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So for all of you whom are familiar with the album avey and his exwife made together, do you like it ? Why or why not? Do you prefer it forwards or reversed ?? I knew about the album way back but since avey was selling the cd at his show in Chicago earlier this month, it found its way back to me. I've listened to it a few times thru both ways..but I figured y'all would have some kind of input.


  • I like it, but I like just about everything Avey does. I dig Kria's style a lot. Very percussive, which is always attractive to me with piano. Percussive and melodic, it really works well. Her playing is a bit part of what I love about a lot of the stuff on "Feels". As for the album itself, it just sounds good. I'll have to listen to it again now that you mention it. Haven't listened to it in at least a year. I'd be interested to hear about others' experiences with it, too.
  • we have INLAND EMPIRE and a Snow Storm to thank for inspiring the two to put it backwards (for no reason! not like they planned from the get go to make it WORK backwards or KNOWING...) so that IS a factor to me it was a bit too forced i like it ok enough reverso and forwards (or should i say backwards!) is an okay little mellow acoustic album but it doesn't do much for me plus they left off the best song! FOETUS NO MANG! the REAL version! avey claims it DOES exist in recorded form but we will NEVER get to hear it yeah okay buddy! thanks a LOT! gah!
  • Whoa, sorry about my delayed response. Personally its marvelous to me in its own way. I think I like it so much because it's calm and really captivating..it was a challenge to listen to at first which made me want to figure it out, dig deeper, feel what they felt at the time. Dave I as well love everything Avey does, including Down There (the vinyl is brilliant) but G.O. You have a point.. that song is the best but it is on there, just not all extended how it's supposed to be. I think it's only like 2 minutes or something
  • sped up and with no singing!
  • so it might as well not even be called the same song
  • I prefer the forward version but the backwards is still awesome, there is like no others that do anything in reverse ! I love the album i think it is top notch !
  • pretty sure many others over the history of music have made reversed music haha! hell there is a band called MEW that made a song that when heard backwards is a DIFFERNT SONG! which is REALLY frickin cool! i had that idear once but had no idear how to properly pull it off but def. attempted in 05 and earlier having songs that went forwards and then backwards the same thing but you heard the reversed parts one way and forwards the other way and it was magik!
  • I have listened to the "pullhair rubeye" songs +1000 times (acording to my lastfm acount), it trull is one of my all time favorite albums,, it s a shame the relationship is over (both sentimentally and musicaly). I find it hard to understand where they found such inspiration for such a special album, the David Lynch movie didn t help me answering (exept for reversed) where so many good and beautifull emotions came from, it has to come from "being in love" with each other, I would recomend you to listen to all the bootlegs out there with untitled songs that were not included into the album, like: "Yelling at the night" "ive got mine" etc. By the way ¿why/who changed my avatar? I haven t used this acount for a while and my avatar picture have been changed huh!?
  • wait, exwife? well that's sad. I'm guessing love songs I adore were written about her.
  • the real reason they didn't play blue-ish in 2009 :(
  • the real reason they didn't play blue-ish in 2009 :(
  • thats why i cant find a live clip?
  • need to give Rubpie more of a glisten. Also, do you know if deeks or geo got married. Not to be a CREEP, but I always wondered if those two had something going on. When was Bluish written, 2007-2008. So many questions, so few Swers!
  • panda got married / had a kid... avey got married got divorced... geo got married (and became a dad!) ... deeks is the TRUE BLUE MYSTERY (many theories! few facts!) ... he's single, ladies! ALL MAH SINGLE LADIES! (eyah!) i'm no expert though... i have very little concept about my fave bands personal lives esp. in regards to fambly like wives/GFs/kids! ... i'm not like those people who say they don't care or we shouldn't care... but i just try not to worry about it too much! i don't even know if Gruff of my 2nd fave band Super Furry Animals is married or GF or has a kid? i assume not but who knows! ... in some ways it is more fun NOT knowing! hehe!
  • It is extremely unfortunate that they aren't together but if that wouldn't of happened Avey wouldn't have made Down There and I love that album with every ounce of my being..so I'm kindof happy for it in a sense I guess. it would've been nice for them to make another album together though. @Hunting - I have Yelling at the Night and I've Got Mine on my ipod..are there any other songs in particular other than those that didnt make the cut ? Im pretty sure Panda has 2 kids.. but geez I wish Deakin would play somewhere remotely close to me, or have an album I can download already.
  • @thepurplebottle6 ¿Have you downloaded the "live at tonic, nyc 11-26-06" video? (just in case you haven t) you can find it on this page! (Gets section!) Songs that didn t make the cutr? "Dance to Your Daddy" is the only song i can think of right now but there are a couple more "untitled", there are a few bootlegs out there that you can download, speacking of witch: i m missing 1, the iceland performance! ¿Anyone?
  • Dance to Your Daddy, Yelling at the Night, and I've Got Mine are the only songs that I know of that didn't make the cut. There are a few untitled tracks though. You should get the bootleg at The Red Barn (2006). It has pretty much all the "didn't make the cut" tracks. You can find it on CA I'm pretty sure.
  • I think you're right @thepurplebottle, if I recall Panda has an older girl and a new baby boy. Dammit - I hate when you type Panda Bear on wikipedia search it shows the article about actually pandas. Confirmed two children on Wikipedia. Pullhair rubeye is probably my favourite acoustic album... I think I would really hate Kria's voice if I heard it off this album. I haven't heard any of her stuff with mum.
  • i used to REALLY hate mum ... i would have been mad to see AC open for THEM and not other way around! .... kria solo is a mixed bag / blessing.... there's elements i like.... but not quite THERE.... a bit too airy / half baked or something... would one consider Sung Tongs an acoustic album? haha! if so then that one is my fave!
  • Sung Tongs has so many electronic elements to it I'd almost consider it folktronica even though that's a deplorable name for a genre. It has a lot of sampling and the grime in the backround.
  • ^couldnt of said it any better myself
  • acoustic guitars as main focus = FOLK MUSIC! no matter how you dress it up!
  • I really like Eye Rub Hair Pull. I prefer it forwards than backwards. Opis Helpus is my favorite of the album and one of the few AC (or really Kria) songs I can play on the piano. I personally find her voice to be very breathy and/or airy, but at times it can be very beautiful. I really wish they would have recorded "I've Got Mine", despite the fact that it is a cover. The first time I heard it it actually brought tears to my eyes.
  • ive never listened to it in its pure reversed form. i have a reversed (or, technically, forwards, this is really confusing) version and i love it
  • I like both versions, but we really need a better way to describe both of the versions. Forwards=Recorded version Reversed=Edited to sound normal
  • i really want to listen to the forwards version.. i dont have a working itunes right now
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    reversed opis helpus is one of the best contributions of avey's career
  • I wouldn't mind giving the original version another chance.
  • I comepletely agree, Ty.
  • OPUS HELP US! otis!
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