when a girl talks about American Idol, or a TV show like that, or when someone talks about ( insert your subject, I can't think of one right now) and you only know one basic thing about that subject.
  • We need threads for all of those so we can collectively nerd out.
  • yeah dude... first of all, im way too fucked up to read all those fucking statistics. fuuuuuck that. alright, so what i was saying is that for a scrambling quarterback like cam newton, the "ceiling" you speak of will be far lower than for a pocket qb who focuses on accuracy and timing. as an athlete, these guys can only do so much. cam newton wont make such huge improvements as quarterbacks like peyton manning over their first few years of pro ball. that's my theory. let's talk in five years and we'll see then, i could be wrong i wrote a whole nother thing but im not relaly sure about it just read this shit thats all i gotta say
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    I read and I can see where you are coming from, we need to see, hopefully we will both be alive and well and on the board and THEN we can talk. I think I went overkill on the stats, I think I could be wrong, but now Peyton, Brady, Eli, Rodgers, Roethlisberger(is that how it is spelt?) are by far better than Newton. NUFF said bout that. Giants-Patriots rematch.
  • lol fucking pats
  • I was right Dave! Also, what did you think of the game, if you did see it?
  • the giants game? one of the tensest i've ever watched. really a great game. both teams played with some really serious conviction. it was excruciating. lol right you were man, giants-pats rematch. fuck... part of me was hoping the giants would just lose tonight so i wouldn't have to watch the super bowl as well. it's so tense when it's your team.
  • oh by the way man sorry for like mildly bitching you out up a few posts in the thread. that was last week, i think. or the week before? i could scroll up and see but... but no. anyway, hard drugs magnify the asshole in me. not my literal asshole, because that'd be kinda weird. your post was super well-thought out and i feel like a total dick just now rereading the post. i don't remember writing a lot of it, actually. lol.
  • That's alright man, you said were "fucked up", do your best to not get fucked up again as Avey would say. I respect that even if you weren't "fucked up" you could bitch mildly because I did go over board with the stats but I seem to do that when it comes to debating/making an argument. As for the game I really liked how Eli stood in the pocket threw 58 or so times got hit 20 times and still threw zero INT's. The recievers for the G-men were solid and the D line made A. Smith look bad (12 for 26 completions). Plus that kick at the end where the snap came in low and the holder (weatherford) got it set down right so Tynes could nail it home, god knows if that was my Vikqueens! I remember two years ago when Favre threw the game ending pick in the NFC championship at New Orleans, I was pissed, but my dad, who was a bigger fan, was used to the disapointment (the Miny Vikes have went to 4 super bowls and lost them all) and I was better after that night. We'll wait til the super bowl, and we'll see if the Giants can pull off the upset Again.
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    Whilst looking for an image of Geologist drinking tea, I found this amazing interview with him. (I hope it is legit!) Mr. Weitz knows more about hockey than me, and I am a true blooded Minnesotan, ye betcha ya!
  • So Dave, you happy about something?
  • I'm happy that maybe, just maybe...
  • Dave are you a Giants fan ?
  • Ok the next person that posts their favorite American football team I will say that I support them from now on ! I think that's a good deal !
  • The Patriots! Wait - they just blew the superbowl.
  • You now win tigers, I officially support the patriots !!! But you have to fill me in, are they a good team ? Where are they from ? And all that jargon !
  • New England Patriots. I only support them because my entire family passionately does - I don't watch sports. I don't know if they are good; they made it to the Superbowl anyways.
  • Haha well now I can officially say I support them AND I have a funny story to tell when anyone asks
  • That is wonderful! A funny story makes for a great reason. I hope they don't fail you (or my family) next year.
  • Well or so be it your head...
  • The Minnesota Vikings, oh wait...FUCK I'am late. American football can bore me at times but watching highlights or my favorite team is pretty good. I prefer watching professional hockey over any other sport. Funny, because I barely know how to ice skate. Hockey can really piss me off sometimes though, especially when it comes to fighting in games.
  • Hockey! Sock hockey, the game of hockey played in socks.
  • I'm going to a Celtics game tonight and I know nothing about basketball outside of there is a net and a ball and fouls - should be a good time!
  • Good luck...
  • I know a lot of my friends don't watch or know much about professianal sports or sports in general, and I like showing them a thing or two and I have met up with them at Hockey and Baseball games, always had a fun time even if they knew nothing about the sport. They won it appears. So it must have been fun with whomever you went with.
  • It was fun! Hooray! I went with the boyfriend and his family. All in all, it was a great trip.
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    Sweet! Never been to a NBA game. I want go to a Iowa State University basketball game, it would be pretty great because the student section (Cyclone Alley), I really don't like basketball TOO much, it could be improved as a sport.
  • table tennis RULES! they're so confusing it's not played by fools!
  • now i know why they call it PING pong :(
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    Baseball! Angels fan (I'm in the LA area) I love college football, too--any teams, doesn't matter who's playing. Same with the NFL. And I'm an NBA fan when the Lakers are playing. I usually only tune in for the second half of games, though. Sometimes only the fourth quarter. Hockey, uh huh, but I wish it was on TV more. I like soccer, but not as much. Golf can be fun to watch and play, too. Tennis is great--I especially like watching Djokovitch and Nadal when they play against one another.
  • Yes man! Finally a guy on here that loves sports (and he don't care) Minnesota fanboy with the twins and vikings being my favorite teams. Want to go to Target field this year because I have not went yet. The T-wolves were exciting with Bricky Rubio and K-Love, but my Minnesota Wild hockey was pathetically short this year ever since they sucked it up in December. Iowa State Football Baby! #2 OSU went down when they met the clones in November. Those are my sports bro!
  • Cool. How are the Twins looking this year? They always seem to be in the mix.
  • Not this year! We still have Mauer and Mourneau but they seem to be hurt half the time. Our pitching is weak and we don't have a consistent number 1 guy. We traded Cuddyer and Kubel so we still don't have power but we have a lot of speed and defense like usual. The only good thing is that we are in a weak division with only Detroit being the stand out team. Overall I think if we do our best we could finish 2nd in the division with an outside chance at the second wildcard. How about the Angels?
  • I'm excited about the Angels. For years we've been good, but we've been lacking something on offense. We always seem to get into the playoffs because the team is built well for a long season and then don't have what it takes in a 5 or 7 game series. With the addition of Pujols, if he stays healthy, we could be dangerous. The addition of C.J. Wilson and Chris Ianetta can only help: a pitcher like Wilson helps the already great starting three of Weeaver, Haren, and Santana, and Ianetta is a good catcher who has some pop (but a low batting average usually, unfortunately). It'll be Angels/Rangers battling it out in the West this year. (Interesting the use of the pronoun "we" instead of "they" when talking about one's sport teams--as if we're part of them!)
  • If it were not for us watching them, they wouldn't be making millions so I feel as if fans CAN be part of our teams. Anyways I fell more special saying WE intead of THEY. :-c
  • GURBY puck it!
  • And look! A few days after this discussion, its Angels/Twins in a series. And yeah, G.O.: Puckett! I used to love watching him.
  • Puckett was so good even G.O knew about him, i'm pretty sure a lot of Minnesotans remember the 87 and 91 world series since it basically shut down the city for a couple of days, not to mention 91 was when we were hit by that Holloween blizard. As for the Angels and Twins, we have had a lot of players that have played for both teams, Carew, Hunter, and Blyleven.
  • Just wondering if anyone follows english football or soccer ? It's a massive thin over here but I'm not a fan alltough I do hate football I support chelsea because my mums mate drilled it into me when I was really young ! Does anyone support an English "soccer" team or does anyone follow it ?
  • Ah man watching Blyleven's curve ball was amazing! I can still picture the way that thing moved.
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