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  • he ended up trapped in some damn CAGE! which filled him with such butter rage! nic was there too!
  • Well (PAUSE!) I'm very sorry honey But quite frankly I think your attempts at rapping are funny You think all that goes into this is rhyme? Huh, well, I think it's about time That we established the person who is leading this whole thing While the others stand behind him prancing round and pretending That all put together they've got something on me, And this is what I see, At the end, you will all understand (PAUSE!) Who the king is. (It's still only morning here so I smooshed some words together, go easy) [IMG][/IMG] --- Since we're all rap battle, what rappers do you like guys? I pretty much stick with the mainstream stuff, Kanye and Jay-Z are particular favourites.
  • Sage has visted the land of Tria, filled with wonder and joy! He's not coming back because of what happened to me and Clawed! He will start posting on another thread, another page!
  • Huh? Have you been pming Sagey about the sweet land of Tria?
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    D'oh, wrong page!
  • a few lines back (y'all are wack) a question I axed: "where's sagey?" Peacey respond that in love Sage has gone and will post it on another pagey I WIN! I WIN! I WINI!!111!!!!
  • whoever wins... WE lose! which wasn't TRUE! the predators could be reasoned with! the aliens not! XENOMORPHIK! promo meme lush!
  • "Sage has visted the land of Tria, filled with wonder and joy! He's not coming back because of what happened to me and Clawed! He will start posting on another thread, another page"! I'm pretty sure I just predicted the future here! (I had a little help from a feline friend).
  • Try as I might I cannot find your rhyme at all The thread name is Story-Rhyme-Be Creative-Ha! I win I win I wini the win besides I thought Mzrokks was tryin to be King...
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    Marzuki, try as he may Will never reach my level of wordplay
  • A fellow called Clawed Thinks he's better than I am No, no he isn't. (Haiku battle anyone?)
  • OK STOP NOW This is a story thread. Not a rap battle, not a haiku, not anything other than a CONTINUING STORY which RHYMES. I will delete any unrelated posts until the story gets back on track.
  • Well hey, i'll get this back on track like Applejack!
  • AppleJack is a troubleshooting assistant for Mac OS X Rescuing animals 2 by 2 on a boat was a real Noah Flex
  • Hold on there Tex! PC dominates the mac in my opinion just like how Bruce Lee would dominate Chuck Norris.
  • His 1-inch punch would knock you into the Forres(t)
  • It wouldn't be a fair contest!
  • 'coz Lee is the best, he wears a vest, on top of his chest, and destroys the rest
  • Enough about Lee, what about that bloke G.O He's the guy everyone should know.
  • when he sits in the snow it turns from brown to yellow my golly what a wonderful fellow!
  • He had me at hello But i really didnt have much to say Way back on the 30th of May
  • Well...who here knows about that psychiatrist called Dante?
  • He was left to wander alone on that rainy spring afternoon.
  • lack of muse i mused i rage. I missed the living poop out of this thread. An infinate loop shiving out forthe the dead. break, break, brake kit kat bars are bad for my teeth brake,brake,brake or twill smell of my quief bake,bake,bake and now I want some mofo candy
  • The boat's thrown around by a spring day named "Sandy"
  • Well isn't it dandy Of all the words that rhyme, this time, the one you chose was not sublime. [img][/img]
  • i'm Dr. Lime! and i do this all the time!
  • Composing phrases full of prose Is an skillful art type, I suppose
  • to have such meaning would to be demeaning of all those... Chavs who are drab and dabble at scrabble but together just babble and prad for a straddle on those who think of the rust on the sink and sing "I am the lust of the king!" but who usually spend their nights on the lonesome, posing for a poster boys scrotum who was undermined like ye old castrado, domo origato fuck mr Roboto.
  • (WOW little man) and little woman you span the art of the sages in you I see pages look past the Lewis vision I see fission what's a 'chav' I ask Sagey though G'O's's the magey... I know I don't belong. I sha'nt stay her long...
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    Your place here is lifelong. But your judgment is also strong, and I won't interrupt a swan song (though that guess may be wrong). Whatever's decided, it's a good thing we're here now.
  • 6 cups I must give out to doggies needy then ducks I believey and I should stop...
  • and you don't glop!
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