Has anyone else listened to the album "Open Season" by Yawn?

I'm only half kidding when I say if someone hadn't told me otherwise I'd have assumed it was an Animal Collective side project. It has the off-kilter, experimental tone of Strawberry Jam meshed with the tightly-packaged, mainstream feel of Merriweather Post Pavillion. It's also pretty damn good.


  • All right, seriously, now I'm recommending everyone listen to this because I've scarcely heard any opinion about the album itself other than it blatantly rips off AC's style.
  • I listened to a few songs the other day, but forgot to comment. I don't think I would mistake it for strawberry jam, mostly because the vocal style is a lot different to me. I don't think it's wrong to be a rip-off as long as you give it your own take, which I think is what these guys are doing. Other guys fail to make their own direction just trying to copy AnCo's structure and sound. Like this guy on youtube that basically makes Panda Bear songs... except he can never be as good as Panda. blegh.
  • "To be faced with the task of reviewing a band whose sound is very blatantly similar to that of Animal Collective is, for a critic, a bit of a pickle. To be faced with that task and also really, really like said band is an even bigger pickle. More like a pickle and a half, even." - Popstache That's how I felt at first; now I just love the album for what it is. I feel like it has the sprawled out, cascading nature of Strawberry without all the experimental, twangy sounds. Then it adds the vocal hooting and harmonizing between Dave/Noah from Merriweather. I'm grasping at straws trying to compare draw comparisons to all 3 albums but I do notice similarities, especially in YumYum and Acid. Very interesting song in that video... It sounds like a Panda Bear that didn't get to explore the vast soundscapes of experimental music. It's more subdued to me. I think that's also what makes Noah so damn talented - he brings this epic library of music knowledge to the table and uses his tools sparingly, never going overboard but always blazing a new trail to unknown territories. ...BRB gonna go listen to Person Pitch 9x in a row.
  • and the 10th times free!
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