Fleet Foxes

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We need to talk about these guys when it comes to 2011. In my opinion Help Blues was the best of 2011. Was the first album better than the second. What else do you like about them?


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    I personally liked the first album better than the second, but it seems most people prefer Helplessness Blues. I do think the second was all in all more cohesive and better done album, but it just didn't have the song strength of the first. I'm going to relisten to the second just to make sure.
  • I really liked Helplessness blues but now it kind of feels like a chore to sit through the whole thing. Not much staying power for me. They were great live though.
  • their lead singer LOOKS like me and even he thinks / said so! it was March 2010! almost 2 years ago! and now we're working on a FLEET FOXES tribute album! and he might glisten / comment! oh man? he's sucha nice charming endearing FUNNY furry guy! brother beard! i'm not super into their music.... only heard each album once i really like white winter hymnal though
  • Fleet Foxes tribute album? Where?
  • That's my favorite by them, the video is insane ! In a good way it's just an excellent video !
  • on my little radiohead board! A TEASE! in the 80s!
  • robin was a member of the RH board BEFORE his band got big / known since like 2007 or so? and there is a thread from Feb 2008 that details the rise of the foxes! it's pretty crazy! and semi-recently some youtube clip popped up of him covering radiohead at some coffee shop type dealy years back when he was 17! if you know what i mean!
  • Did the MPP tribute album ever get finished?
  • i think i heard that CAmpp? didn't it come out BEFORE the actual MPP? weird!
  • lol Robin actually does kind of look like you ash, weird. never noticed. And yes, CAmpp was finished. Was out before the actual album. http://www.mediafire.com/?1x5t959wg8nkcaw Same thing with the Tomboy one. http://www.mediafire.com/?k5ehoape0b4whw5 And they're working on the new material now but I kinda doubt it'll get finished.. I ended up mixing the Tomboy compilation myself and putting it out there because it wasn't looking like anybody else was going to bother.
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    No I mean our mini MPP tribute album. Like the Strawberry Jam one. I don't know anything about CA. I'm just staying here because people are cool and I head CA is mean.
  • i knew of the tomboy one but never heard it... and i think i saw there were talks of doing the next album (which is weird when we don't even have a name for the album or official names for songs!) man... that MOUNT KILASH (?) thing was pretty groovy wish it had vocals though! and then the 19/24 second projects were AWESOME! pretty cool when little things like that happen on a board! people coming together / making things / collab / COMMUNITY! art!
  • "No I mean our mini MPP tribute album. Like the Strawberry Jam one. I don't know anything about CA. I'm just staying here because people are cool and I head CA is mean." ohhh! you meant the MPP "song" ... hehe! well hmm.... the strawjam one was 100% finished and i was super happy with it the MPP one? .... like half the people backed out or so / seemed like they were never going to submit! .... so i just finished up the remaining songs and it ... wasn't so good! it was ok-ish.... but not something i'd want people to hear :( i feel like that one is OVER though and MPP gets enough attention i'd much rather focus on FEELS and then SUNG TONGS and then (god forbid!) the magik and fun of HCTI/CAMPFIRE/DANSE/etc oh man... THOSE ONES... would be something else! let me tells ya!
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    I'm super excited for Dance Manatee. That's going to be awesome if it happens! Did you listen to my Feels cover? I need to know if it sucks or not because if it does I'll try to find a real microphone and do a better one. Has Song Tungs started yet or are you waiting for Feels to finish?
  • these things NEVER 'finish' which is the problem! in many ways i'd love to do multiple Albums / songs at once and have it where if people take too long people can do multiple songs but it's all just a bit of a mess! too hard to organize / wait on we just got REALLY lucky with strawjam! so much variety and good mini cover versions! we've lost a lot of people / blood! since then but now we have new blood! i just know that i hate being in charge / trying to make things happen i just get way too into it and frustrated and become kind of a jerk and i do NOT like feeling like i'm being a jerk on here of all boards or any board!
  • GO why are you on at 2 in the morning? and don't make things happen mr. happenin' man, else i'll kill some babies. some baby rhinos. that's worse! not better. well, equally awful. kill bananas. there, that's harmless.
  • I like the instrumentation on HB, but the self titled album had better vocals and like most debuts, it just had that very original feel.
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    ^ took the words out of my mouth
  • i like helplessness blues way, way more. although my favorite song is still mykonos. but overall, HB is stronger in every way.
  • so on my radiohead board where the lead singer of fleet foxes has posted since 2007 (ahem!).... we did a tribute album to the band.... i kinda half jokingly suggested it on january 17th to be done by Feb 14th but it got pushed back to leap year.... which fits because the +300 page thread was started on Feb 29th, 2008! ... FOUR YEARS AGO! and well anyways the actual GUY listened and commented: robinpecknold, on 29 February 2012 - 02:29 AM, said: BROS!!!!! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!!!! THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!!! LANDON! ISLES! WTF! SO GOOD! SUPES! FUCKIN ELECTRO-POGUES BK! AMAZING! ELIMINATOR WITH THE JACKSON C FRANK GROWN! KYLE! SIM! AMAZING VOICE! RAD ARRANGEMENT! MIRRA! CRAZY GUITAR SOUND AND RAD VOICE! CRAZY SOUL VERSION OF MONTEZUMA FROM CAMB! HOLY SHIT! THE STRINGS!!!!!!! ! INNOCENT SON! FORGOT ABOUT THIS SONG! PROBABLY CAUSE THIS VERSION IS BETTER! HELL YEAH. ASH! BRO! THIS COVER IS NUTS!!! WISH I'D THOUGHT OF THIS PRE-LP1! FUCKING DEEP SMOOTH SOUL VERSION OF MYKONOS FROM THARRIS! THIS IS SLICK AS FUCK! FUCK YOU DUBSTEP THIS IS THE SHIT! SUCK A DICK CHRISTOPHER O'REILY! WINTERGREEN'S IN TOWN AND YOUR PIANO TRIBUTE ALBUM DAYS ARE NUMBERED! REHARMS FOR DAYS! THIS IS RAD. AHEM This is fucking awesome dudes. Can't even say how cool it is to me. I am going through a pretty tough time and this just made my week. So THANK YOU SO MUCH! Amazing. Wow. Love y'all.
  • http://fleexes.bandcamp.com i'm track #8 and i can't believe that not only has this guy said he indeed DOES look like me... he now has heard my MUSIC .... haha! the internet is CRAZY!!!! i love it!
  • i'm just happy how happy it made him he seems like sucha nice dude and very sweet and funny! and it sounds like he's going through a rough time these days and really needed something like this! gah! the internet can be such a cold cynical mean place full of such hate but it can also bring people together in amazing ways and provide good vibes and love and community!
  • Wow, that's amazing! I really like your Winter cover as well, the vocals sound very anco influenced. It would be really cool if anyone from Animal Collective found one of the cover albums from this forum.
  • GO, that's fuckin nuts. makes me want to scream. scream. uncontrolled.
  • This is probably one of the coolest internet stories I have ever heard. The lead singer/songwriter of a band whose last album hit #2 on the billboard charts, who has been on a Radiohead forum for years, gets to hear an awesome cover/tribute album over that Radiohead Forum. Just a real cool thing going on, and G.O. was part of it!
  • i came up with it! i didn't think it'd actually happen and work out so swell! next on my agenda: WE ARE GOING TO FINISH THE SUFJAN STEVENS 50 STATES PROJECT :(|) though that one is just too damn ambitious if only there were like... a core group of 10 or so that would each make 4 or 5 albums! we could do it by the end of 2012! that's my dream! i'm doing MINNESOTA! i'm idadho!
  • You have to do Minnesota, do it for yer fellow minnesotans!
  • GO that's awesome
  • dibs on oregon
  • I'll call IOWA! I have no discerable music talent but it would be worth it to learn something.
  • strangely the last 4 states to be picked were Oregon, Indie Anna, Ark & Sass and SOUTH DAKOTA (which is the final one to not be picked yet!) but i'm sure well over half the people weren't very serious and won't pull through and then 25% will take damn forever ... it's def. a slow burning project and i'm not too worried about it! ... come sept/oct though ... we'll see! and yes people fighting over the same states (gah!)
  • New Hampshire please :D
  • i'm in way over my head here! :(|) i need to stop putting myself "in charge" of things / coming up with things! i got a bit batty!
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    Maybe Sufjan Stevens needs to get actual musicians to help him with it, that would be cool as a Frog on a unicycle!
  • go, just a quick note to say i really like that cover
  • maybe sufjan stevens should just cave and hire the people who did "music for 18 musicians". his minimalist stuff is just like an amateurish mashup of steve reich and phillip glass stuff anyway. i can't even listen to it because it's so sloppy by comparison. having heard the real thing spoiled it for me.
  • sufjan destroys the HELL out of hacks like (the 3rd) reich and DR GLASS (they called him MISTER glash!) eyah! and thanks yucky bonnie! BONNIE BEAR!
  • What minimalistic stuff are you refering to specifically? Like his little xylophone interludes in Michigan?
  • i wonder too either way i love sufjan's MAXIMALUST STUFF! haha! the age of godz is finally over!
  • and though not KILLER ... enjoy yr grabbit was wonderfully enjoyable in a THE HELL IS THIS! kinda way hey
  • Agreed. Age of Adz is my favourite album by him, but that might be because I listened Illinoise and Michigan to death. A Sun Came is also cool and a very THE HELL IS THIS way, but not as much as Enjoy Your Rabbit.
  • I love Sufjan, especially for making a wonderful album about my shitty state How do you guys pronounce his first name ?? My friends and I always questioned it and disagree
  • SOOF JAN! i know it's wrong but i can't help it! Sugar Ross! BONNIE BEAR!
  • DOWN with bonnie bear :(|)
  • Opps - don't mean to hate...
  • La de dur, I know none of these bands, deedle deedle doooooo
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    i'm glad you guys can enjoy it, but i tried to get into it and just couldn't. the guys in my old band liked him, so i got to hear a lot of his stuff. just never really was to my taste. you guys don't hear the influence of minimalist composers (especially, overwhelmingly steve reich imo)? it comes through to me loud and clear all over his stuff. i'll try to find an example of what i'm thinking about. and steve reich he's for sure heavily influenced by reich and glass. not so much john adams, it seems to me. but... i dunno. listening to reich's musicians playing simply sounds better to me, and i enjoy it more. it's just taste. i don't really like the way stevens' stuff sounds. the reason why briefly, without hammering it in: not enough complexity, variation either in sound or structure. too repetitious. and the tighter musicians on reich's stuff make it feel much more intense for me, like it's really building toward something.
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    I'm fully aware of Steve Reich and Glass, but I still enjoy Sufjan Stevens. Huge fan of 18 musicians, but it is extremely repetitious, hence the minimalism label? Also Enjoy Your Rabbit is only one of his many albums, so I don't see why it deters you from listening to his other albums. - less Reich, more SCHOENBURG! Muhahahahha - minimalism... EXPRESSIONISM
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    it's not repetitious at all, actually. it's extremely varied, and it changes quickly and constantly. that's why i like turning it up loud on the hifi and listening very closely. stevens' music doesn't reward a high level of attentive listening in the same way, hence i find it rather boring. and it's just about taste dude. i simply don't enjoy listening to stevens' music. it does nothing positive for me, intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually. that's no reflection on his music. just wanted to explain why i don't enjoy it. it's like pop versions of minimalist stuff, which i know sounds like i think of it negatively (which is true) but really isn't a negative thing; there's nothing wrong with pop. and though it seems like as he got older his stuff moved further and further away from the straighter minimalism he was doing earlier, i still don't enjoy his music. it's about me not really liking or enjoying hearing his musical sensibility made into sound, nothing more. it's great you can enjoy both, though.
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