The Fucks - With a special track to Animal Collective (Us Tigers)

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Hi! I am the vocalist of "The Fucks" and I present to you our one and only album! Please let me know what you think, for this is my very first album! <3 I have dedicated track 09 to Animal Collective and wanted to know if I was able to send it along to them... I will try to e-mail it to their team, as well! Thank you for your support, and expect more of my work in the near future, fellow animals!!! Peace, love, unity, respect! -The Fucks


  • No, I don't know how to move this to the promote your band thread, people who are thinking that.
  • Kinda interesting how there'd be a forum format that is, in a lot of ways, unmoderateable. Is that a word?
  • this ac dedicated track is kind of insulting? oh god? really making fun of them or trying to be funny but just... ugh i don't know not my style of humor! though i'm sure this is what my music sounds like to other people :(
  • 2min in... i ... can barely make it through must reach THE END! must save THE CHILDREN! we kiddies / we kitties! woop woop! golly day! GOLLY DAY!
  • tripping on mush rooms? oh god? this parody makes me think you HATE ac and anyone that likes them honestly if you send this to the band (luckily you can't) i'd feel so embarassed for all of us
  • Discojohn, there's actually a thread specifically for forum members' music -- the thread is the designated place for things such as this. Would you please move your post to that thread and delete this one?
  • Also, unless I'm misinterpreting your lyrics, your "tribute" to Animal Collective is really pretty insulting. Keep your day job.
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    I don't want to be mean DJ, but dog that WAS mean to all who like AC, if you sent that Avey would commit suicide, Angels would die, and the 2012 apocalypse would be true, because of "Us Tigers". I would rather listen to Justin Bieber, no joke, because that would not make me that angry. At first I thought, why was eveyone complaining, then I heard the worst song ever. I think that song was Pure Hell, if it was an actual CD I would use it as firewood, or eat it, but it deserves less. Worst attempt ever, nuf said. If you were actualy trying then I pity you and you should have thought it out more. I want Hey Light back! (he didn't troll so Hard)
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    here's an actual tribute me and a friend did in 2008: <a class="my_play my_27" title="College" href="" style="display:inline-block;margin:0;padding:0;border:0;width:27px;height:27px;overflow:hidden;text-indent:-9999px;background:url( no-repeat 0 -85px;">College</a><script defer="true" src=""></script> it was based on college / we tigers it's a cover but also something a bit outside the realm of cover... now the idea is some might find the 2 really similar... in terms of musical goodness... but i'd hope people would hear / tell the difference!
  • i'm gonna check that out right now dude. The Zeppo? Do you like the Marx bros.? That'd make my day.
  • ha! ... i need to see more by them... THE ZEPPO is more a reference to buffy the vampire slayer episode where one of the guys is insulted as being "the zeppo" of the group... the useless one! THE ZEPPO! so this is my buddy... he IS the zeppo! and me? i was THE HARPO! i liked how that guy didn't talk but just acted REALLY off the wall crazy like i said i've only seen little bits of marx bros... i don't know why i keep putting off checking out more... !
  • as THE HARPO i just had one album... well actually it was a series of 3 EPs... tree brothers! FREE EPs! but pt 2+3 were kinda shit... but the first part / the more ALBUMish part... was groovy! it was 2007! ... it came out about ... 4 years ago? last release of 2007! ... oh so long ago! then THE ZEPPO my buddy from England... he did a trilogy of albums in 2008... then seemed like the zeppo was dead... but then last year (it was 2011!) he did a 2nd trilogy.... THRILL ORGY! there might just be a 3rd and final trilogy in the trilogy of trillogies! he also did HARMONIOUS EAGLE - 2012 DISK 0 in 2006... and FINALLY the follow up SUPER HARMONIOUS EAGLE - SHE! in 2011 ... for the 5 year anne! ... and on the 6 year anne of 2012 (the album) which is 2012 (this year) [not last like the last album... get it? HEHE!] ... he will celebrate the madness... and ze hannn ah! it's all quite steeped in MYTHOS! sometimes it feels more about the Mythology / Stories behind stuff over the actual music but the music is fun / key too!
  • That song was awful dude.. It pissed me off in all honesty
  • Umfortunatly I couldn't hear your song G.O. but I KNOW it was better than DiscoJohn, because it was an ACTUAL compliment to AC. I still can't believe "Us Tigers" happened. Its like The Holocaust of Music.
  • "It pissed me off" that's all he probably wanted :( hehe!
  • yeah was gonna write earlier troll 1 forum 0
  • I'll stop it now, with the insults, because the angrier I get, or we get the more the troll wins, as you said in your post Dave. So we'll move on and let trolls troll, I guess. I just get a lot of crap at school for liking Animal Collective by friends and buddies, so I was angry about that too at the time, and that made me get all flustered and shit.
  • i understand, man. you weren't alone in the impulse.
  • i got crap from buddies in high school over liking radiohead... they all liked TOOL... they were sucha fool! ... they treated tool like a god or something! ... it was quite annnoying! i can't even imagine if i had been into something as weird as animal collective back then oh man! though i guess times are changing and BIG INDIE is popular enough theser days! big indie! hehe! indie music jumps into the main stream!
  • you DO have to glow 2 college! you kinda do! ok you don't HAVE to... but it sure helps! a 4 year college degree is now treated like a high school degree once was and the new 4 year degree is now going to grad school... oh man...
  • Back on topic here- y'all, discojohn is the John Zoller guy that posted the crazy AC tribute art and has a myspace page that is all philosophical peace-love exhortations. Dave and G.O., you may now remember who I speak of. I knew I knew him from before! He was very much truly into unity and everyone of us being the godhead, before, so for him to be anti-AC means either he is off his nut of the joke is being missed.
  • Yes, I did remember him, he had some groovy AC art, but he could be crazy now, or he just did not know the definition of tribute. I wish I could take it as a joke but it wasn't funny nor good. I wish him the best but I would like an ACTUAL tribute song, especially when someone would consider sending that to the band.
  • i guess i'm guilty for making fun of / parodying the AC with THE ANIMAL COLLECTIVE THEME SONG or Violet container! (cuz stevie wouldn't see it coming and he'd wonder WOO! wonder... woo!)
  • i mean come on this just seems amusing / off: "Peace, love, unity, respect! -The Fucks" the fucks? what the
  • I know, it's got some of that unintentional irony going on.
  • :0 Hahahahaha... wow... I am amazed at the complete hate that stems from your souls. This song was meant to give Animal Collective an idea of a being which is out in the wild which truly appreciates their talents. You make it seem as though there is something deathly wrong with this picture. My respects go to Animal Collective, but for some of you, I am very shocked that you would shatter something like this to such a full extent. Even in the days when I had experienced complete trauma from drug overdose, AnCo was able to lift up my spirits and now I am just sending out my respects. The song is full of humor, obviously, so if you are able to understand what humor is, then you should be able to understand that I am also playing around like a silly goober with Animal Collective. When we take life seriously... ALL THE TIME... we tend to forget about what's truly important, and that is that we should always just be positive and full of life. If you see the negative in all situations, then life will lose meaning and purpose, very fast. Either way, thanks for listening in. Perhaps you should all check out some Tenacious D or something to see where I am coming from with the rest of that entire album. Pfft... if there was any soul out there, anyway, then I hope that you are doing well with your plans, dreams, and desires, for life is short, and the moment is the only thing which we have. Keep it real, yo. BTW, it's a bit tricky trying to compile audio from a broken microphone, so please forgive me if the recording seems a bit broken apart. The point of the album is to give you all a sense of hope in a world of chaos. Never give up in a world where all hope seems lost. There is always more to come for those who are patient! <3 Thanks for reading... I will take my music elsewhere! But if you still want to listen to some more of my stuff, I am working on a mind expansion system which will allow you to trance out. Check it out: PEACE
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    Hmm, Hmm. Challenge Accecpted Mr. John. Nice explaination, but that seemed like a man on a walk rambling about how AC steals music. Heh Bro, we didn't shatter your art, its not personal, you just couldn't make a half way decent tribute song, and I am Pitchfucking Media. After a second listen it was sorta funny at he begining but when you went into the ending, it got obnoxious. When you said you "enjoyed tripping on mushrooms to all your (Animal Collective's) stolen music", all while looking yourself in a mirror, I lost myself. 2/3 of the song was just bad the other third was awful, if it were me and I made that song, I wouldn't have put it up on the board. That said your humor is not obvious, the only laugh in the song is of how rude it is like that canceled ABC sitcom Cavemen. Or I could compare it to a bad Nicholas Cage film or Battlefield Earth. It was so bad it became funny. As for negatives and positives, WHAT was the positive of that track, I'am always looking on the brightside of things but this, the bright side was that it ends after 2:53. On the stuff that MATTERS. this isn't hate, I don't hate YOU, I hate the SONG, I don't need to LIKE everything a human being does to like them as a person. Your art (visual) was good and all and you seem nice, even though I eviscerated your song, you seem like you have a negative outlook on people stil, you sadi IF we had souls, like judgeing the quality of music makes someone have no soul. And although you say peace and love, you try preaching it, you seem standoffish trying to explain, you would have been bettewr off not saying anything about your music. As for everyone else that said that the song was offensive, I would like to stand by my comrades G.O, Dave, and Pb6, and what we said is a reflection what we heard. Newton said every action will have an equal and opposite reaction.[Your music was bad, and we reacted by saying bad things, mainly me, Come after me I'm a man I'm 40]. It is alright to be bad at stuff, but at least G.O admited that his music isn't of the highest quality. Meanwhile you must see it fit that your "tribute song" was good enough to be sent to AC. Come on, open your eyes man, I'd like you to try your music at CA ( another forum, I bet they come off meaner, or they will be very sarcastic about it. just sayin'. Keeping it Real, For Real. Peacefish, Out (drops Microphone, and salutes like Nixon) :)>- [-(
  • hi jon the fact of the matter is that your work wasn't presented in a joking context. forgive the misinterpretation. it wasn't clear that it was what it was, and i still don't really get the humor behind it but i respect your taste. anyway, you ought not to judge us so harshly. remember compassion. truly feeling compassion for our suffering right now would be a great victory for you. glad that's been cleared up, this thread has really been bringing me down.
  • It makes me mad that I get mad that others get mad for me being mad, bet I'am really not mad, just disapointed in my self and others. :-S
  • Don't get down on yourself Peace, responding to egoic barbs such as the one presented in this thread is an impulse we all have. Shame thoughts are the real enemy; we're all brothers and sisters, corny as it sounds.
  • Yeah, we have a conection, (people who have been on here a while, and posts often), and that is what matters. Also I am a very self-critical person, if that makes sense, and it seems as if I always try to impress others or make amends with my peers and friends. We're brothers and sisters, and Wini is MOM. But who is dad?
  • Yeah, sorry for the havoc... I guess my senses are a bit far out there for some of you... in time, you may understand my way of thinking, but for now, let's just flush this down the drain for the people on this forum!!! <3 Good luck to all of you, and never give up, in life! Thanks for the support, nonetheless... I know it's difficult, trying to be friendly and all, when times are tough. I hope the best for all of you with the coming future!!! GOOD LUCK, AND LET US STAY CLOSELY CONNECTED, PLEASE!!! <3
  • this summer... it's time... to get... FUCKED!
  • ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  • what the damn hell i think we're in differing dimensions!
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