• suggest booze (to make you) sick!
  • Yes! let's look for the worst vomit stories ever! I didn't drink screwdrivers for over a decade after getting my fill of orange juice and alcohol and stomach acid streaming out my sinuses! The worst one was in the bushes of a 7-11 parking lot right by a cop car! I remember the few times over the years when I had the bright though, "I'm going to drink until I vomit!" Really! that thought has occurred to me on more than ONE occasion! Hey, many cultures use alcohol as a spiritual purgative. We just happen to also have an affinity for becoming intimate with nice, cool vitreous ceramic toilet bowls. Never have I puked blood! Planktons, you are a more colorful vomiter AND you contribute more than just acid and mucous to the vomit effort! Man, that's gotta BURN!
  • Tonight I think I'll make margarits. Good ones, with fresh limes and cointreau. Or... some kind of drink with egg whites in it, like whiskey sours idk
  • ya GOTTA pronounce the J for it to work!
  • Mah. Gee. Toe.
  • not mah! MOE!
  • I haven't been sick from alcohol for years, but I remember when I was at Uni playing a drinking game with some Danish students where you had a pint glass of beer with a shot glass floating/balanced in it. You had to top up the shot with vodka and pass it around the table. If you sank the shot glass on your turn you had to down the whole lot... needless to say after you'd failed a couple of times your co-ordination was left for pot and you ended up a train wreck. Evil game, but fun times! After that night I couldn't drink Kronenbourg or Vodka for years without feeling sick!
  • I was like Rudolph- no one ever asked me to join in their drinking games. Damn reindeer. Aint played nary a one.
  • *lines up a row of shots for Win*
  • OK, what do I do?
  • Knock 'em back girl =)
  • what flavor are they?
  • Sour apple, crazy scissors, angry chestnuts, ambivalent Seahorse, psychedelic watermelon, and star-gazing traffic warden.
  • I can't wait until G.O. comes and sees what I'm drinking. Those are the best names ever. Stargazing traffic warden. Amazing! How can I drink it when it has such an awesome name? It's like drinking art!
  • Lol follow them up with a Pangalactic Gargleblaster for maximum effect ;-)
  • The Best drinking games are the ones based off TV shows and movies. The Game of Thrones drinking game is ridiculous. I would start throwing up half way through an episode if I followed the rules to the fullest.
  • Wait, a Pangalactic Gargleblaster....that's not a real drink!!!
  • Ehehehehehe You got dun tricked
  • you done got joje'd!
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