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    I've listened to the new tracks a ton and they are just so damn cool. I can't stop listening to them, oh god? If only they can just get some awesome Panda vocals and more clear instrumentation/electronics on top of everything there (the live tracks that is), we could see a really awesome/jamming album once again.
  • @Purplesage - Hopefully, I mean, Panda lives in Portugal so they must like traveling to an extent. @Peacefish - I'm sure however they do it, it will be awesome. I don't think they've ever made a disappointing album, unless you count Danse Manatee, but I like it. I honestly don't see why Spirit is held at such a higher pedestal than it.
  • Would any one be willing to direct me to a source to hear some newer live shows? I can't find any of their new materials.
  • - This is the only one I know of without going out researching. Look below and one of the things says "Untitled/Brothersport". It's a really good performance in great quality.
  • Amazingly quick response! Thanks I am itching to hear some new stuff, I've kind of been on an AC renaissance of sorts lately.
  • Haha, yeah me too. I did a quick search on youtube and found the whole pitchfork performance - there are other live recordings of them doing new stuff but I can't stand the ones made by fans.
  • GREAT I appreciate that lots, it didn't even occur to me to scour the youtubes. I'm reallly curious to hear the new album now. Bout halfway through it, I'm enjoying it so far. I'm sure the mastered album will differ significantly from live stuff, maybe, I want to hear.
  • Change = In the Flowers = EPIC!!! Let Go = Peacebone Frights = We Tigers
  • @-claude. In my opinion, Merriwheather is the fullest perfectedest epic-est album since Spirit. I always end up comming back to it. I place Danse Manatee in it's own catagory. It's their trippy early experimental album to me and by comparison to the grateful dead would be like "The album of the sun". While I don'tmeasure it next to other albums, I am sure happy I got Danse Manatee and whenever I'm in that crazy mood I bust it out. @- Peacefish. Yeah! A lot of their songs can be traced to other songs. Like Lackablecky Dress is like their primitive version of fireworks not quite yet perfected. While it won't be easy for them to make an album that has more popularity then MPP, it won't be hard to make one that Will blow my head off I'm sure. They lost a bit of their tribal influence and focused more on easy lyrics, melodies and samples samples samples. Based on Oddsac Their sound's still developing and I love it! I'm so ridiculously pumped it's not even funny.
  • Yeah I understand that, I guess Spirit is a lot cleaner than Danse Manatee but I put the two together in Early Experimental stage, Hollinndagain through Here Comes the Indian as kind of their campfire stage, and all the albums after are their own categories. Even if the new album isn't as popular as MPP, I'm sure everyone of us on this site will love it. And you never know they might start going off of samples like Avey Tare did on Down There, kind of a mutated acoustic album. From their live shows I kind of doubt it, but you never know!
  • Also, they started making Oddsac in 2006, so I think it was more developing with Strawberry Jam and Merriweather, than after them.
  • Hey guys, Panda Bear's said to this London newspaper that 'We've got all the songs ready at this point' so hopefully the album release shouldn't be too long away. Here I'm Posting the link now.
  • So soon, yet so far away, I can even TASTE it coming closer!
  • I can feel it coming on as well, when he sun is warm the time will come. I would pay to see them without even playing music, I would pay to just hear their music and not see them. I am just exited as they are my favorite that I will take anything I can get.
  • That interview is more than a month old, I think that just meant they were ready for the studio... *debbie downer sound* Can't wait for this though, haven't listened to a boot in months.
  • Really hope the 6+ songs which we haven't heard are just as good as the ones we have heard, maybe they'll be better! I look forward for those songs the most.
  • lol definitely not
  • released november 2012? we're going into... [i][b]the future![/b][/i]
  • Animal Collective III- The Search for Deakin
  • Deakin's Search 4 Delicious IV: IN SPACE! the final front ear! LOBO! :(|) seriously though i saw that BELLES thing too and thought How is that not taken down within a day? weird!
  • Bells just doesn't sound like a good album name. Animal Collective- Animal Collective Goning to be their first self-titled album.
  • How about Beaktree? Sounds like an album they'd have huh?
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    Treekin and Beakin! The name of the album will probably be a name we will never think of.
  • WALK ABOUT! coming this october is what i said for Strawjam / Water Curses / MPP and sure enough it ends up being used for an Atlas Sound song feat. THE PANDA.... THAT was prety weird!
  • They never fail to dissopoint with new creative stuff.
  • I predict a late summer/early fall release. But yeah, can't wait for the new stuff. Definitely one of the albums I'm looking forward to the most this year!
  • I predict a summer tour followed by a late summer/ fall cd. Pretty much what you just said
  • if they don't come back to florida i'll cry.
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    I would like to have an Animal Collective concert in Minnesota after the 13th of June!
  • DAVE! DAVE! DAVE! You live in Florida? Come with me to pitchfork...and banaroo...and lollapolooza...and Rothberry...and summercamp...and redrocks...and raggae on the river...and the montery pop festival...and sundance... and some others I'm missing appersand period
  • Oh...Ha summerfest of course. I live 20 min away from there~! Why didn't I think of that?
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    lol oh shit dude. i wish i had the money for that stuff... super expensive to go to festivals. i can't even afford the fifty bucks to drive to west palm beach and buy a ticket for DSO. it's so sad :( although many of those places are like dreams of mine to go to.
  • Yeah. I don't have much. Maybe enough for one festival. I looked on major festival websites and havn't found AC in any of the lineups. It's very Disheartening to think your favorite band isn't playing this year.
  • seriously man. i wish i'd been around in the earlier days when more of their music was improvised and not done with samples; i would've loved to have followed them around from show to show, just go on tour with em.
  • same here. Where's the 2010's band touring that sounds good? I want to be a part of their fandom. I feel the same about Grateful Dead but JEEZ! I only missed Animal Collective by what? Seven years maybe?
  • after seeing AC 05 / 06 / 07 X2 / 09 it in some ways feels weird... haven't seen them live for nearly 3 years... but DEEKS in 2010 and Avey end of 2011 makes it feel pretty spot on i think by fall (won't you be kind! AND REWIND!) i'll be ready for AC LIVE 2012! eyah! i have this odd feeling album won't be till late late 2012 or maybe even spill into 2013 which would be surreal cuz it'd then look like a 4 year gap since MPP but then that doesn't take into account FBK/ODSK/SOLO studies!
  • FBk's an Ep, they've been working on oddsac since santa was delivering presents and Solo they aren't Animal Collective. I Crave to be a part of A new album by them. MPP got me into them. Now that I love them I want a full Album (tour preferably included). My favorite EP is water curses hands down.
  • I pretty much agree and am in the same situation with everything you said. It was exciting to be a part of Tomboy and Down There though, I love them both so dearly.
  • down there's fucking ridiculous. been said before. will be said again... RIGHT NOW! down there's fucking ridiculous.
  • I was really surprised when I first starting listening to Down There because it got quite a cool critical reception, how did everyone not go crazy over Cemeteries.... or Oliver Twist... or all of the tracks??
  • All but Glass Bottom Boat, wish it was longer and more of song, but when in context of listening to the album as a whole the song fits in perfectly. Everything else was just beyond awesome.
  • Agreed, Glass Bottom Boat doesn't really work as it's own song, but it's a nice atmospheric interlude.
  • Pandas got his own movement going to. Stuff that Feels great to listen to. My favorites take pills. I think a lot of skateboarders and surfers like him right? Do you think he skates or surfs?
  • He skurfs!
  • (probably with smurfs)
  • some great wicker mang and solaris gremake talk in here! UP IN HERE! down in there!
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