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so I was thinking and I know that Avey and Panda have solo albums..what about Deakin and Geologist ? Ive heard a song from each of them from the AC mixtape on youtube (Country Report and Jailhouse), which was spectacular by the way if you haven't heard them I suggest you do so. but do either of them have an album ?? it'd be lovely if they did..


  • Well, deeks did that whole "give-me-money-to-go-to-Africa-and-I'll-give-you-an-album" but no one has heard anything yet. He has toured but other than recordings from the shows, I haven't heard of anything released. Geo is a mixer wizard more than an originator, and I haven't heard anything. My lack of knowledge means nothing, by the way.
  • I'd check out some of Deak's solo shows. I think they're great. They're filled with his original material. That's the only place to hear his solo project stuff as of yet. Geo hasn't done much solo except that track on the Vashti ep.
  • Deeks supposedly has The Album coming to PAWTRAX in 2012, right? ... and then THE AFRICAN ADVENTURE stuff... who knows... god who knows what is up with deeks! ... he should really get that out in the first portion of the next year so it isn't too close to ANIMAL COLLECTIVE X geo had an EP call VOSTOK way back in the day but refuses to ever let anyone hear it!!!! gah! he has a whole box of them SOMEWHERE just one twenty-some minute track supposedly and he said how it was to have more releases on their Soccer Animal or whatever early label... back when there was only panda's s/t or so the legend goes!
  • Dude, I want my fucking Africa album already. Yeah man, seems like a super weird dude from what I've read of his words on the old CA forum. Some crazy stuff about judging people based on their taste in music. I mean, I guess I can see what he's saying, as far as it being maybe a gauge of sensitivity and similarity in taste, but it just seems like there's a lot more to it than that. Perhaps he no longer feels that way, I don't know. All I know is that if I judged everyone based on what music they liked, I'd have no friends and I'd be missing out on some awesome people with awful taste in music. Nevertheless, I love his music. Also, check CA for his live stuff, it's over there somewhere. I don't visit it anymore or I'd go get a link for you. Seriously bad feelings about the people who post there, and I'd rather not think about them.
  • like AC proper i've avoided hearing DEEK BOOTS i want it to be SUPER NEW! when i hear it! I WAIT FOR ALBUM! deeks used to remind me a bit of a preacher man like... he will make thee a fisher of men! teach a damn deeks to fish! and he was a CARPENTER too!
  • His music is much weirder than any of the other solo stuff. AC's music seemed to lose a bit of weirdness with MPP and FBK, and now I know where it went! It's like the Dead in '73-'74. More fluid and flexible, but less of [i]the sound[/i]. Speaking of carpentry, I'm going to be building a rack for my effects pedals and power/preamp soon. Should be a fun project with a useful result.
  • i almost built a coffin for my dead dog!
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