What do you make of STGSTV / Danse Manatee?



  • It would. I listened to it this last summer for the first time while my brother left for college in summer and I was home alone for about 3 weeks and I ventured into that album and really fell in love with it. I really think I liked it on my first listen. With the exception of (untitiled) and everybody whistling but eventually I came to love the whole thing.
  • i had a rhapsody account which allowed me to listen to campire songs, indian, spirit and danse. my account expired so Im forced to buy all them cds off Amazon. You can get them for veryveryvery cheap. The older the cd the cheaper usually but there are definate acceptions. I got here comes the indian for a dollar!!!!
  • you say it ain't worth a dollar but you feel like a billionaire!
  • STGSTV took a few tries before it really caught me. I was always so deterred by the high-pitched tone that droned through Spirit They've Vanished, that I never was able to make it any further. It wasn't until I saw them do the reimagined Chocolate Girl when I saw them in '09 as a three-piece that I really gave the album a true shot. Was not disappointed. Admittedly, I can't wrap my head around Danse still. It's like all the sonic aspects I didn't like about STGSTV were taken and accentuated throughout that entire album. But kudos to those that can appreciate it!
  • jay cub! :(|)
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