STORY - RHYME - Be creative! Ha!



  • That's a little odd
  • Its the Age of Adz!
  • Who are busy with all the folks on LorTab.
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    Who just happen to be eating some stone crab.
  • Who was drinking that old fashioned Tab.
  • I live in a bottle at the lab.
  • i'm pretty hammered. should we call a cab?
  • Yes! Don't end up on a slab.
  • Have you ever done that funny photo greeting on JibJab?
  • No, but I did take a funny photo of Donovan McNabb.
  • He wasn't a very photogenic man.
  • Well who can! Mr. Avey Tare with a fake tan!
  • cutting off the arms of Lieut. Dan! MAGIK LEGGINGS!
  • Hung em on the laundry line with pegging! Were a wasteland but his hand!
  • In a complex mixture of dust and sand. 1234!
  • i declare a sand war! 5678 try to keep your hand straight!
  • 9, 10, 11, 12, Try not to publicly masturbate! Maybe I went too far on that one?
  • KONY 2012 SON! Well I gots me other 420 plans
  • I miss my furry adorable man I have pain in my Missing You gland away in a cold and forbidding land while doggy and green I sit getting a tan.
  • soon over the horizan we shall unite once more. All furry friends that I adore. While ponies good too, forever subdued by old ties that I've kept in store
  • now its time to explore ! this is nothing like the civil war, do you hear me captain ?
  • another rhyme another day
  • *holds hun* Money now! I don't play!
  • Watch out for his Gamma Ray!
  • or his BILLY ray! cyrus the virus! steve buscemi's got the whole damn planet! in his horrible hands!
  • don't give in to his damn demands!
  • Poor Mister Steve B A good example of He Who has risen to fame Despite looking lame And gets laid more than you and me
  • yet how does he feel at the end of the day? cries himself to sleep in shame! no amount of awards will cure the blackness in his dead soul!
  • Wanna talk about Boardwalk Empire, his new TV show?
  • that is not a place i wanna go! let's talk about AIRHEAD instead oh i don't know! trapped in the haze with a man named Cage!
  • "I need to find the lost teeth of George washington but these natives made me eat their peyode!"
  • I gotta find those choppers before they call the coppers
  • Don't burn yr tounge on those Jalapeno poppers!
  • A numb tongue can really be a game stopper.
  • oh look it's the big bopper! gooooooodbye baby!
  • GOOODDD BYYEEE! Baby wave goodbye to mr teeth tonight. Ni hair, no teetth. to burn, to see.
  • to BE! be creative... be destructive... with yr monkey blues! look for hidden clues!
  • Clues and portents Mules and Hortense I'm eating sherbet With this dude Herbert
  • when did we become so inert?
  • It's because we have no more issues to skirt.
  • Not usually one to throw the dirt, But dudes, some of your rhymes, they hurt.
  • Tha hypocrite, he spurts - His rhymes are as bad as spoiled yogurt
  • Don't anger a poet Or before you know it You'll be buried in rhyme in very little time And you know what? I've broken the rules here But so what? If you have an objection you'd like to make known Write it up and put it right under my throne. [IMG][/IMG]
  • Damn Claude, you just got OWNED!
  • gotta keep these bones toned! when did this turn from storytime to rap battle? crap BAT OUT OF HELL!
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    We've created a battle, haven't we? Fishey claims the first laugh but I've come back from a slumber with my kitty to put you on the correct path, the one under me That's ABAbA, you wannabe Proudhon When I verbalize, make your skin peel right off What's that? No skin under your fabric icons? Want sure you can still feel, whooping cough As your lungs are the things I'm gunna walk on
  • oh it's on like monkey kong! and yr gonna bang that gong like a DIDDY kong! or DID he? :o
  • Late to the poem I have come, and new I will be to of you some, I must stop talking like Yoda, My style's fizzy; like soda, So I do doth my cap to the lyrical rap that here I find which inspires my mind And moving on lets write a song and make it purple what rhymes with purple?
  • gurp hell! (trapped in...) ya gotta make it rhyme for that story time! call it bread!
  • Your powa's red amidst the lies betwixt my thighs so sorry getting raunchy past my bedtime getting punchy hey whathappen to Sage?
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