TTG released at last!



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    @MoonDog, i completely agree. i listened to this last night in complete darkness. it was probably the best experience i'll ever get listening to the album. also, i went to a random suburb's record store and they had one left in stock! i am so happy
  • it's more of an EP than an album! bothers me that on RateYourMusic (RYM!) it has this and cracker box under "albums" ... it just doesn't seem right! ... and yeah both oddsak & this had some roots in similar things (the grass / glass glands?) ... it's like on one side you have the danse/holland/crackerbarrel box and on the other the parts of oddsak or ttg where it is super hifi and more grombient! i didn't expect so many "songlike" parts for this! ... i like how they just kinda plop up or fade away or buried beneath! some KILLER groovy sounds... more of a sound effexor fest in some ways but it works! my only complaint (besides sucha shorty length!) is the sped-up voices stuff... any time you get sped up / slowed down stuff it can just be super cheesY (and not in the good way!) ... but that's just MEIN opinion... man when you think of some of the post MPP releases.... ACB, ODDSAK, KEEP (SONGS 4 SHOES), TTG... they're REALLY going for it! ... saying hey hey we're not done with the alien nation yet! i hope the new album takes all of this into account and really pushes thing AND has the killer songs... that way every body is happy!
  • dang i should have WAITED UNTIL DARK for mah first glisten :( now i can NEVER go back GLOW BLACK!
  • i also look forward to this website where it has all the sounds randomifried so it's different every time ... if that turns out how i think it'd be a nice thing to just have on in the background on headphones while you dink around damn town!
  • "it's more of an experience than an album" it's not just a gum... it's an EXPERIENCE the next levels in gum technology...
  • I'm going back to school to get my master's in Gum Engineering.
  • we can push gum so much farther! who knows what gum of 2046 will even BE! the things we'll never see!
  • ODDSAC is like a bad trip in a beautiful place TTG is like a bad trip in an abandoned warehouse
  • Hey, I like abandoned warehouses! I also like spiders. I like cheese and wearing socks.
  • interesting
  • The Collective of Animals will always be admiring their roots I think. We can hear it MPP and it will be there on the new one (hopefully!). What would it be like if AnCo made a pop album?
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    I like the ODDSAC like elements in Part 2. Generally I like the second half better. The pop album would be like MPP, they can't make a more poppy album in my opinion. They are just that way.
  • my girls IS a pop song imo.
  • But it is the greastest one I've heard in a long time.
  • Also I appoligize to miss Turtle for everything I ever said to you. You're still awesome! Just got to get you liking Here Comes the Indian and Danse Manatee.
  • aha thanks Peace, I bought the album yesterday and finally got to listen to it this morning, though I do regret not initially listening to it at night, would've been far greater experience like Moondog had said. Must say the artwork on the cover as well as the record itself is really nice. and maaaan would've loved to actually experience this at the Guggenheim...
  • i dont know how its possible to not like those two records
  • the photo on the back cover is crazy, who is that?
  • The Fish has doubted the Great Turtle.
  • When I said pop, I meant, like, POP. Animal Collective featuring Kesha (get it, get it?)!
  • It would be like a more vivid Owl City. The thought makes me shiver.
  • Ticonderoga, I'm not sure! It's spectacular though. Always love the color combos on the more psychedelic styled works, they're always really...soothing, it's one of the things that actually got me into the band in the first place heh, also why I prefer buying their stuff on vinyls so I can see it in a bigger size
  • CD's are the shit (in terms of quality, not warth or nostalgia)! Vinyl is cool but I don't have the money to buy them or buy a record player to play them.
  • Yeah vinyls are craaaazy expensive :( they managed to take 80$ outta my pocket just yesterday siiigh. and I will always have a great love for my many compact discs
  • I think balence is the key to your Album collection. Let's get some tapes!
  • I really like vinyl for the sound and the big pictures, and also the fact that you made a life time commitment to that record, well at least for me. I don't have a lot of money and records are expensive, so I only get my favourites (except once I took a chance on The Doldrums by Ariel Pink - worth it).
  • Yeah Turtle, I spent 83 dollars (aussie) on Record Store Day.
  • hahaha yeaaaah! Supposedly those are resurfacing a bit least locally, according to a newspaper article i read this summer.
  • I don't have the car to go to the good record stores, you should get me so we can go to a Record Store Turtle, even if I don't buy anything.
  • The thing with vinyl's too is it kind of requires you to be more involved in the music I guess? You have to flip the record, switch out, all that fun stuff, it's a completely different experience than simply listening to say an mp3, and I also grew up with my pop constantly playing records
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    I think [also] the advent of digital download, which is about the same quality of cd's, what's the point of getting a cd except for artist support or whatever and the artwork? Vinyl, it's the collector's edition of cd! Better quality plus more stuff to look at and read!
  • Yeah Peace!!! I felt sooooo bad when I heard you wanted to go but couldn't! Totally would've invited you :O
  • im gonna die if i dont hear it soon
  • I'll PM it Sage.
  • I looove the incusion of digital downloads, it's pree neat. Though I still would say I support cds, because it's a far easier type of hardcopy for people to access, because soo many people have no access to a record player ya know. I'm all about hardcopies and feel really weird whenever I hear people who convert EVERYTHING to digital. I ...don't think I could ever do that.
  • CD's are crisp Claude, it's more opinion than fact so I won't argue man.
  • Sage I PM'ed you broseph. I decided that I love when Avey's voice is all deep and satanic-like. In ODDSAC and Part 2 especially. It's just so creepy and cool and good. On an unrelated note, I think I'm finally giving in and doing the timeline thing on facebook. I set up a TTG sort of cover picture. It's really cool. I'll share it once I finish
  • great idea! IM STEALING YOUR IDEA!
  • Yeah, true Fishy, I didn't mean quality as in integrity of lossless audio, but you are right. I take back my previous comment.
  • Sweet sweet Check out CA. They found out how to get out the audio files. More songs!
  • heres a link to all the songs put individually on a zip :D
  • i love how active the board has gotten because of this!
  • TTG is the appetizer to the new album!
  • The TTG program is really neat so excited for their actual album now. I'm thinking ODDSAC combined with MPP
  • @MoonDog, that is what im dreaming for. id like some more acoustics as well. and live percussion, no computers!
  • A lot more screaming too. I like the computers, though. More stuff like ODDSAC and TTG would be awesome. Those two are probably among my favorites. Just opened the cache in TTG just to look. 101 audio files! Oh dear. I need to update my website.
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