You Can Count on Me Video

edited December 2011 in Side Projects
Directed by Danny Perez! happy to be back, missed you guys


  • It reminds me of the "Bros" video.
  • magnificent work, as expected
  • haven't watched this yet and have missed out on a TON of recent vids like the avey one? what ac / panda / avey vids have there been since... MPP? (not counting oddsak i mean haha!) like i couldn't believe there was a GUYS EYES and BLUISH vid so far after just strange that they had... the flowers one too... then the 3 singles... 6 of the 11 tracks? so weird!
  • I always get underwhelmed by videos like this that are just abstract...they are nice and all...but I get real cinematic when I listen to a lot music by this band and I just picture these massive, massive storylines and imagery. It's certainly original and psychedelic, but I wish more would've been done.
  • eh but what can you do but screw a shoe!
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