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  • Originally this song weakened the greatness of Feels, mainly because it was to jumbled and mumbled/muffled. But NOW I love it. The guitar has fitted itself in, the lyrics become more clear, and the sonic background creates an unique feel to the song, nothing on Feels sounds the same is what I mean. Feels to me is the love song album silly little love songs!!! <!-- s>__< --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif" alt=">__<" title="mad" /><!-- s>__< --> Bat You'll Fly (just like pigs)
  • That was the first song off Spirit (other than Chocolate Girl) that I got really into when I very first started liking Animal Collective, and more 'experimental' types of music! It's a great tune, and I've always liked it quite a bit. Very dream-like, as is the rest of the album! Great song. Fickle Cycle!
  • I like Fickle Cycle. It has that frantic tribal vibe (fribe!) that Animal Collective does so well. Edit: Peacebone?
  • Peacebonefish! Great Avey vocals, unique samples, interesting textures, and just awesome in every other way. Makes a great opening song to the album. I like to say that the first song to an album will set the tone for the entire album and Peacebone does that to perfection. Seal Eyeing?
  • I like it, very atmospheric. Filler, but good filler. Why is everyone dead set on asking about the totally obscure tunes? Kids On Holiday
  • Well to answer your first question...We all assume that everyone will love songs like For Reverend Green and Banshee Beat, we know what the answer will be. BUT I also made this thread just for peoples reactions to songs whether we know what the consensus is. So it can be like if a song is a 10/10 or 11/10. Anyway Kids On Holiday, great use of the vox and what not (laughing). Its Fun fun, fun fun and fits in well with the songs around it. Love the begining, with the guitar and how it turns from abstract into one rift. My Girls!!!!!! <!-- s>__< --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif" alt=">__<" title="mad" /><!-- s>__< -->
  • Well, I guess your outlook on it kind of betrays the name of the thread, eh? I guess I just find most of the filler songs kind of uninteresting. I'd much rather discuss my favorite tunes, but that's just me. Don't really like My Girls that much anymore. Used to love it, though. Country Fuck
  • haha! imagine had they left it called that! daffy duck... country fuck... hockey puck? (yr out of luck! buddy...) after the album really mellows out i love that it comes back to a good old timey jamboree of sorts! ... avey slammin down the moonshine! ... and then in the end outro the song / the album / the garga... you get the ascension to heaven! (or in the live version you go to some duck calling woodsy swampy marsh!) next song: BLEED!
  • "For all of those great moments, most of them are pretty melancholy, but then sent to, also include, the ________" That is what I hear at the begining. At first it seemed like filler, but now it seems like a good transition between the first and second half of the EP. By itself it is well layered, deep, and deep(heavy bass), with the best vocals ever by Panda Bear. Winter Wonder Land?
  • I like it, I'll listen to it if I've just listened to #1. It's either fun, screaming/singing along with it, or it's totally annoying. Depends how I feel. Also, I realized that my issue with the selection of relatively unknown songs is that it's arbitrary. As far as I can tell, it's not necessarily songs that people like that are unknown; it's songs that are just unknown for the sake of their being unknown. Know what I mean? I just feel like I want to be guided purely by what I like, because being guided by the status of a song just seems inauthentic. Derek?
  • Love Derek, especially the first half. How many songs about doggies will AnCo have? [quote="G.O. [!]"]BLEED![/quote] Just wanted to comment, Bleed is probably my favorite song on FBK, I find it strikingly similar to the semi-title track from Spirit, which is one of my favorite AnCo songs. which brings me to the next song, Spirit They've Vanished?
  • Love it. Used to drive around with that shit on really loud, until it made my ears hurt. I just love it. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Untitled?
  • oh man i love Untitled can't listen to Penny Dreadfuls without listening to that one first, gotta love the feedback loops and the cool piano play. Penny Dreadfuls ?
  • Excellence, one of my favorites on Spirit along with the title track, Chocolate Swirls, and Alvin Row.
  • Getting this thread back up (I think it stopped being popular because of the crash). What are your thoughts on Alvin Row?
  • I guess I like it for weird reasons. For Reverend Green?
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    that was the song that got me really, really into AC. I was driving to work and it was on a mp3 mix that someone put on the net and i was listening to it and enjoying the super reverb'd guitar part, thinking of the smiths' "how soon is now?" when it got to the chorus and i'd been thinking about this particular ex (long story, not worth it,) and I finally made out the words to be "now i think it's alright they're together, now i think that's a riot" and it was just sort of perfect. especially nice where it falls on the album. cuckoo cuckoo? (edited to change "the bees" to cuckoo since bees already been done)
  • The song is such a good lead in to Derek in my opinion, I always have to listen to them back to back so both get better. Anyway, I love the piano and the record like sound to it, makes it nostagic and what not. I also like the welping of Avey and the "how I lost my boy" intro. Some people don't like some of the lyrics since they don't make sense, but I like the lyrics regardless, they are just sung emotionally so they are like depressed ramblings or shit like that. Bluish?
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    no no no do not like that it hurtsssss I have dated musicians all my life and the best I ever got was a line in a song and this particular song just makes me ache and wonder why I was never ever loved enough to get something like this. heavily edited: I just want to say that the problem may not be that I am a lame, uninspiring woman. I may just attract the kind of musician that never writes songs about their girlfriends. SUMMERTIME CLOTHES p.s. welping? Like a compound of yelping and whelping, which is what dogs do when they give birth.
  • My third fav. song on MPP. I really like the lyrics, it really describes the scene Avey wantss us to envision. The BBQ cookout begining is unique for AC and was a easy way to remember to song. Then you hve a jamin' groove through your left and right channel, with nice FX, samplers, and synths, SUCH BEAUTIFUL MUSIC! Did You See the Words?
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    Love it so. Second favorite song on Feels, after Banshee Beat. I really like the version they played on tour this year, too. In fact, just about every version has been great. 2007+ version of Who Could Win A Rabbit?
  • oh god so good!!! when you hear it just STARTING and KNOW right away what it is! a great live feeling! and then that part where they hold out the ahhhhhhhwahwahwahwah or whatever on record i ALWAYS thought that part should have been drawn / held out and live they DID IT! so already a fun dancey lil song made even more dancey and fun! so good! rabbit was my fave on sung tongs! there was a time where they had the 1-2 song punch and 2nd was the HIT SONG... sung tongs with leaf and rabbit feels with words and grass then BOTH go all mellow for track 3? softest voice and flesh canoe! then jam they went STRAIGHT for THE SINGLE (peace bone) and for MPP i swore BEAR HUG was to be THE SINGLE / HIT SONG... bear huggle aka I Want to Walk Around With You (Just You!) turned into clothes! but no they went with mah girly girls which i also really liked when it was Material Things / HOUSE! still a good song but that one and way even more so THE DREAMER (almost oh so also frighteneddd they kind of well you know also summertime clothes they should have gone more with OOMPH for so many if eel that! incuding FIER WORKS oh k i am freaking out and can't type right i'm not drunk i think i'm just spaced out hyped up what about TOO SOON?! good or GREAT closing track to the epic indian? or just okay!
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    At first the song was my least fav. on HCTI but after a couple months of occasional listens to HCTI, I came to like it a little more. It is better than Panic. The begining and ending of the song are my favorite parts, Just good for Indian, okay for the band as a whole. Lion in a Coma?
  • Great song, always makes me feel like I'm in the Australian outback. Visiting Friends?
  • visiting friends is the first song i heard off of sung tongs and i really love the quote on the wikki page that describes it as a wall of sound with acoustic guitars. The effect on the avey's vocals goes nicely with all the background sound, rusty santos did a really great job engineering all of the songs and i think visiting friends shows it nicely. panic?
  • I like it a good amount. I think, lot a lot of songs on Danse or HCTI, the song has to be enjoyed in an empty room with two large speakers, in the dark. It gives a sense of panic. BTW, I'am alright if we repeat some songs, it seems as people are afraid to repeat some songs, we can also talk about live versions from specific years and what not. The 2011 live version of Did You See the Words?
  • 1. Super Furry Animals - Walk You Home
  • Furry dogs with hats??
  • ha! furry little dogs! FURRY LITTLE LEGS! leggings!
  • I knew it was another furry singer
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