"Winter's Love" on last night's episode of The Simpsons

I thought my ears were deceiving me, but after watching the first episode of The Simpsons I've seen in years last night, I noticed Winter's Love at the very end of the episode. Mind. Blown.


  • It was such a treat ! I was pretty shocked
  • Oh my goodness! why was that song played? and do you know the title of that episode?
  • The episode title is "A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again" and it's episode 19 of season 23. At the end of the episode Bart's told by Homer to "stop thinking about fun and just have it" and he slides down a snowy slope with his family (and some penguins). Sort of a sentimental ending when it cuts to an elderly Bart reminiscing about the "great ride." All of this happens while Winter's Love is playing.
  • I just watched the whole episode. I loved the bit with Winters Love. This episode also reminded me of how much I like the Simpsons although they are 23 seasons in.
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    is the whole simpsons show on netflix? i need to see this! i dont like to pick favorites but winters love is probably the AnCo song that has changed my life the most
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    I think it is on Netflix. With in the context of the episode it almost made me cry, but it was only in their for about 40 seconds. The episode reminded me of that one Futurama episode with Fry and his older brother. The episode with the many leafed clover. I balled when I saw that episode.
  • the dog episode of futurama nearly made me cry
  • I feel as though I have seen this episode... I think I have actually... in a past life... before I knew AnCo...
  • this was absolutely beautiful! also, with that Hot Chip song, i can tell the editor/director/matt groening has great taste in music
  • I had a conversation with turtlebite (why are you not posting anymore) about those Futurama episodes today and she thought the episdoe with Fry's dog was more heart breaking, but since it is opinion based I think we can say that both episodes were genuinely saddening.
  • Wow watching this again has me on the verge of tears
  • That is such a beautiful use of the song!
  • Very touching! This has wiped my bad association of Winter's Love with orgies. I don't recommend the movie Shortbus.
  • Jurassic Bark (the "dog episode" of Futurama as it's being referred to) and The Luck of the Fryrish are both infamous tear-jerker episodes. Like the opening of Pixar's Up, it's impossible for me to watch the ending of Jurassic Bark without shedding a little eyeball water. :')
  • The begining of UP and Finding Nemo...I can't watch them...so...sad. :((
  • Wow. I usually don't like the Simpsons, but this was great.
  • I have to see this. Now.
  • I don't know why I was on the verge of tears when I saw this.
  • Can you guys tell me what it is that tugs at your heart?
  • melodies like Winter's love's
  • The fact that I have lived that episode and for the longest time I thought that way about it. Plus i'm not that emotionally stable! I cried at the begining of Finding Nemo for God's sake!
  • I'm sure a lot of people have, Peacey. You're stable. :)
  • I cry at a lot of stuff, too, that has nothing to do with stability unless you equate state-of-soul-death as stability. I wonder about people who don't feel! I don't ask because the evocations seem odd: I am just curious because we are all so different (and yet same)
  • I've never cried at any sort of film or media. Does that make me heart-less ?
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    God, no. Just like some of us are auditory, some are visual, some are olfactory, some are tactile, Proust was gustatory...with the whole eating a madeline thing... and then the same in expression (as opposed to Impression, which those were). Some people are laughers, yellers, criers, sublimators, writers, singers, etc. Even if you have never cried in your life you aren't heartless. For years the medication I was on numbed my ability to cry, or laugh really. Maybe you were kidding and I took you very seriously in which case I do not apologize. Because I am heartless. I am a heartless, ingluorious basterd. basterdette.
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    Don't you say that Wini. Don't you know that your heart is so big that it just makes you seem heartless although in turth you do what is right and fair for all. Crying is not for everyone, niether are those other feelings and emotions. I seem to be too connected to some of those and that makes me seem a little bit off at times. Especially when I am in sanger (sadness and anger) I become that way.
  • i glove this gland this state i'm in!
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