The art of the spam



  • I googled myself and this was the best result: Wellbutrin Hair # Online Pharmacy Zosmylb, Wini, Lula, PD, Jkewoz, Dabyzhe, Iwqaf, Tuuza, Qohuvo Lueb, V-Xqiw, Hymo Rxamu, Wlynpouf Zydwl, Qwmolvpazr, Qofigpaafy Vydjafs, Gtokgioroco ...
  • *snort* that's some weird shit.
  • I got some serious PD. Get your hands off my Tuuza. Hey check out my Iwqaf.
  • i cant wait to "test the waters". I visited my girlfriend at Iowa state for a weekend and that was the best weekend I've had since as long as I can remember.
  • Sage. What?
  • What what?
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  • What a coincidence, I had that song stuck in my head this morning!
  • aww it doesn't have all the parts. I KNEW SOMBODY WAS TO POST THIS! didn't think I'd see the video though, thanks a bunch.
  • Thanks for setting it up for me lol
  • We look foster to ration hearing from you in the near future. Here is a wonderful berth in making the achieve and i intend you intent prefer ordering during this milieu! you will bleeding satisfied with the quality and the actual faster shipping! I declined this applicant.
  • We want you to go our internet website. We have the quality printing press services in Dubai and have more that 50 active clients in Dubai. We have work with government and private persons! The best printing products, more than 100 clients... They got suddenly very optimistic in the middle of their spiel. DECLINED.
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    Drop the Hammer BABY! Imagine if you didn't do your job.
  • Anarchy. Pure sweet advertisement infested anarchy. [..]
  • I like this one, it's supposed to be a quote by a baseball player. But they even made that up. Else he speaks Spamglish. "I noticed myself renting an apartment," Martinez explained on Friday right here at Fenway Park. "Not becoming at home, genuinely. Not possessing time with any family members, because it was so late inside the period, there was no time and energy to deliver any household members. You find your self by yourself, ironing your garments once more and also you end up moving your automobile and parking and driving by your self house late at nighttime immediately after becoming around the road. Immediately after accomplishing what I attained in baseball, I felt like after all I achieved in baseball, I felt like if I used to be gonna undergo all of that just to obtain a little bit a lot more, I might rather not."
  • damn those things make me feel so crazy... like what if EVERYONE speaking started sounding like that to you and you just couldn't damn understand a thing or what to do and you just got sent into crazyland! everyone taking crazy pills and you overdose on chill pills! HAPPY PILLS! the art of map making! tie baking!
  • bake me some ties!
  • yes dear.
  • "Zenslim receptors has the same effect as the great art in the motley crowd - some fascinated , some furious , some indifferent".
  • "Select the pen-hair straighteners from this time to lay their hands. ghd online shop on the: observe, draw a pen nib slippery degrees, take the tip the white paper movement." When I post it like that it becomes poetic. I love "pen nib slippery degrees".
  • take the tip! THE WHITE PAPER MOVEMENT! they DO have a way with words! haha!
  • Doesn't it make you want to sing it, somehow? Take the tip...the white-paper-moooooovement the tip...the tip the-white-pay-per-mooooovment
  • want me to record it, Clawdy?
  • "I have seen a lot of new members these days on this discussion board. At the exact same time countless similar thoughts have been raised about and more than again. I’m producing this just to make it less complicated for new members to acquire answers for their queries about cardsharing. " Almost had me, if the post hadn't been incredibly long...
  • Record Record!
  • " Any time salad dressing with the work environment an easy skirting as well as trouser suit will conduct just alright, do not forget that dress yourself in matches by means of designs that stand for expert individuality and even moods" Salad dressing? Like, Ranch
  • half the calories of your common supermarket, wholesome foods is dedicated to customer enjoyment of breast feeding, pig feeding, mooning, moon bathing, stilts and other nonsequetaur minotaurs. If returned, you will be shot on sight WARNING: each sold seperetly, batteries not included
  • This is for 1 piece of bubble gear knob large 25cm as tittle describe. •Length: 25cm (your husband cannot compare) •Color: Purple •Comes 3 different screws for any vehicle •Can be fitted with light LED. •Blue, red, white color available in our store •Easy to install. . Vibrating Turbo Action . Lazer beams not included This item will send out by Hong kong Post recorded and it normally takes 2-3 weeks for deliver 0001110111100001 Shipping •All order will be sent out within 3-5 working days after payment received. We use Hong kong Post as our courier service provider. •Combine shipping is avaliable depends on the weight of the item. •We will check all the item before we send out and make sure they are all in good working condition. •Item will be send out by air mail from Hong kong, please allow 15-20 days for delivery, delay is possible. •We will use your ebay address as primary delivery address, if there is any different, please inform us while you purchase the item, we will not take any responsbility on the mail lost by post due to incorret address. We accept PayPal as the payment method • For multiple purchase, please request and we will send you the total amount • Any incomplete transcation will file uppaid dispute in 7 days Terms & Contact • All sales are final and return is accepted on replacement basic • Please contact us for any deflective product within 5 days after you received your item • Return item must in its orginal and unused condition included retail packing, otherwise, replacement will not be considered • We will not take any responsibility for any physical injury to anal, vaginal, oral etc regions and do not encourage usage on websites such as Facebook, youtube,, tumbler, googleplus etc • Pls use "Ask Seller A Question"to contact us, we will reply you soon as we get your inquiry. DO NOT SEND US BACK A USED DILDO!!!!!!!
  • So how is that spam? I wish we had more Rastifaari's on this board. Are you living the Rasta life?
  • no, I'm writing a paper on Rasta though. I didn't want to throw it into the drugs catagory because it's more a religious thing. I could live the rastafari life though. I would love to in fact. I've done vegitarienism, i am not a huge alcohol fan, smoke, reason, pray. I could get used to that
  • Can I move this out of the "spam I receive in applications for the board" thread?
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    I would! This deserves it's own thread or something.
  • YES! that must be why there is an application process. I thought this board was ritzy and hard to get into. I was surprised to get accepted actually
  • It was your GPA and application essay that sealed the deal, purp.
  • I got in because of my ACT score and a need for fishes here.
  • AH HA ritzy! YES! CUZ WE IS CRACKERS! Except for our halfricans and halfasians. OK, moving the rasta to a rasta thread.
  • i thought it was because my daddy's rich and my fine sister slept with the dean of G.O or somthing of that nature. Theres a rasta thread here????
  • I aint no saltine!
  • "Hello ! In the worst possible time over the cartridge. Money for a new low , and at the gas station , too , and urgently need to print out two letters." Sure! Join our forum, and we;ll help you find a cartridge.
  • and at the gas station too!
  • " If you decide to be penurious, the unwind of the accumulation will jealous of you in behalf of causing them to have a bad time. By compromising, the whole world is in the seventh heaven at some station and you are feigned to have a stab and circumstance mod things. "
  • "You can put on Monster Studio NFL for a very long time as you like it. Even in the prosperous street, noisy as it is, you are able to feel the soft and whispering music around your ears. It’s unnecessary to polish your listening sensitivity."
  • in the future we'll ALL speak like this!
  • Clawed, you'll like the email of a recent spammer:
  • I am a spammer? Do I have an email I don't know about?
  • I'm going to start using that to sign up for all sorts of stuff.
  • Select a Vacuum Cleaner Choose a vacuum cleaner that works on your flooring or carpet and includes all the attachments, accessories, and features you need. Make sure you can transport your new vacuum cleaner easily throughout your home as well. Upright vacuum cleaners Upright vacuum cleaners have a motor, bag, hose, and beater included in a single unit. The wheeled carriages on upright vacuum cleaners make them easy to maneuver around furniture and some can self-propel to cover large, open areas of a room. Upright vacuum cleaners typically work best on carpeting and have adjustment settings for carpets of different heights as well as a bare floor setting. While many come with hose and wand attachments, upright vacuum cleaners cannot easily navigate closets and you may have to lift them on stairs. Popular upright vacuum cleaner brands include Dyson upright vacuum cleaners, Bosch upright vacuum cleaners, and Electrolux upright vacuum cleaners. Canister vacuum cleaners Canister vacuum cleaners, composed of a long hose and canister containing a motor and bag, make a good choice for hardwood floors, vertical surfaces, curtains, and stairs. All canister vacuum cleaners offer excellent suction for hard floors. Some come in smaller, more portable sizes than upright vacuum cleaners, and some include beater attachments. Popular canister vacuum cleaner brands include Electrolux canister vacuum cleaners, Rainbow canister vacuum cleaners, and Kenmore canister vacuum cleaners. Hard bag vacuum cleaners Some upright vacuum cleaners and canister vacuum cleaners deposit dirt and debris into a container instead of a vacuum bag. These hard bag vacuum cleaners, also called bagless vacuum cleaners, usually include HEPA filters that more efficiently remove dirt particles, dust, pollen, and dander from the air passing through the vacuum cleaner and make a good choice for households with allergy sufferers. Broom/stick vacuum cleaners Broom vacuum cleaners, sometimes called "stick vacs," have a similar design to thin, light upright vacuums, but do not have rollers and beaters. Broom vacuum cleaners, such as Eureka broom vacuum cleaners and Dirt Devil broom vacuum cleaners, perform well on hardwood floors, furniture, curtains, hard-to-reach locations, and in tight spaces. Since they have a small and lightweight design, most broom vacuum cleaners use a dirt cup instead of a bag to catch dirt and dust. Also, their small motors don’t use as much power as larger vacuums, and many cordless models are available. Handheld vacuum cleaners Small, light, and typically cordless handheld vacuum cleaners offer a convenient alternative to larger vacuums and are ideal for smaller cleanup jobs. Most handheld vacuum cleaners use a dirt cup instead of a bag, have a wand attachment to reach tight spaces, and some have an agitator attachment for carpets and furniture. Popular brands include Black and Decker handheld vacuum cleaners, Dirt Devil handheld vacuum cleaners, and Hoover handheld vacuum cleaners. Robotic vacuum cleaners Robotic vacuum cleaners, the newest trend in carpet cleaning, save you time, hassle, and work. Self-powered, self-navigating, and self-timing models such as the Roomba, Electrolux Trilobyte, and Samsung Robotic Vacuum come equipped with dirt sensors that tell the vacuum when to spend more time on a particular area of floor or carpet. Robotic vacuum cleaners have heads that can adjust for carpets of varying heights as well as hardwood floors. Many come with side brushes to clean the edges of the room and around furniture. Most have a bagless system that makes emptying out the collection area easy. Central vacuums Instead of carrying the motor and cleaning bag with you, consider installing a central vacuum, such as an Imperium central vacuum, Kenmore central vacuum, or Beam central vacuum. In a central vacuum system, pipes in the walls connect to a powerful motor in some out-of-the-way place such as a closet or the garage. When you want to clean a room, connect a vacuum hose to one of the three or four inlets spaced throughout your house and allow the pipes to carry dirt and debris to the motor and bag. The whole process is very quiet since the motor is located in a remote location. Carpet steamers and carpet shampooers Deep-cleaning carpet steamers, also called "steam vacs," such as Hoover carpet steamers and Bissell carpet steamers use steam or steam and a detergent solution to clean and sterilize carpets. Carpet steamers look similar to upright vacuums, but instead of a bag, they have a tank to hold vacuumed cleaning fluid and dirt. Many have carrying handles, which makes them easy to transport and empty. Instead of beaters, most carpet steamers have multiple rotating heads that agitate dirt out of the carpet and allow the cleaning solution to get deep into the nap. Powerful suction then lifts the solution, and the dirt, out of the carpet. Many come equipped with a spray feature to help remove dirt from heavily soiled areas. To fight heavy soil and grease on your carpets, consider a carpet shampooer. Carpet shampooers combine hot water and a cleaning solution to form foam that sprays onto your rug. Rotating heads then massage the nap of the carpet to ensure the cleaning solution can get all the way to the base, bringing dirt to the surface. When your rug dries, you can vacuum the dirt away. Carpet shampooers produce a clean that is much deeper, and more thorough, than dry vacuuming or steam cleaning. Some steam cleaners and carpet shampooers have handheld attachments that can be used on stairs, curtains, or other hard to reach areas. Hard-surface steam cleaners Another type of deep cleaner is the hard-surface steam cleaner. Hard-surface steam cleaners use steam heated to 220 degrees F to clean and sterilize hard floors. While not a replacement for a vacuum, hard-surface steam cleaners are great if you don’t want to use chemicals on your floors, since they only need water. The temperature and pressure of the steam breaks apart any kind of dirt that has built up and makes it really easy to clean.
  • I know now more about floor cleaning machines than I ever thought possible.
  • One of the first results for 'vacuum cleaner ebay' on Google. [IMG][/IMG]
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