First AnCo Song You Heard and How You Heard About Then?

I am 100% sure that this was already a thread. Anyway I am 15 and I first heard AnCo when I was 13 due to someone I knew being a fan. But I hated them at first, it just sounded like a bunch of random noise. Then, I year later I remembered them and I listened to Bluish which I was not really into at first until I read the lyrics. Then, once I realized all of the lyrics were of that caliber of beauty. I fell in love. It was a long process though. At first many of the songs sounded terrible ("The Bees" for instance.Their music scared me. ALOT. Now all they cloud my headspace.


  • The Purple Bottle, hence the username. was around five years ago. when my brother and I both lived with my parents his best friend that lived down the road was an AC fanatic. I always heard the tunes they had goin in the basement when they'd play video games. I thought it was really messy at first, but that was just the first listen. I didn't get heavily into them like I am now up until 3 years ago though.
  • I heard in the flowers. I saw this trippy looking album at best buy and when I saw it for free at a library I couldn't pass up the opurtunity to listen.
  • I am MORE than 100% sure that this was already a thread!
  • It was my Animal Collective Encounters of the Third Kind Thread. There was most likely another before that one too.
  • I am new here. Sorry :( I could have gone through all the threads but I didnt. I just wanted to know these things upfront.
  • My girls was my first AC song. Didn't really like it at first.
  • I discovered AC through review sites, they had really high scores, and pretty much everybody was going on about them so I thought I'd give them a try. Pretty lame story, I know... Most of my favourite albums I discovered on my own though. I think the first AnCo song I heard was "Fireworks" through youtube, but I'm not sure.
  • My very strange best friend swiped my zune because he liked design of the zune software and wanted an excuse to use it and he put a bunch of random stuff on it he thought i might be interested in; this included some indie playlist that had I'm your eagle kisser on it. i never, ever made it past that song on the playlist... the rest is kisstory, or something.
  • new idea for a thread, what do you guys think of the water curses albuM? Just kidding!!! jEEEEZZZ!!! well there should be a thread searcher
  • hey, this site doesnt really get enough traffic for repeat threads to be a big deal
  • True that is why we are so chill. This site is the back woods country road of the internet and we are taking a nice Sunday drive.
  • I actually started with Panda Bear's Person Pitch. My mate's girl friend brought it over a few summers ago; we were having a beer and BBQ afternoon and it was so perfect. I hammered it for months before Wikipedia-ing Panda Bear and knowing the existence of AC. Found AC on Spotify and haven't looked back.
  • Tikey, repeat threads were a big deal when they were easier to track. You'd get the stories of people who no longer post. New threads almost erase the footsteps of the previous posters..whse posts coukd make a difference in your, yes YOUR life. NOT HARSHING ON THY MELLOW SIR just explaining why resurrecting threads is GOOD and HEALTHY.
  • Yeah, I liked looking upon the posts of the elder members of this board.
  • Tikey, is that you??!!
  • yes, i am the crying cat
  • WIN! EVERY time I see your avatar I think it's a cobra at first glance and it disturbs me.
  • My avatar? Of Ted on the keyboard?
  • ha! ... i first saw it as a dog paw for some reason (and still do now and then! ... then and now!) but now i can see "the cobra" and it cracks me up! oh god? imagine it!
  • back woods country road a nice Sunday drive. ^oh HELL yeah! let's do THAT! (again!)
  • Grass! My buddy showed me the song around the time Feels came out (I was 15) and I fell in love with that album instantly.
  • Grass would be a great song to first hear, some newcomers on here half to say "My Girls" was are first song, including me and basically anyone I know personally. Luckily you were into before they got big, yay.
  • Glass! they call me Miss Grass! alice class!
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