Disturbing Anco songs?



  • Must Be Treeman is kind of disturbing. The first time I heard April and the Phantom, with headphones, the 20 seconds of white noise almost gave me a heart attack. I wasn't expecting it AT ALL.
  • i was playing in the singing box in the car super loud with my friends and they jumped like crazy. they werent very happy about listening to the rest of the song either haha
  • Narnia: I had the same thing happen to me when I listened to April the first time. You are like "woah, Why the fuck is the song trying to kill my ears", and that is what I thought after listening to April right after the opening track "Spirit They've Vanished". Tico: When your friends got pissed, was it the part where Avey is yelling or just the high frequencies at the begining of the song or both I guess?
  • right when the main frequency kicks in. i told them this was early animal collective and they were like whaaaaaaa
  • I love those high and low supertones. When I feel scared or sick or upset I sleep to spirit. The angst counters anything negative I feel. My childhood also becomes consoled and my soul purified, I can be out by the first song. The only album I cannot sleep to is strawberry Jam. It has no low points and most of the songs end on dedceptive cadences and abruptly start into the next pop/polkariffic song. I still love it but not for sleep.
  • the one thing strawberry jam is missing is transitions.i hate silence between songs. with the exception of sung tongs
  • It's weird with SJ, because some songs have good transitions such as FRG to Fireworks and Winter Wonderland to Cuckoo Cuckoo, but others have no transitions.
  • sometimes... there ARE no transitions (in LIFE!)
  • Hey, one of the most celebrated releases of all time had fade out, fade in transitions mostly. Which you say? Pet Sounds baby.
  • don't worry, you big baby!
  • Forest Gospel.
  • i sometimes get bothered while listening to For Reverend Green. the mixing is weird to me
  • Brothersport. Yes, really. It's ecstatic and upbeat and dance-y, yes, but try listening to it through earphones in a black shirt on a moderately hot Maltese summer day. It becomes very distressing, very quickly. I had to listen to it in 45 second chunks, and it made me sweat more.
  • i can understand that. something about the song is.. thick, or something like that
  • sir ruppy! GUPPI!
  • How disturbing!
  • are you down with ze klowne? FRoWNE! you mother get up come on get down with the sick nasty!
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