me angry !

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I am quite frustrated because i was just scanning the internet and bumped into a forum where animal collective was a discussion, they were all talking about how that you have to be on drugs to appreciate them and to enjoy and understand them, its frustrating that people are so narrow minded about them ! I have enjoyed them while high but just as much as when i am not ! It annoys me !


  • i'm mad i never listened to HCTI when stoned back when i would get stoned!
  • It's not as great as you think it would be. Least that's what I thought. I LOVED Hollindagain back when I got stoned.
  • my best experiences were HAIL TO THE THIEF by RADIOHEAD and PHANTOM POWER by THE SUPER FURRY ANIMALS! i think one time i tried DARK SIDE OF THE MOON by THE PINK FLOYDS and that one really buggered me up! one of the funniest lines i read was some little guy talking about listening to remixes of songs you know when stoned but not knowing they are remixes so you think you are going crazy! haha! the IDEA of that!
  • I'm pissed off. Fuck this shit.
  • chocolate makes you happy but it keeps you awake!
  • So does many a thing ! Trying to make i picture of yourself making a picture i suppose would keep you up! But the narrow mindedNess of people who don't understand just frustrates me bleughhh
  • They will, in time, even if it's not in this lifetime. That's my belief, anyway.
  • Yeah i suppose,
  • Why height.
  • Dark might power of flight angry dogs plight !
  • Good song !
  • Back on topic, I hate my brother because he has refused to listen to Spirit or Down There or Oddsac. He LIKES MPP, Jam, and Feels a lot but he is so damn stubborn. Lot like my friends when I talk music.
  • Its so easy to become off topic, and i know what you mean, my mum refuses to because she believes its bad for me ???
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    It m :O kes you CRAAAAAZY! Haha in reality it probably makes you a bit saner, and me, too.
  • Too true Daveman i think it does make me a bit crazy
  • as crazy as avey!
  • flying like a bat out of his shell!
  • only one of us walks away!
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