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What movie was Winter's Love in?


  • SHORT BUSH! bus i mean unless it was in something else i never saw short bus looked too damn gay/sexual! but head wiggy was fun enough i guess... i suppose! though i don't dig musicals they piss me off!!!
  • The guys only doin it for some doll!!!! HELLOOOO DOLLYYY!!!
  • Musicals are an accurate dipiction of society. Whenever something happens I break out into song
  • Shortbus was just not good in so many ways, poor Winter's Love! Now every time I listen to it... :-S
  • Never saw Shortbus. But whenever I hear Sweet Road I think of Crayola Crayons.
  • Fishy I would not recommend it. And neither does Ghostly.
  • I will make sure NOT to see it then.
  • What are some other movies that have AC songs in them?
  • Some film called Gigantic has a song in the credits, I haven't seen it though.
  • hmmmm.... I will make a new topic about ac songs in movies
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    this is from my thread on CA.. go there for the links. I cant actually link to it because I'm banned (lol) Late Night with Conan O'Brien #1 The Late Show with David Letterman Summertime Clothes Skins - Season 2 Episode 4 Fireworks Skins - Season 2 Episode 7 Fickle Cycle Skins - Season 1 Episode 1 (US) My Girls In Treatment Fireworks Splinterheads Did you see the words? Deadgirl For Reverend Green Shortbus Winters Love Gigantic Did you see the words? I'm Here Did you see the words? (Credits) The Go Getter Banshee Beat Crayola Commercial Sweet Road Charity:Water Campaign Video Derek 180 Degrees South (trailer) Derek Saladused In The Flowers BBC2 Special: The Chinese Are Coming (Part 2) People, Daffy Duck & Banshee Beat Mulberry Street Loch Raven Panda Bear: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon You Can Count On Me Earth 2100: The Final Century of Civilization Comfy in Nautica CSI: Miami - Season 9 Episode 9 Slow Motion Fish Sticks A Lover Once Can No Longer Now Be a Friend & A Musician and a Filmmaker
  • CSI: Miami? Seriously? That's insane. The ones I've seen are The Go Getter, Skins and Shortbus. I liked the Go Getter and Skins (only the first four seasons), but did not like Shortbus.
  • Dearest you are oh so helpful. I need to watch some of these
  • what the damn hell! ac sold out (to the man!) panda's only IN IT FOR THE MONKEY! EEE!
  • I bet this Earth 2100: The Final Century of Civilization Movie was the most intense made for TV movie ever.
  • The Crayola Commercial was a surprise--cool. I just found out about and saw the three student films Panda acted in when he was in college today, too. I suppose there should've been a segue between those thoughts, but there wasn't (alas!).
  • I actually walked downstairs once when my family was watching CSI and heard Slow Motion Shocked, I was
  • There's AC fans everywhere
  • The AC Conspirency!
  • snip snip! the ac replacement theory! conspire for a tire!
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