Gee Oh's Top 100 Flims!

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sTop 100 Movies! 1. Bubble Boy 2. Groundhog Day 3. Glen or Glenda 4. The Time Machine 5. The Fountain 6. Black Swan 7. Saw 8. The Truman Show 9. Planet of the Apes 10. Cabin Fever 11. The Shawshank Redemption 12. Army of Darkness 13. Primer 14. Freddy Got Fingered 15. Donnie Darko 16. Memento 17. 12 Monkeys 18. Dumb & Dumber 19. Saw 2 20. The Royal Tenenbaums 21. Gattaca 22. A.D.D. (A Dancing Demon) 23. Jason X 24. DARK CITY 25. Solaris (remake) 26.The Fifth Element 27. The Lord of the Rings 28. Labyrinth 29. THE WIZARD 30. The Stand 31. Election 32. Forrest Gump 33. Wicker Man (remake) 34. Moon 35. Children of Men 36. Evil Dead 37. Back to the Future 38. Meeting People Is Easy 39. Vampyros Lesbos 40. CRANK 41. Dead Calm 42. Frailty 43. What's Eating Gilbert Grape 44. One Hour Photo 45. Starship Troopers 46. Bug 47. The Road 48. Wizard of Oz 49. Cube 50. The Game 51. American History X 52. Fight Club 53. Matchstick Men 54. Tremors 55. Ginger Snaps 56. A History of Violence 57. Adaptation 58. Con Air 59. IT 60. Life Aquatic w/Steve 61. Southland Tales 62. Ed Wood 63. The Human Centipede 64. Antitrust 65. Stand By Me 66. Unbreakable 67. A.I. 68. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 69. Saw 6 70. Mission 2 Mars 71. The Holy Mountain 72. Event Horizon 73. Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knights 74. Being John Malkovich 75. Kingpin 76. Wayne's World 77. House (80s version) 78. 28 Days Later 79. Birdy 80. A Simple Plan 81. Hudsucker Proxy 82. I Heart Huckabeez 83. House (70s version) 84. Saving Silverman 85. IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS 86. The Prestige 87. Titanic 88. The Graduate 89. Mullholland Drive 90. Traffic 91. Requiem For A Dream 92. The Matrix 93. CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE 94. Cast Away 95. Best In Show 96. The Machinist 97. The Goonies 98. The Room 99. ZARDOZ 100. &1 Dalmations (cartoon version) honorable mentions: Crispin Hellion Glover's What Is It? / The Science of Sleep / Pi / Brazil / Blade Runner / Some Like It Hot / Bubba Ho-Tep / Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake) / In the Realm of Senses / Salo / Blow-Up / Citizen Cane / 2001 / Taxi Driver / Annie Hall / There Will Be Blood / Elephant / Funny Games / Cache / The White Ribbon / Dancer in the Dark / Dogville / Antichrist / The Tree of Life / No Country For Old Men Eraserhead / Zelig / Lost Highway / It's a Wonderful Life / Freaks (gooboo gaboo!) / VERTIGO / The Day the Earth Stood Still / Reservoir Dogs (but only if pink doesn't die) / The Fly (croneburger) / Dead Ringers / El Topo / Three Kings / The Dark Knight / Demolition Man / Let the Right One In / Eyes Wide Shut / A Serious Man / A Clockwork Orange / Enter the Void / Synedikit New Yorke / The Squid & The Whale / Lost in Translation / Garden State / Open Water / Harry Potter / A Serbian Film / The Human Centipede 2: FULL SEQUENCE / Saw 4 / Saw 5 / Hostel pt 3 / Cabin Fever 2 / The House of the Devil / Trick or Treat / The Devil's Backbone / Before the Devil Knows yr Damn Dead / Exotica / S.Darko / The Descent / What Dreams May Come / Pans Labyrinth / Vampire's Kiss / Bad Lieut Port of Call New Orleans / Departures / Memories of Murder / Never Let Me Go / Zodiac


  • gotta watch them all! LITTLE FURRY BALL
  • Blown away.
  • i still forgot a LOT! like right now i just remembered... PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE! gah!
  • also other than a few / ones near the top... pretty sure you could just scramble the whole list and it'd be about the same i'm not too good with ordering things / making these damn lists! cuz things change all the damn time!
  • then tell us, why did you do that? I am curious.
  • far out man. why have you not included a scanner darkly on this list? if you've seen it and don't care for it, i understand. but if you haven't seen it... i think it'd be right up your alley. same with apocalypse now. seeing 12 monkeys on there (one of my favs too) made me think that the total insanity in both of those stories would appeal to you.
  • also props for i <3 huckabees.
  • Very nice list, hats off
  • ^^ enjoyed.
  • Men Without Doubts! Wait... Pens Without Gnats? LENS WITHOUT BATS?!!?!?!?
  • Funny Games !!! Yes Superb list overall
  • Loce the list, right ammount of "fuck the haters" films or films some consider not to be good. Going to watch the ones I haven't seen or even rewatch some I have seen.
  • Glen or Glenda! I just recently watched Ed Wood so now I want to watch Woody movies.
  • Con Air! love Steve Buscemi in that movie
  • But i love everything Steve Buscimi has done
  • just so you know these were the "joke" entries: In the Realm of Senses / Citizen Cane / Annie Hall / There Will Be Blood / Elephant / Funny Games / Cache / The White Ribbon / Dancer in the Dark / Dogville / Antichrist / The Tree of Life / No Country For Old Men / Eraserhead / Zelig / Lost in Translation / Garden State / Open Water / A Serbian Film / Hostel pt 3 / Cabin Fever 2 / The House of the Devil / Trick or Treat / The Devil's Backbone / Before the Devil Knows yr Damn Dead / Exotica / S.Darko a few of them actually being my most HATED movies ah haaha?
  • I'm going to guess.... S. Darko, Antichrist, A Serbian Film, In the Realm of Senses (unless you're into that choking stuff...) are the worst of the worst, I haven't seen them all though.
  • lol how could you not like zelig?
  • Pretty rad list. Still haven't seen American History X or A.I., though I hear they're pretty good. I should watch them some time. Hehe.
  • Oh boy! A.I. is probably my favourite movie ever! A modified Stanley Kubrick script with Steven Spielberg directing!
  • Oh man, now I'll definitely have to see A.I.! Love Stanley Kubrick's work. 2001: A Space Odyssey is my all time favorite movie.
  • It's not going to be what you expect, I assure you, but I'm sure you'll enjoy the ride! I love 2001 Space Odyssey!
  • Not to be what I expected eh? I'll definitely enjoy this film then. Love movies that surprise!
  • AI is pretty out there. I saw it the year it came out; I was ten. I couldn't follow it, and it left me feeling bored because I didn't understand the story. It was aesthetically pleasing, though. I ought to watch it again.
  • It's kind of confusing even as an adult.
  • Yeah, but as a ten year-old it's indecipherable. 'Tis on my Netflix queue.
  • Very true, as a kid it'd be hard to understand the complexities of artificial intelligence, and the twist ending... yeah you'd get nothing. I haven't watched in a while, I'm not sure why I keep calling it my favourite film... I should watch it again to find out. I'm doing a presentation on it for school with two other people, so I have to anyway.
  • I also remember watching that film when I was really young, and I felt like I grasped it, even though it was so long, but i'm sure if I watched it now i'd be floored instead of slightly awed.
  • Never wathced AI, but I saw 2001 when I was 9, and that WAS indecipherable! Love it now though. When I was young I could never make it through a whole movie without sleeping. Now I could watch movies all night.
  • i'm sure i saw the movie 2001 when i was young-ish but it didn't do too much for me... just the warning that it was very slowwwww.... i def. liked the apes and the trippy ending! what did it all mean! too much focus on HAL the magical COMPUTER! :(|) then i read 2001: THE BOOK! ... and 2010... and 2061 (?) and even 3001! those were all a bit a load of wank / go nowhere! he had no idear where to go with all of it! bah! 2010: THE YEAR WE MAKE CONTACT (the movie!) is kind of an amusing watch! LITHGOW!!! the full trilogy: 2001 / 2010 / 2012! and now we have been in all of them are in the final one! THE FUTURE! is NOW! holy crow!
  • I was inspired by GO, so I made my top 40. These are all really subjective choices for, there a lot of other films that I think are brilliant, I just don't like to watch them that much. 1. AI – Artificial Intelligence 2. The Graduate 3. Modern Times 4. Donnie Darko 5. Fight Club 6. The Social Network 7. Akira 8. Driving Lessons 9. Superbad 10. Let Me In 11. 2001: A Space Odyssey 12. Adventureland 13. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 14. Cashback 15. Hard Candy 16. Almost Famous 17. Rushmore 18. American Beauty 19. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb 20. The Darjeeling Limited 21. Ed Wood 22. The Royal Tanenbaums 23. V for Vendetta 24. Vanilla Sky 25. Ghost in the Shell 26. The Great Dictator 27. Amadeus 28. Megamind 29. But I’m a Cheerleader 30. Secretary 31. Howl’s Moving Castle (BTW the book is better than the film) 32. In Bruges 33. I’m a Cyborg, But That’s Ok 34. Fahrenheit 451 35. The Matrix (the FIRST ONE) 36. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events 37. Tootsie 38. Spirited Away (more like Tripping Away) 39. Wristcutters: A Love Story 40. How to Train Your Dragon
  • Right on... Empire! Young Dustin Hoffman! Doctor Strangelove! Excellent.
  • I love Dustin Hoffman, probably one of my favourites.
  • He's the man.
  • I like Star Wars Episode One and Three but The Empire Strikes back really hits home for me. (You see what I did there? :D )
  • I saw what you did It had me laughin' like a kid Luke gets his hand cut off Leia makes a rice pilaf! Romance between Brother and sister Won't end well Han should get some lister Een I done told you The ewoks are furry Teddy bears runnin' 'Round the forest with a scurry Damn it. I hate myself so much for writing this, and even more for not being able to bring myself to delete it.
  • Haha, I liked it. No worries man. Now just make a song to accompany it!
  • It already exists in my mind. Good grief. Why? WHY?
  • I think you should accept this side of you Davey, it's caged, and it wants to get out. Set it free. Like one of Lula's birds.
  • Freestyling white guy Davey? That's a frightening thought. I have like a picture of myself with blond dreads and a 3xl hoodie standing in the subway rapping for change.
  • AKIRA! WRISTCUTTERS! Nice movies!
  • Really glad someone on here likes V for Vendetta, that movie is awesome. The rest of the list is pretty sweet too.
  • 3. Modern Times 7. Akira 8. Driving Lessons 14. Cashback 15. Hard Candy 19. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb 25. Ghost in the Shell 26. The Great Dictator 27. Amadeus 28. Megamind 29. But I’m a Cheerleader 33. I’m a Cyborg, But That’s Ok 36. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events 39. Wristcutters: A Love Story 40. How to Train Your Dragon ^never seen these! ... never even HEARD of modern times / driving lessons / cashback / great dick little man tate or tot / CYBORG BUT THAT IS OK (what the hell is this!!!) barely know anything about wrist cutters... but i'm a cheerleader REALLY seems like an odd choice! maybe i should damn see that! i've known about it for years and it seemed amusing... hard candy? oh god i don't know! ... don't know if i want to see a movie about THAT! and i heard it gets intense! ouch! i'm not too up on CARTOONS (they're for kids!) ... so train yr dragon / mega mind and akira and GHOST IN THE SHELL? i dont' know man! didn't ghost in the shell guy do AVALON which was kinda live action / CGI / matrix-y / strange had a fun dog in it (the guy LOVES dogs... like a LOT ... like actors are just things to use but dogs are to be war shipped!) strange love is odd... that one and PSYCHO i've seen so many BITS of them on tv over the years that it feels like i already have seen them but i haven't... not in full ... one day i should because i mean come on! it's cube brick and hitch cock! bah!
  • I bet you'd enjoy Strangelove. It's frenetic and crazy for its time. Not to mention very funny and weird.
  • "hey there's no fighting in the war room!" ^hoho! ... LAME! ... not my style of humor at ALL! oh god?
  • I love Ghost in the Shell too! My only problem with V for Vendetta was that the comic book is so much better, but that's bound to happen when you're cramming so many pages into an hour something long movie.
  • Same goes for Watchmen, I loved reading that thing.
  • You know, I bought that one the same time I bought V but I still haven't read it (six years later), I haven't seen the movie either.
  • Isn't Tigers the coolest? You are awesome, lady.
  • Wini! I'm flattered, especially because I think of you as such an awesome lady. Also, whenever I think of librarians, I think of you, and it makes me want to go to a library.
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