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Is anyone going to see Animal Collective at Sasquatch this weekend? I'm headed out there solo- coming alone from Santa Monica. If there are any other Animal Collective fans out there that will be at the show, PM me! I'd love to meet some new people and watch the performance with people who are enjoying it as much as I am. Cheers!


  • I wish I could go.
  • I am thinking of going, but I am FOR SURE going to the Portland show.
  • I'm not going, but good for you <!-- s:up: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/up.gif" alt=":up:" title="up" /><!-- s:up: -->
  • Is Sasquatch real? Has it been seen? Conspiracy theories abound, but only [i]I[/i] the true Sasquatch seen, making hammocks or springing lead for years and peaks and forest.
  • Sasquatch, minion lay... For naught there thoughts be steeped in conspiracy! In hand-me-downs. In robes of ripped, sequined gold. In ducks quacking madly. In gorging, gorging, gorging! On melted, ancient prophecies and holden yearnings.
  • i agree about the ducks quacking! mildly not madly!
  • With wraughty shouts and misters melding mumbo; with astonished cries and mox vindication; for malady-ridden whorses and milk-laden housemates whose lives furnished and set to music will be.
  • just like that! taking like a duck to water! i remember one of the earliest EVER reviews of AC (on i think?) compared avey's voice to that of a psyko delik duck floating through water and i thought "he's RIGHT!"
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    No question.
  • I might go to sasquatch this year yayayaya
  • I might be able to get press credentials or something (I have an internship writing reviews for albums and shows). So that would be sick. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  • he's got a bit foog! BIG FOOT! foot foot! footy FOODIE feedee!
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