ah... thus begins the final month... before THE FINAL YEAR this much... is clear!


  • its a fear, it is near, the shape becomes ever clear !
  • It would be fun to be with you on the day you think the world will end. And you will be disappointed bit in a happy way and then we can all have a party.
  • The world's ending? Well, shit. I've got work to do.
  • i have to file my taxes, that would be top of my list ...
  • I don't think it's ending until they pry this keyboard out of my cold, bloody hands.
  • it'd sure be easier to plan and enjoy life if we knew we just had one year to go! hohoho! but no! more like EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE / The New Age! of if only! if it is destined to NOT HAPPEN then someone must MAKE IT HAPPEN! i used to think i was That Man! oh so long ago! i was deluded (and diluted!) but i was also RIGHT! how could jesus / charles manson be WRONG? is this all the further we're going to get! i wanna know darlink!
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    Are you G.nO.[!]stradamus?
  • Confucius say...
  • Plato, or the mayans that's what i think go man is getting at !
  • December 21, 2012, according to the Mayans. That gives us a year and 3 weeks to rent an end of the world corgi house and fly everyone there. Bring your friends and loved ones. I'll save my money. Clayson and Penny, you will of course come, too, I'll start saving now. I have to go to Mitchell, Iowa first.
  • agree i will also start saving, i agree with this plan !
  • trapped... in mitch HELL ! (where you will surely DIE o w a ! ))) still mad i didn't plan for 12/21/12 better... i could have MADE something happen no one believes this! it's too late for me!
  • G.O [!] the Destoryer of Worlds, wuhahahaha!
  • basically THE HOBO REVOLUTION they have nothing to lose and they are EVERYWHERE they just gotta get ORGANIZED i could have been their King!
  • 12/21/12 is a year and 3 weeks from now. You have plenty of time. We will help.
  • which means this just maybe be the FINAL CHRISTMAS and FINAL NEW YEARS (as WE know it!) you humans... let me tell ya!
  • Neither of which are actual , record-able events. You can't tell me nuthin', simian-boy.
  • I don't see what all the worry is, I think the Mayans had no worry what so ever about that date and all it meant was that the mayans were going to build a new calander because the old one only fitted so many days.
  • Aliens maybe?
  • Studying possible alien intervention in cultures throughout the world is pretty cool! My faves are the Dogon of Africa and the Australian Aborigines. There is also a possible connection between the introduction of local entheogens and an explosion of either cultural or evolutionary growth. Since the switch to this new board I feel like when I talk like this, everyone hates me and wishes I would shut up. Just saying.
  • i think its funny, and i don't know why it would be any different, i personally don't think we are all going to perish, i think the world will just carry on as normal, it was like that huge confuddle about the large hadron collider, everyone panicked because they thought that it would create a black hole and kill us bleugh
  • it'll probably be the moment in time where technology becomes TOO much! and we develop some utterly horrifying uni-global thought process! or MAYBE it is just the day that Ash hits 100K! hey hey!
  • Or maybe you will just pick another date in the future when the world might end and start worrying about that!
  • no? NEVER! i'm innit 2 win shit!
  • last day ( I call it )
  • I think because i am in England i got new years before you, by like at least 5 hours !
  • I get to keep it 5 hours longer though!
  • less than 2.5 months remain! ist' ill not saaane!
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    I think that it's gonna be the start of something different. :D
  • Terence McKenna predicted something for Dec 2012 That time is being pulled forward towards some particular date in Decemer 2012 And he was apparently all mathematical about it! But the mayans couldnt have been right! They didnt take into account all the leap years... Or did they?
  • they did! they knew they fucking knew! the mayans? yes! that's who
  • the mayans knew it but the egyptians blew it!
  • observe its habits... learn its ways.
  • as patrick sways he... realizes he's dead too!
  • Glue the skin back together. He lives at my house!
  • NOW YOU KNOW WHERE HE LIVES! burn it down!
  • Some say they will burn down your house, but few actually do it.
  • i think a more horrifying thought is someone saying they'll burn yr LIFE down! like holy hell! what does it MEAN!
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    When the house is burned down and you're burned down, you can come back to yourself and your home brighter, clearer, and crispier.
  • now I can see the moon.
  • hello moon!
  • HEY MOON! what's yah doing i came to see yr... power gloomin!
  • well the world ended and we're all still here wait that's not true WE'RE ALL DEAD! i'm dead your dead he's dead she's dead We Are All Dead! and this.. is.. HELL!
  • and soon enough you will be burning as well!
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