collected aminals



  • Thank you for the compliment, but you know all I do is be me, which is the best I can, and isn't always right. I have person? But even him, I banned one of his accounts but not the other. It's a self-banning board.
  • If all of CA starts coming over here we'll have to make a third site! Then a fourth! Then it's a never ending cycle!
  • Only patio heaters
  • "Yes he's an ass let him stay on Let him annoy the fuck out of them." lol
  • We've always needed a fuck-exterminator.
  • How about we just keep the members we have now and not accept anyone else, I like the gaff we've got here :) Purely hypothetical
  • We must build the WALL. Tear down the WALL! Tear down the WALL! No judge, GO AWAY! Bring the Boys back home! Are all these guitars yours?
  • It was this active once, back in the all-girls days. I'm glad you're fond of us here Calvin - i'm enjoying your presence thus far!
  • lol moondog
  • Oh God? All girls! What is this a premiere for Twilight! (kneeslaper)
  • the CA plague is spreading!
  • "the all-girls days" oh god! i was a part of that for a tiny bit then i just freaked / deek'd the crispin HELLION glover out! it was only a matter of time before i would have started posting about BOYS MAKEUP GLITTER etc and then of course the pillow fights and tea parties
  • all of this will sort itself out i mean i don't mean to freak anyone out but uh be ready for THE AC BOARDS WARS coming in 2012! THE FUTURE! (is here now today!) it was 2012! ENDGAME! Exodust!
  • I love this board and you all. is it weird to feel connected to people you've never met ?
  • maybe, but it certainly isn't uncommon. least not on this board.
  • it isn't uncommon. It really seems to happen in any sort of internet group where interaction can go on for years. I've made a wonderful friend through a writing forum who I would consider my best friend and I still haven't met her.
  • I've read a lot about internet communication -- something happens where we develop hyperpersonal relationships that trick us into only seeing the best sides of people. Having said that, I don't care! I love hyperpersonal! I wish everyone could see everyone's best sides exclusively LOL!
  • it can go many ways for example i've been on THE MEN WITHOUT HATS BOARD since 2002 and over the years i never got much sense of the people or their lives or personal nature which is weird considering that board was about the size of this one (and now is even more dead than this one was at its most deadest!!!) men without hats!
  • I definetly feel as if I know some of you guys and have "hyperpersonal" relationships, but overall I could consider some of you very close internet friends, if that makes sense.
  • I don't know you guys, but i will. In other news, I went a little crazy last night and CA is no longer accepting new members because of it. I feel a tiny bit bad... but not really.
  • I wouldn't worry too much about that. But new people! Yay I'm actually kinda excited even though I love this little community
  • DEAREST please fill me in on the details, pm me
  • calvin! get on MSN
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