Loch Raven vs. #1

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!!! Which one reigns supreme? Both favorites of mine, and I think they both play a similar roll in their respective records. I've always associated them together. But anyway, I can't pick.


  • #1 for me, always makes me sing like I'm possessed or something. Also #1 just has this enchanted feel while to me Loch Raven feels empty. Also Avey does a better job on #1, and with Panda backing him its like a piece of indescribable awesomeness.
  • Although I like Strawberry Jam more than Feels, I have to vote for Lock Raven. I'm a sucker for dreamy soundscapes, and the drums are done so well on it.
  • loch raven. it's so full of yearning, angst and love. #1 is meh.
  • #1 for me. Many good psychedelic experiences brought on by it. I love both of them, though. I find it so interesting seeing how other people's experiences with this particular music are so different from my own.
  • Loch Raven is dreamy/cool feeling, and Raven is still a great track but to me the more electric feel of #1 just makes me FEELS a bit more!
  • #1 for sure, when i listen to i just stand up and dance weird ! loch raven is really great too though
  • Loch Raven I could listen to it over n over multiple times in a row, but with #1 I can't..
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    The #1 Single! feat. B-sides #2 & #3
  • loch raven. especially the live malta 06 version.
  • Man that's hard. Right now I'd say #1 because what Avey sings in that disembodied voice is incredible the lyrics are so incredible. and then Pandas different backing in each verse is transcendental and the general phasing arpeggios just fuck my brain. But i do love the piano samples in loch raven and the beat and my friend had a trip one time whilst listening to Loch raven of a being a child in a crib and your parents leaning over the top of you with them whispering pandas vocals to you.
  • I consider Loch Raven Favorible but not superior because it's just so Ambient. That drum line over and over like a steady mantra. That bell noise (marramba?) and the wolf roar, the whispers, the machinery, the imagery. It's like an urban version of little red riding hood which is very creative. The balance of sounds is perfect. #1 is good too. I obsessed over Loch Raven for longer then I obsessed over #1 though.
  • Someone told me that Avey didn't sing #1 but Deakin did. does anyone know if thats true
  • Deakin's voice is very distinctive, to me it sounds more like Avey.
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    I think it's Avey. It sounds just like him in Down There
  • always sounded like avey to me. i've listened to deakin's solo work a lot, don't think it's him.
  • It's definetly Avey. Under the low voice is the regular singin quieterlike, That's unmistakebly david. It's got that soft yet dynamic quality to it.
  • I think it could be Geologist! We don't even know how he would sound like half the time!
  • Well Avey sang it when they played live on Conan and they don't tend to change who does lead vocals from live to album settings
  • ya come to think of it, it does remind me of Down There
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    @slippi The only time I can remember them doing that is the intro to WWIWS. Noah is definitely doing the "good dreams" or whatever he's saying on the EP (maybe its both of them idk) but Dave usually does them live. I can think of only one concert where noah actually did them.
  • i've heard it's geo singing on loch raven, actually.
  • it's actually G.O [!] don't chu know [me!] and why is there a SLIPPI? i'm the REAL slip hehe! :(|) gah!
  • We need a Geologist solo album!
  • there already is one! EP actually VOSTOK! he just won't ever let us hear it! there's a bunch of copies of it sitting in some box somewhere
  • Raiders of the Lost EP!
  • we must find this box!
  • I just stumbled upon this thread a year late but I have to say I like Loch Raven more I don't really know why though
  • i think i know why!
  • Loch raven is more ambient and is less dense then #1, at least to me. But maybe I like #1 more now. I DONT KNOW QUIT ASKING ME
  • agreed mitchieboi #1 is definitely more dense but dey both so g00d!!!
  • Agreed. In other news I have started to get into chz more, New Town Burnout is really starting to sound good to me.
  • yay~! really got into that song a few months ago. I love when the words stop and they are mid jam and Panda hits the cymbol just as Deaks slams the organ thing. Now it has less effect unless I am in the mood which is becoming increasingly rare.
  • glock graven! HURST!
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