Animal Collective Encounters of the Third Kind

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{First of all, thanks Dave for the idea, it's yours man!} Here is my story (sorry about the length of it)! I was 16 and it was late August/Early September 2010. My brother left for college and I was lonely for the most part. My brothers roomate was a semi-hipster dude, his name was Will, and he said he went to Pitchfuck Music Festival 2010 and told my brother about the bands there. In that process he mentioned his favorite bands; Radiohead, Arcade Fire, and Animal Collective. My brother then told me about this and we said "wow, why does Will think these bands are so good." I then looked up Radiohead, Animal Collective, and Arcade Fire songs on YouTube. Subsequentialy the first Animal Collective song I listened to was My Girls. At the time I only liked it because it was a new experience. At the time I only liked Classic Rock and Alternative Rock so it was interesting to here a song constructed as My Girls was. It was the video of My Girls and that helped me along, but in general that was the only AC song I listened to for 3 weeks. Then I tried the rest of MPP and I started to like it (meanwhile I was listening to Radiohead and liking KIDA and OKC so that helped out to). I then Bought MPP on the 22nd of Oct. and listened to it on an awesome soundsytem when I got home from school and then things were never the same since . Now I listen to a lot of Indie music and I have delved deeper into the 90's and 2000's for more good music. All that because my brother went to Iowa State University, and got paired with Will as a roomate. Imagine how Will heard of Animal Collective. Its a small world after all. Anyway, tell us about your first AC experiences and how they went. How old were you? Did you like the song, did you hate the song? Was it a full album you listened to? How and when did you find out about Animal Collective? Was a third party or friend involved? What music did you like at the time? When was the next time you listened to AC? Just tell us, it has to be better than my lame story.


  • This is a great idea! I started corresponding with one of my exes (I recycle!) who had introduced me to Many Wonderful Bands when we were together as College Students. Steve introduced me to Animal Collective via Reverend Green, and Sunset Rubdown via Stadiums and Shrines II. I fell in love with AC and Spencer Krug and Steve all at once and all over again and it was such an incredible release and escape from the dreary wasteland I was in. This would have been 2007? I am not good with dates in my head, that's why I keep journals. So the intensity of Steve and Spencer and AC all at Woke me the fuck up. I guess then was when I started extricating myself from the abusive relationship I was in. Don't ever let anyone tell you "you can't be friends with your exes". They are often the BEST friends you will ever have.
  • i am friends with all except two (one that won't speak to me and one that i won't, just NOPE NOPE NOPE). i downloaded a bunch of best-of 2009 mixes, and like, 4 of them had several animal collective songs: my girls, summertime clothes, what would i want sky, guys eyes. then i saw the malta video of cuckoo and the next day heard reverend green in the car and it reminded me of an ex (hey, synchronicity) with that "i think it's alright they're together now, i think that's a riot" line, and then i had to have everything. previously i had heard and dismissed AC as too twee and pretentious (i'd heard sung tongs and i think either grass or who could win a rabbit). but i guess just the time was right for me to get into AC.
  • This is my first post on this forum, and I think that this discussion would be the perfect introduction. Way back in 2004, it was my 21st birthday, and I went over to my local independent record store (that has since sadly closed) where I was friends with most of the employees. This one cat that was sort of my mentor when I was a freshman, and him a senior way back in highschool, was working the counter that day. I told him my usual story about wanting something new to listen to, and that it was my birthday, so it had to be extra special. He said he had the perfect birthday present that I could give to myself. It was this album Sung Tongs by this band that all the record store employees had started digging. I first fell in love with the album cover art. Then he played me the first track, and it was love at first listen. I had never heard music this enthusiastically creative, that had the balls to actually be free to do what they wanted, and to hell with genre. I proceeded to initiate some other close friends into the "animal cult". And that was all she wrote. I have since bought all their albums the day they came out, and I will for as long as they will release them. I saw them live at pitchfork, when they were there after the release of Strawberry Jam. I would love to see them at a more intimate setting.
  • I love that this thread was created, I've always wanted to share my experience with fellow listeners! My first experience hearing AC actually sucked quite badly. My brother showed me "grass" which was the only one he knew of, and the sound quality was terrible so I didn't like it. I believe I then experimented with several other tracks, eventually buying "feels", which is probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. I listened to it in it's entirety in my car on a summer afternoon, and words cannot describe how it made me feel. I was literally so overcome with emotion from what I heard that a guy drove up to my window and asked if I was ok, haha! I remember I was on track 5, or "bees" when this feeling truly hit me. I have been a huge fan since. Thanks for reading!
  • Are Animal Collective encounters of the fourth kind acceptable to post here?
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    >-) Yes the forth kind are intense, feel free to post your Animal Abduction! (Yes we need ze funny pictures, it makes ze forum more fun!
  • Jeez, the stuff I miss when I don't read every single post... Doc, that's great! Bucket hat and all.. Blinky and EVERYONE, you should know by now that we welcome ALL heartfelt posts of thrid or fourth or seventeenth kind! i wish I could post photos, it was easier before because it would tell me when it was too big. Now no matter what I do it just gives me the broken linkity. and Mister Tree...we love you! Welcome! Post in arrivals!!!!
  • I had a lot of fun making that.
  • lol Avey took "I think it's alright to feel inhuman now" to a whole new level
  • Haha awesome MoonDog. You got a laugh out of me. The first time I heard AC was when my older brother introduced me to Sung Tongs. I was a freshman at UNC Chapel Hill and my brother was a senior, he introduced me to a variety of new music, a favor I will never be able to return. Anyways, I gave sung tongs a listen, and at first it didn't strike me much. Later, "Kids on Holiday" got to me, getting stuck in my head and whatnot. Then I began to really enjoy "Leaf House" and it's harmonies, and sung tongs in general, and I eventually loved the entire album. After that I got my hands on as much as I could, and I particularly love Spirit and Campfire Songs. I love their new stuff too, its just interesting to hear the progression of their music. Their older stuff will always hold a compelling position in my head though.
  • my brother showed me fleet foxes and Anco on the same day haha. he played brother sport and i was hooked. i dont even remember when that was, summer of 2010 i think
  • ya ticonderoga fleet foxes is da shiznitt
  • a whole fleet of them! ALIEN DAVE! & Steve!
  • Alien tare is very pleased
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