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Wut. Wut y'all think? This has been all over my newsfeed for the last 24 hours and I'm assuming you've seen it as well.


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    i have not seen it. and i don't know who joseph kony is. but i'm watching it now, and i assume i'll find out soon. this has gotten 4.5 million views in TWO DAYS? wow. thanks for sharing; i'll be sending it on to those i know.
  • yeah i got some facebook invite that said " we need to set up some sort of campaign to stop Joseph Kony. In U.S. a guy named Jason Russell have started a campaign against Joseph Kony, and we need to support this message by making sure that everyone knows whats going on! we must start with demonstrations and share our knowledge on this matter. on the 20th of March we will put up posters and stickers all over town!" it's crazy how fast this is spreading
  • This is amazing I think. I just watched it and feel pumped. At first I thought this video would be no more motivational then a shitty Bing commercial, then I realized the message had much, much, much broader implications. If this succeeded we as humans would put power in the hands of the people without a bloody revolution and expand universal consciessness to the tenth power. We can universally focus on issues that matter to the whole world finally. I think Imma do it. If I can't care about this, what can I care about? We are all brothers and sisters no matter how far down the line our genetics get deluted, we all come from the source. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, full circle, karma whatever you want to call it. I do want to help. I don't care who wins our upcomming presidential election or who won some award for best looks or if the world is to end now. I say this isn't a cult but a movement that should be supported.
  • I am watching it, and I heard about the LRA before, but no as personal as this was. Very, very, emotional. I wish it was as easy as Jason says it will be, but hey, both Kim Jong-Il and Osama both died last year.
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    The video is well produced. The cause is good. I can't help but feel like this whole thing is overblown though.
  • ^ No doubt. I'd have appreciated it if there was a little less hyperbole in his speeches. It's honestly, truly horrible. No need to act like it's bigger than it is. But I guess I understand the point of doing it like that. Gets people's attention.
  • the first three minute were useless and boring. the whole wide-eyed wonder at how awesome blah blah blah voice thing makes my eyes gloss over. the story itself is moving and the cause is good but the filmmaker dude is really obnoxious.
  • the organization behind this project, the invisible children, spoke at my high school three years ago. this video has spread like a virus in the two days its been on the internet. im ecstatic that this cause is reviving on a whole new level but i feel that a lot of people are looking at this the wrong way. when jason spoke at my school the cause was centered around protecting the children and providing for them and their families with things like education, shelter, and clothing. all donations went towards providing this. i find it disheartening that the only way to really capture the attention of america was to remodel the campaign in favor of military intervene. now all donations will go towards campaigning, travel, and material costs. but hey, whatever works i guess. i just hope that everyones minds and eyes stay open to all angles of world issues and their campaigns.
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    I think it's important to read these. We need perspectives on both sides: http://ilto.wordpress.com/2006/11/02/the-visible-problem-with-invisible-children/ http://www.vice.com/read/should-i-donate-money-to-kony-2012-or-not http://visiblechildren.tumblr.com/ I, personally, feel like IC has good intentions. But this whole thing is seriously mislead. What makes us think that getting rid of Kony will solve anything? He runs an army. There is a whole list of people waiting to take his position if he dies/gets arrested. It's like expecting Jim Jong-il's death to dissolve North Korea. I feel like I'm being a cynical naysayer.
  • Be a Yeah Slayer! Not all causes like this get this much help/attention. Darfur, Somalia, Syria, just to name a few.
  • not at all, moondog. what you're saying makes perfect sense -- the problem doesn't lie with one man. it's a population of people, an army, doing these things. it's like thinking that killing osama bin laden will stop the taliban. don't get me wrong; i'm unusually glad he's dead. but we have this thing about figureheads in human culture. and i feel yukbon's analysis is right on target. the content itself is moving, but the film itself felt like it had a lot of stuff in it that should have been cut out, and much of it (to me) felt needlessly sensationalistic. all that said, still grateful that the content was brought to my attention, despite the flaws of the medium.
  • Right on Dave. Important topic to say the least, but I don't think finding Kony will stop ALL the crimes like this in Africa and around the world. It's all about money and for the U.S. to go into Africa and find him we'll need some benefits for the U.S. (not my opinion, but what I believe to be the truth). Same reason why we don't or didn't go into Syria, Libya, or Iran. No benefit. Also this doesn't apply 100% of the time in my opinion.
  • I don't know about you guys, but for a while, literally every status on Facebook yesterday and parts of today were about this video. Annoying and also inspiring. At least people feel motivated. I don't know how many of them will donate or help, but it goes to show that at least people care. However, (and I can't stop thinking this!) the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
  • the problem with this kind of social media "activism" is that people aren't really doing anything aside from clicking and typing. there are no protests. there are no signs. we'll see if it lasts, but i'm skeptical. it's a lot easier and more pleasurable to post this stuff on facebook than to actually do what needs to be done to remove this guy. petitioning representatives, spreading the word ([i]in person[/i]), protesting inaction. this isn't real protest. that's what was so great about occupy. but generally, despite all the "global community" nonsense that he spouted at the beginning, we're [i]not[/i] a global community. these horrible things are but a 30 minute documetary-esque type thing to us. the biggest reason there were protests against the vietnam war in the 1960s was the draft. despite the striking similarities between the vietnam and iraq wars, there were minimal protests against the iraq war. there's no direct bearing of this stuff on our lives. that's why occupy happened -- people were directly impacted by the recession. necessity is the mother of invention, and for this guy, who's been to africa, it's a necessity. for us, it's far from that. so, as appropriate as i think military involvement would be in this situation, i doubt it will go very far, simply because i don't believe public support for it will last very long, unless we're shown these images again and again on the 25-hour daily media echo chamber. besides, what about the atrocities that effect us now? what about republicans never wanting to raise taxes for anybody again, ever, resulting in further poverty and misery right here in our own country? i'm not saying one's more important than the other. it just bothers me to see that stuff ignored while this thing gets huge amounts of media attention. it feels like a sham, like an easy way to funnel compassion into something that's comfortably several thousand miles away.
  • When you appeal to the general populace you need to use cliches, cheese, corn, hiperboles, superboles, appearences by hannah montana and all sorts of bullshit if you want people to care. I felt simular but see the potential of this. While stopping Kony might not solve the problem 100% it will move the war in the favor of the people who live there. The immediate gains of the people supporting Kony's arrest will be the feeling of justice but also the awareness of the people's control. The idea that if we don't like somthing we can change it together. sentence fragment? moving on. I'm done. C: Imma get the kit. I could single handedly post this around the town. The descision over who becomes the republican nominee to run against Obama is only a little more important to me then who wins dancing with the stars so it wont be hard for me to focus my energy on other stuff like this.
  • There was a huge article with photos in the newspaper today (Athens, GA).
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    this is interesting: http://pastebin.com/bucv3STV anyone considering donating ought to read that first. honestly, i'm not giving my money to the organization. i am calling ros-lehtinen's office, though. she's my rep. incidentally, i don't feel that the entire thing is bullshit, like this guy [read: cynical asshole] is saying. i'm actually grateful the video exists -- i'd not have known about it otherwise. nevertheless, the figures he puts on display there are rather startling. i'll have to check that out to see if it's the real deal. edit: i do see his point with the whole slacktivism thing... i just feel like he's being unnecessary jerky about it. and that a lot of the stuff he's saying is rooted in emotion rather than fact and observation.
  • Like I said before, I honestly think that Invisible Children is a good and honest foundation. But this campaign isn't going to do any good.
  • I knew there was something fishy about all this. It's good and all to raise awareness for something like this, but people should really starting paying attention to things instead of blindly supporting something just because it's big.
  • thought this was awesome and fit into the thread..
  • goodbye my kony island... baby! goodbye my koney isle gland glove!
  • Seeing actual humans benefiting from people's donations goes a long way. I didn't realize it was so Christianity-based.
  • I don't know about the organization or whatever, but from personal experience, I can tell you that he best schools you'll find in places like Uganda are usually Christian influenced. They might not mean to be at first, but they eventually are. Pastors hold a TON of influence in Africa. Like as much as a politician. So it's only natural that they make a lot of money and that money usually ends up funding public or private schools.
  • it'd be great if they sang african music. i hate it that white people won't stop trying to change africans to fit their fucking image. trying to "save" them. it's so damn misguided. they need help -- not a fucking change to their damned ways of life and cultures. the tune's written in the style of a white spiritual. damn it. african tonalities are so much more beautiful than this. grr. "look what i got for you! no, it's not food, it's a cross!" http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/151538/michael
  • indeed...
  • (white man's burden) One of the most damaging and misguided practices in our country's history, if I say so myself.
  • Not as much as it was in Australia... it was only a few years ago that one of our prime ministers officially apologized for slaughtering almost all the aboriginals.
  • It was only in 2004 that we even started the process of issuing an official apology for the largely effective genocide committed against the native americans. it was only passed into law in 2009. so... it was only a couple years ago. and that was the first one ever issued. our countries seem to be pretty much on the same page in terms of fucked up-ness. lol
  • Agreed, that's terrible. I just assumed that we'd said sorry a century ago.
  • yep... as had i. just looked it up. guess not. it's amazing shit. people just don't seem to fit quite perfectly into the world here. it's like it's meant to be perpetually imperfect, a learning experience. how else could the same shit keep happening? it's like blocking off one avenue for horrific shit and another two overflowing at the same time. whack-a-mole with atrocities. atro-cities!
  • Too many people aren't learning from the past. That's why we all need to study history and take advanced placement tests!
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    there ya go. want to know something interesting i heard recently that i feel supports my little theory? there was this test in which a bunch of people were placed in a room with no windows, no clocks, and only artificial light, and these scientists figured out that people consistently work on a 25 hour schedule. the tension of imperfection is a defining characteristic of this world, this existence. i think you're right. too many people aren't learning from the past. i also think too many people (i'm essentially talking about myself here, though i assume the case is the same for many people) are forgetting to notice the 10 million good things for every bad thing. and that's cultural influence right there. what's the point of hearing about the horrible things around the world when we can't do a thing about them? it's like global gossip. why not spend more energy trying to find wonderful, beautiful things happening to balance the horrible? there's always an imbalance. i don't think we can ignore awful things; that's absurd. but there's no counterbalance of the positivity that really does go on in all our lives on a daily basis that often goes mostly unnoticed.
  • Dave you proved a very good point. Props to you bro
  • woo hooray sweet. lol. thanks though for srsly.
  • Thats what I think when some problem I have occurs, I still have tons of positive stuff going for me. As a lover of history I wish more people knew about world, American, or European history they all provide insight into our world. Plus I think it's cool :-B . We have standardized tests for everything except history, that is just not right, so many people are clueless to that stuff and as a society we are worse off.
  • yeah. how about cowboys and indians? the indians have always really been the good guys. it's exactly like nazi propaganda about the jews controlling the world and being evil when the reality was that they were being murdered en masse. and that's a stereotype that was extremely prominent, even popular, until well into the 20th century. still has weight today.
  • Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee! Jerry my Cart at Crooked Tree!
  • Custer! Tecumseh and ze Prophet!
  • Kony Wants a Pony! here comes ze injun engine whistler! and there she goes!
  • Tecumseh Valley? that song's so sad. i can't even sing it all the way through a lot of the time because i get choked up at the story.
  • Me too dave. Whenever my mom gets really boozed up she makes me play that song. I feel the world is nuetral through all the good and bad. The overall picture seems beuitiful.
  • agreed. that's a very wise worldview.
  • "'cause i'd rather feel bad than not feel anything at all"
  • I miss the comfort of feeling sad. Please tell me you've listened to Nirvana Dave
  • a counter video with a pretty well spoken girl with high ethical appeal as she is from Uganda. Shit, and now I'm blown back into indifference. I still want to be a part of somthing. Seria has some pretty serious shit going down.
  • i feel so fickle
  • yeah of course man, i like nirvana a lot. nirvana unplugged is probably my favorite album of theirs. there's an additional level of despondence that having it all be acoustic adds, i feel.
  • hey you could always get involved in the iran nuclear weapons or not opinion mill. of course... who really wants iran to have nukes? man, talk about terrible inventions. i nominate the atom bomb as the worst invention ever.
  • To play devil's advocate here: The atomic bomb might just be the best invention ever. Look at the war-related deaths after WWII. I know this graph is kinda hard to read: [img]http://lh6.ggpht.com/_gJ1kbgXeoBk/TLY8VOuHGOI/AAAAAAAAAJw/uefPrJgEJqE/1.9.jpg[/img] There have been less and less deaths every decade. My history teacher was explaining to us that after the atom bomb, we have more or less had the most peaceful century in human existence. It's bizarre, I know. On the other hand, if Israel attacks Iran (which they will if Iran's nuclear program seems to threatening) and Iran retaliates with nukes... well. We're fucked honestly. Atomic weapons may have given us temporary peace, but I think they've also provided us a means to wipe ourselves off the face of the earth - and that will happen eventually.
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