TTG released at last!



  • 101! Geez... I like their electronic side more to be honest, but I like their acoustics too. Actually my favourite is Avey Taresque Acostoelectronic like on Down There.
  • I'm just hoping their new album is a combination of all the recent work that we've seen come to fruition. Just think about it. Down There + Tomboy + Deakin's Album + ODDSAC + TTG = BEST NEW ALBUM EVER
  • i'd like some more STGSTV type melodies. and when i said no computers i was just talking about percussion
  • My mouth is frothing in delight at the prospect (hammer)
  • they need to make it using ONLY computer / electronics! to the point where they make a program that simulates avey/pander's voices! oh such fun that'd be!
  • I agree with G.O when it comes to the songs with sped up and slowed down vocals because the slowed down version was one of the only times I have heard Animal Collective filler. It doesn't add much to the song in my opinion.
  • one of my fave things i did in making music was saying in my regular voice "you should never used sped up or slowed down vocals in music!" and having me saying the same thing in sped up AND slowed down speaking so that all 3 layers went at the same time! it's so true though! and i too have been guilty of really bad cheesy sped up or slowed down stuff i guess used in just the right way it can be okay-ish... the very end of we tigers studio version always kinda bothers me! that VOICE!
  • i dont care about vocal pitch changes. anyway, i was thinking about what it says in the inside of the STGSTV LP, about how they will continue making music about childhood. i've figured that their recent releases were like a child transitioning into adolescence, and TTG is in the mind of a demented young teenager. i love to over-analyse AnCo
  • I think after listening to Down There, Tomboy, and the new unreleased album stuff the band is really thinking about themselves as a band and questioning how they should run there lives. (Listen to the lyrics on Knock you Down). MPP also had some of that going on but I would say Brother SPort had a pretty awesome childhood theme going on.
  • :( i dont like to think about them not making music about childhood. down there to me was the mindset of a depressed young child who lets his imagination run free while playing in the swamp near his house
  • And then was divorced (broke up maybe if you're trying to relate it to childhood). It's totally a subject where opinion is all we can go on, but Down There and Tomboy seemed pretty adultish.
  • i never listen to lyrics, so i guess i have a very different perspective than someone who does
  • I try to listen to the whole song but when I listen to the songs lyrics I tend to form a more emmotional bond to that song, and don't get me wrong because the actual instrumentation can form that bond too.
  • I've never considered Animal Collective a very childish band, but maybe that's because I started with their more adult records (SJ and MPP) to the their more fantastical beginnings.
  • I consider them a good blend of going back to the roots of childhood to make sense of adulthood. This album scares the hell out of me. The bass is insane! I think I hear Deakin sing??? It's a deep voice and a little powerful to be pandas. Reminds me of here comes the Indian Imbraced with their new found technology and styles and the whole concept of "song" tossed in the trash. a lot like oddsac. scary. I don't picture warehouse, I picture some strange out of this world dessert.
  • i know exactly what you mean by the bass in insane! that one part where it starts over and gets higher super quick and repeats is crazy
  • i am bumping this, its only been four days! we should still have much more discussion in us. it still matters to me at the beginning and end is crazy
  • The last section at the end of part one where someone just goes "eeeehhhgguuuu" is my favorite part
  • My favorite parts of TTG are the songs Deakin that did. Weird how I like the stuff he did on the KEEP cassette and on TTG the most.
  • probably because he is offering a fresh spin / new blood into the group! will be interesting to see what or how many songs he might get on the new album and he's def built up the hype for like 2 years now of his solo stuff he REALLY should get up on that and get it out there! i thought he'd a put it out there by early this year and then there'd be plenty of time for people to groove on that before next AC album... that would have been great? esp. AVEY 2010 / PANDA 2011 / DEEKS 2012! in 2013 all eyes would be on The GEO!
  • if you play the KEEP cassette backwards it becomes the PEEK tape! the peekness!
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    Woh, I just realized that Jailhouse is in TGG!
  • Cool! Where ?
  • Downloading this tonight. Finally reading all of your guys' comments makes me even more antsy to do so.
  • Yes it is! Geo got lazy with his KEEP song, I guess. He just took a layer off TTG.
  • I really like the blue whale sounds too
  • That's right since KEEP came after TTG at the Guggenheim.
  • the last part of part 1 with the strings and then the OOMPH is my favorite part of the whole album/EP/single(?)
  • this album has become my go-to for homework, or anything requiring concentration
  • does anyone still listen to this frequently? i am still in love with it
  • it has fallen by the wayside for me super quick cuz i overdosed on it which i rarely do but when there was Official Release version / songs derived from versions / all the parts / the program to randomize it all i just kinda burnt out SUPER fast! though one cool thing someone said i never though of was how... all of the last few ac albums had resulting post-album EPs... and in a way this kinda feels like a spiritual EP to go along ODDSAK! i kinda like to think of it like that! they have similar vibes in many ways
  • I listen to TTG in my basement when I need artistic inspiration
  • I'm going to try that now..
  • its wonderful also search for delicious
  • i searched but just couldn't find it! yumma gumma!
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