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What did you guys think of that who saw it? I saw it for the first time yesterday.


  • I really love it and was thinking of it the other day and if I had more time in a day i'd watch it again happily.
  • I thought the music was better then ever! Had the new electronic feel but also that old tribal feel. With the songs I liked how they did not take every possible oppurtunity to make a rhyme. The music and visuals was occasionally overstimulating and if I had a vial of LSD in hand while watching that vampire scene then I would surely freek out. I also like how they somewhat brought guitar and drums back because I get that stuff and it sounds good to me. A lot of it did not make sense but I'm hoping it will make more sense if I watch it again because I liking making sense of things that make no sense.
  • I have the audio, but I NEED the visuals. My favs are Mr. Fingers, Kindle Song, Tantrum Barb, and What Happenened, but overall I was impressed by the new vision they explored as a band. (the songs I liked on here were the most SONG like, heck they could have been on a non-visual album)
  • yeah... there was def. a KILLER EPs worth of more song-ish songs from the project but i like the non-songsish songs too and how it all goes together and meshes as one beast by the visual albums end! it's an EXPERIENCE! i have no need to glisten to just the songs alone again if at all possible! it can be tempting with MR FINGERS but you can bank on any song i hear i IMAGINE the visuals in my head anyways so i might as well watch the reality instead of the mind!
  • I'am listening to the whole thin RIGHT NOW, and the otther songs are really cool, and I can imagine what the album looks like, I'am sure it is different, but without seeing it the songs are pretty cool.
  • I love Oddsac. I've watched it dozens of times by now, and the art book that comes with the dvd is pretty neat. I once watched it on my friend's TV which was distorted at the the time, made everything even crazier. but I have all the audio tracks on my iPod- my favorite being Tantrum Barb or What Happened..even though they're all brilliant
  • When I listen to their music in general I like to picture what would be visually happening. Hey, where did you get the audio clips? I'm looking for those so I can focus on the music.
  • Search Demonoid, pretty sure it's up there. If you don't already have a Demonoid account I'll send you an invite -- just send me an email address you use via PM. Same goes for anyone else who doesn't have one and wants one, btw.
  • Dave's idea is better than mine, I just converted the YouTube videos of the songs to audio files that I saved on my computer. You can convert any song (as long as its not over 20 min) at www.youtube-mp3.org
  • or google for whatever you're looking for and add "site:mediafire.com" to it.
  • yes! good tricks! You can convert any song (as long as its not over 20 min) at www.youtube-mp3.org ^didn't know about this! probably won't use it much (or at all) but still GOOD TO KNOW! thanks!
  • Its good to rummage through just the music of ODDSAC once in a while.
  • I do youtube converting/downloading via pwnyoutube go to a youtube video, add "pwn" before the youtube part of the URL you can download video or just the audio
  • I only download if the music is not worth a CD or physical copy, and now with my lack of money, it needs to be really special to me. I download with megaUPload or MEdiafiRE.
  • I only download if sopa permits me
  • let's try to figure out the storyline! ok so the GUY is coming after the girl and she can't stop the black goo from pouring out and then some weird guy inside her head makes her CRAZY (the man called avey!) ... The Glitter Demon! ... all this goes on the back burner along with a guy collecting eggs (who also has mental problems!) ... cuz a vampire is on the prowl! he canoes to a campsite and attacks people not realizing they're already being attacked by mushrooms so he goes off but it is too late and he dies but before or during all this some mysterious drummer boy plays on a bunch of rocks and weird other things happen in some sorta ... spaceship full of kids? one of them chocolate but hates green beans then these girls are having a party / food fight but that guy from the begin shows up and things get really intense and we learn that in fact his uncle was the vampire and the girl in the begin was his sister and their parents were killed by marshmallows that HE set up OR SO THEY THOUGHT... make them forever wondering what happened... but it doesn't matter what happened... they have to move on and enjoy life... they can't always stop the black goo from pouring out ... sometimes you just gotta let it flow over yr brain... yr head... yr body... this... ODD... sack
  • That was a good interpretation
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    Now I definetly need a copy of the Sack of Odz, it sounds so fucking bonkers kittywompas!
  • I thought of it a lot as a representation of a curse(?) Like they all seemed to be stuck doing something entirely useless, but could not escape it, no matter how much they hated it. Even in the simpler scenes, there are uneasy tones. I guess that is about how people get trapped in routine and lose their choice in things, if that makes sense. Then there are moments of freedom, like the canoe part, or the drums part, which are contrasted by really harsh ones, like the marshmallows and vampire. Then at the end there is some sort of redemption...? I am sure it all goes together somehow, but I am still trying to piece this little interpretation of mine together! : x What do you guys think?
  • heh! i think the band themselves said there was no story or linear way to figure it out... so any interps would be... metaphorikal! i guess! that is to say... i suppose!
  • I'd have to say that what I get out of it is mainly frustration. All of them are in situations with tension in the air, they're trying to complete a task- whether it be eating marshmallows, trying to stop the ooze from the wall, or trying to stay out of the light..but at the end it doesn't matter anymore. I love the song What Happened. so so much G.O. I dig your interpretation !!!
  • frustration nation
  • Idk and I am too scared to ask Danny lol. When I first saw it, I told him I would need a couple of more times before I would "get" it and he said it's hard at first! So I will continue this. Hahaha. But yes all these interpretations are wonderful!
  • There is a rediculous amount of tension. Luckilly that tension is released in the working song.
  • Cool tips up there. I did the youtube conversion.
  • god is a sack! a sick sock!
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