Favorite Albums of 2012 ( An Incomplete Saga)

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Simple thread right here. List or make a remark of what is or what will be your favorite albums of 2012. I know it is March but I feel as if the end of this year we will have another 2010 on our hands (I thought 2010 was a pretty massive year for albums). As of right now my favs are these 3. The Shins- Port of Morrow Grimes- Visions The Mars Volta- Noctourniquet The funny thing is that I've never been a huge fan of the Sihns or the Mars Volta before this year.


  • That's interesting, I preferred The Shin's previous album Wincing the Night Away. I haven't given Noctourinquet the listen it deserves yet, but I'm sure I'll get to it. Of Montreal - Paralytic Stalks Daniel Rossen - Silent Hour/Golden Mile Grimes - Visions Certainly not Of Montreal's finest album, but I still really enjoy it.
  • Said it before, I'll say it again. Can't beat De-loused!!! not a chance in hell! what up personal opinions!
  • NOOOOOOOWWWW I'M LOOOOOOooooooost! I always thought he was saying Milhouse...
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    So far, these two are the ones I'm enjoying most: Sleigh Bells - Reign of Terror A Place to Bury Strangers - Onwards to the Wall Really looking forward to the new albums from Japandroids, Garbage, Marilyn Manson, and Smashing Pumpkins though.
  • Pretty much haven't listened to many: John Talabot - fin Perfume Genius - Put Your Back N 2 It I dunno if I've listened to anything else really. I'm really anticipating Jack White's solo album and the new Sigur Ros album.
  • you may not be able to beat De-loused because its TMV at their finest but Noctourniquet is lovely. New Black Dice album drops April 10th !!!!! called Mr. Impossible can.not.wait. then new Maps & Atlases album on April 17th- already heard two leaked tracks. Havent listened to much that is new, 'cept Andrew Bird's Break It Yourself - which is vedy niiiice, as expected
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    also I know that Grizzly Bear, Mazzy Star, and ofcourse the wonderful AC are releasing albums at a later point this year. Im sure it'll be worth the wait... forgot that Every Time I Die released a new album earlier this month, dunno if any of you are into that kind of stuff.
  • Lots of stuff to be released then! I forgot about the new Andrew Bird album entirely and am thankful for the reminder. I can't wait to give it a listen.
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    OH man, Mr. Impossible is going to be awesome, I heard the first single, it's great! The albums I'm most excited for are: The so far untitled albums of: Animal Collective, Janelle Monae, The Knife, The xx, The Dirty Projectors, The Avalanches and The Beach Boys. EDIT: and Grizzly Bear and MGMT of course! Mr. Impossible by Black Dice Bloom by Beach House Wolf by Tyler, the Creator The Only Place by Best Coast Valtari by Sigur Ros Heaven by The Walkmen In no particular order, except Animal Collective at the top.
  • Valtari will be in my favorite albums by the end of the year. You guys all forgot about MGMT! I'm also wishing for new Yeaslayer and Grizzly Bear albums. I forgot about the Of Montreal album, that would be my forth favorite this year, but I need a couple more listens to it first.
  • I did! And Grizzly Bear! What's wrong with me? The new MGMT should be good though, I really liked Congratulations.
  • There's a new MGMT coming out??? That's awesome!
  • the only new album I bought was snoop Dogg And Wiz Khilifa's Mac and Devin Go to Highschool. A strange man boy relationship bridging the gap between new school and old school hip hop with samplers doing trippy stuff, funky bass lines, interesting guitar riffs and catchy tunes. Every song has weed references accept for the sellout pop song with bruno mars in it. Hard to take seriously. Hard to picture and get into. The most indimidating things being said are "I hang with my friends and we smoke more weed than you". I'm gonna take it off my ipod soon.
  • Tame Impala's new album had been done being recorded and was finished being mixed about a week ago. So sayeth the band. It's supposed to be out this summer sometime.
  • Awesome, can't wait for new Tame Impala.
  • Oh boy, I hope they tour Australia! Give your home country some love dudes!
  • Is it safe for me to say TTG is one of my favorites from this year.
  • TTG is quickly gaining ground for me too
  • It's safe for me, I haven't found a lot of releases this year that I love, but there are some exciting ones approaching.
  • The Shins - Port Morrow is the only 2012 album that's really grabbed me so far (although, have to concur with Claud that it's not a patch on Wincing the Night away. Didn't half the band leave though?) Will have to try some of these recommendations. Looking forward to Beach House's new album, early release of 'Myth' is very promising.
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    Bloom is the best of the year so far, but with new Tame Impala, Anco, Japandroids and Avalanches anything can happen!
  • Most all my favorites of the year have been mentioned. I would add these Dr.John - Locked Down Cloud Nothings - Attack on Memory First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar
  • it's way weird to me, but I didn't like Bloom, I didn't like Port of Morrow and I did not like Best Coast. My favorites so far dis year here Valtari (OH MY GOD THIS RECORD IS BEAUTIFUL) Paralytic Stalks (It's actually amazing, late period oM (post HFAYTD) is supremely underrated) Burial- Kindred EP Channel Orange- Frank Ocean I'm sure i'm going to love Centipede Hz New Olivia Tremor Control if released this year Grizzly Bear Dan Deacon SWANS
  • it was 2012! and OTC wasn't even the NEXT damn year! and dan deacon damn disappointed! stop looking at me swans!
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