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  • That would be difficult Calvin
  • I take that back actually. That's genious Calvin. I didn't think so until 11 min in though. A sample of that simular to the Kids MGMT Sample.
  • HAM-let ? Quick someone give me a Shakespeare qoute and not a cliche shit one
  • to pee or not to pee?
  • "Someone in my dictionary is up to no good" is my favorite ac lyric.. if the youre sad, the beginning is right there with you, but then it builds and takes you with it. This song saved me when I broke up with my girlfriend and has been my favorite song ever since... i think it makes a good pair with loch raven most definitely... i could listen to the beginning of loch raven over and over it sounds like meditation music... when i was in a pretty bad place, I used to repeat bring light to the void during the non singing parts of loch raven
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    this song is obviously a pinnacle of contemporary music
  • lol *the it is the gold flake-caviar fondue of modern tentacles.
  • This is amazing.
  • I know exactly what you guys mean... This song came to me at a time i needed it most. I felt quite similar to Calvin here... I had been feeling aimless, empty and depressed since i turned about 17. My childhood was gone and meshing with the adult world and 'reality' was a huge downer to me. My first love who i had been on and off with for several years was gone and i started to see i didn't keep going back to her because i wanted her back,i wanted that time back. So i discovered Feels and this song played on repeat all night on my speakers so i fell asleep with Avey Tare crooning in my ear and woke up to the luscious journey just riding out. And finally i was able to watch my childhood pass behind me with a melancholy and yet knowing smile and understand that it was perfect but no longer fear whats ahead because the ambiguity doesn't mean there is no place for you, it in fact means you make your own place now and that.s what this song and indeed most of Feels sums up for me; The passing of your childhood and your adolescence and becoming an adult in not such a typical way as most people seem to grow up but instead with the childlike acceptance and openness to everything around you. That is what, Dear readers, i believe AC gives to the world and why i class them as probably the most important creative force of this age. P.s Is anyone here from England? If so where? because me and my buddies don't know any other AC fans!
  • Wonderful, beautiful read TreeRoots.
  • Agreed - I can relate as well, I've been depressed a lot of the time since I was 10. Animal Collective almost gives me the childhood I never really had.
  • their music generally focuses on childhood (Especially spirit they've gone spirit they've vanished)
  • Wow treeroots that is quite beautiful, Banshee Beat and Feels in general can have such profound effects on people, its fantastic.
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    treeroots, agreed -- quite beautiful. also, we do have at least one member here who lives in the UK. i dig what you're saying about AC's significance. there's not a whole lot of music that merits extremely close attention, but Animal Collective's music does. for me, the payoff that i get for listening attentively to their music translates into paying close attention in the moment. retaining that childlike sense of wonder as a conscious adult.
  • I agree with that. Children aren't perfect but there are things that adults loose that are good things that would make us better peoples if we could retain. A sense of wonder and creativity, the will to pursue what one truly wants, a friendly attitude towards nature and peoples.
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    I like Banshee Beat a lot because it is a bittersweet look at adolesent love, and such young love is both the purest and most true in my opinion. And the way Avey just sounds when he is singing throughout the whole song just emphasises that point.
  • Ya dude like when Avey is singing about running through the woods to their "good house", that line definitely makes me feel.
  • and you know, feeling's good.
  • Feeling is good, I have posted earlier in this thread about the wonders this song has created but I shall inform the new-ish people aware (sorry I don't like to point out new people to me it doesn't seem nice :(...) anyway, banshee beat dragged me out of a very depressive patch and turned my life around, it's amazing the wonders a song can bring !!!!!!!!!! Banshee and I think I can !
  • Guys, I'm so glad to have a place to talk to people about AC. I really feel if we got everyone from the community at a bar or just a forest or park or something then we'd have the most fun and also insightful evening of our lives. Man that would be good! P.S - Don't worry about pointing out new people Clayson I'm pretty sure no-one here's gonna mind. to prove that point i have a bit of noob question; can i start a new thread myself? I'd love to start a Too Soon appreciation as I'd love to hear everyone's feeling on that monumental track.
  • Scratch that last question, i've just seen the 'Start a new Discussion' button right underneath where i was typing! :-B People please discuss Too Soon with me.
  • Will do treen-man, I have forgot my nickname for you, if you can remember then tell !
  • Agreed about young love. Middle-aged folks in my psychology class talk like only older people know what love is. I think while childlove may seem fickle it's pure as pure. Theres no buissiness transaction involved in child love.
  • It seems a lot more exciting as well, although I'm no middle age lover.
  • Older love more exiting or younger love? I'd rather have the best of both worlds.
  • That sounds sketchy....
  • The ability to act playful around your lover and have the commitment of an older couple. Somthing like that.
  • Haha, ok, that makes it a lot clearer. That is the dream isn't it? To have a relationship that Bluish is the theme to.
  • Bluish Beat?
  • Somebody has to do bluish beat.
  • I agree. Thats why I fell in love with that song so much
  • ban she breast!
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