Sung Tongs vs Feels (Respectively)

I love both equally however, am just curious on the consensus of the albums? I put them in the same place in my head in terms of sound but get a very different 'Feel' of both of them, Anyone else get the same feeling?


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    I like them both a lot. I get different feelings from them, too. [i]Sung Tongs[/i] always makes me think of psychedelic exploration. It feels like a Spring day, fresh and new and intense and fun and a little frightening. There's a dark intensity to it, though it's not forced or overwhelming. [i]Feels[/i] always evokes in me feelings of love. It has always been a very love-themed album for me. Not romantic love specifically. More like love in the moment, peace, affection, joy.
  • I defiantly get what you mean about Sung Tongs being a exploration. it feels full of child like wonderment whilst defiantly more 'relaxed' than "Here comes the Indian", like they have a level of acceptance of the world around but are still equally exited about opportunities and prospects to come. For me "feels" seems more settled and stable, even though it was less than a year after "Sung Tongs" was realised. I get the same feeling of peace but with more of a nostalgic vibe, although i do get what you mean about it being like 'love in the moment'. Two great albums to say the least.
  • raska! I think Sung Tongs as the groups second most chilled out album behind Campfire songs. We Tigers, WCWAR, and Leafhaus are the life of the album with all the energy but even the other songs on there are very energetic for being acoustic in nature. The album for me is always linked to spring evenings and summertime storms since I really got into the album during those times. Feels to me is the LOVE album. DYSTW, Grass, Flesh Canoe, The Purple Bottle, and Banshee Beat are clearly love songs, great ones by the way. The songs Bees and Daffy Duck on the album seem to have a Song Tongs like psychedelic quality to them, but they are more fleshed out and have a grander "feel" to them. The last two songs I can't really put inot words how they sound to me but Turn Into Something is kinda like the perfect transition into Straw Jam, putting a more poppy edge into the music.
  • It's interesting you should say that, Peace. ST has always felt less chill to me than Feels does, even though it's all acoustic. Feels always strikes me as... like... I dunno. Ice cubes melting and icicles hitting the floor in a multi-colored toasty unmelting ice cavern filled with fireflies and dancing shadows. Think I'm going too far with the visual aids. 8-}
  • Warning: read to the end to save yourslef time. I agree with feels being the love album. Sung Tongs is the fun album. Spirits the kid album. Indians the tribal album. Manatee's the psychadellic album. Merriwheathers the adult album. Strawberry jam is about desire from a high energy standpoint. Water curses is the artsy ep. people is leftover feels. and fall be kind is the spooky ep. TO MEEEEEEE!!! anyway. I appreciate some more at different times depending on the mood I'm in. At rare times I'm in a non animal collective mood all together. Typically I'll pull out rap, rock, bluegrass or world music (Celtic, reggae, sitar). If this isn't good enough I'll pull out classical. I got yoyoma up in that shiot. zizipearlmayne! Mozartnthugs. Spirit they've gone satisfies the same drive that classical does. My favorite song for this purpose is someday ill be as tall as the giant... In short It depends on the mood I'm in. I have more tendancy to side towards feels because I scrapped together the sung tongs clips eons ago. Some off of beemp3, some ripped from youtube, two bought on itunes, they are out of order and bad quality.
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    I've always preferred Feels myself, I like the more electric/piano/percussive sound pallet rather than the acoustic/grime combo of Tongs.
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    I agree with Purplesage. All depends on my mood really. But overall, I personally prefer Sung Tongs over Feels.
  • sung tongs has more hits!
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