Old Friends


  • Dude we were totally talking about you and Tabelz tonight...
  • Great tune. Love S&G
  • I almost saw them with my dad on their Reunion tour but tickets sold out right before we tried to buy them.
  • I meant to post this in the hidden stasho. I recommend Bookends to all those who have not listen to it Sad to see that Dave is gone :( Are you guys still doing the live chat doohickey?
  • Why yes we are deadfly. You're welcome to join in there. Oh and the last time I was on the board I was a youngin with 100 posts, now i'm at a thousand, dave hit 2700, G.O got to 3000, and Tigers came back. So many things have changed. Change is good. Loved the song too.
  • when do? mayne, times they are a-changin check out the album! my fave my simone and the funkmaster
  • Whenever we feel like it, thats when we chat. I think thursday and tuesday nights should be the best time to go check the place out.
  • It would be nice to have a time that's set apart, because I have to stay up late/early to be on time with you guys.
  • We really should set some times up, I must pick all the wrong times cuz I sit on there for hours and no one ever gets on.
  • old friends form young years! &BEERS
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