2 new AC songs.

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http://www.myanimalhome.net/ "Honeycomb" is the first song and "Gotham" is the second one. losing my mind right now.


  • I love the intro to Honeycomb!
  • I know it's so epic! Thanks for the link Ziggster! Batman - Animal Collective crossover? Never thought about it.
  • haa yay! i am listening to them now. so happy!
  • Me listen, too excited to post, ahh!
  • Into the niiiiight!
  • Its like a perfect mix between Strawberry Jam and Merriweather.
  • I can't get it to work. HELP! (I love the album art too)!
  • @Peacefish: There should be a play button in the middle of the artwork. I'll post the youtube links now if it ain't working for ya still. Honeycomb: Gotham:
  • woahwoahwoahwoah this is neat
  • Honeycomb is all happy and silly and Gotham is sad. That's how I feel about the two songs.
  • I got it to work with the youtube links. Honeycomb is definetly a good combo between MPP and Strawberry Jam. I also here a new element to this song, one that has not been seen in the Animal Colective discography. I love the parts when they are screaming "LIFE" and when the song picks up the drums in the begining. Gotham is a lot like No More Runnin' in my opinion. It also has a feeling like "Bees", i mean it is the more electric version of it. I like how this song went from the live to the studio version, it seemed to evolve quite well. I might also add that the guitar is very welcoming to me on here, I was hoping for some more rock sounds, like how Feels and Straw Jam had more rock sounding stuff. Great stuff!
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    So much more refined than their live iterations "Frights" and "Your Choice". Losing my damn mind right now! :D!!!!
  • Yes! Manna!
  • Why aren't more people posting here!? These are crazy! It's on iTunes now, btw. If you're into that.
  • I like it..but I don't at the same time. Hoping this view changes when the album releases as a whole.
  • Im just sitting here listening to honeycomb with the biggest smile Ive been waiting for this for so long!
  • I know how you feel Pottle. Imagine just listening to Lion in a Coma and No More Runnin' without hearing the rest of MPP and not knowing how they even fit into MPP. It can be a bit frustrating when you want something else but they give you what THEY wanted to give you. I hope the album will make these songs better for you!
  • Did you know that those songs were added four days ago to Youtube and I saw them, and started to listen to them. But then, I stopped because I thought they were someone's cover of an AnCo song I had never heard of because I am stupid. So I heard these four days before the official release. YES THIS IS FACT.
  • You were one of the 6 views before sunday night! The other five were probably Deakin, Panda Bear, Geologist, and Avey Tare, and the fifth person is a mystery!
  • So when does the full album come out?!?!
  • Peacefish, if that is true, that is wonderful.
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    and we've had a bunch of new members today who've expressed excitement to talk to y'all about stuff which they cannot speak with their friends about, that being, THIS!!! Ziggster, thank you.
  • Yay for new members! Also, rumor has it that the new album might be released this summer. Let's hope this turns out to be true. No, we should thank AnCo for bringing us all together and enjoying their wonderful music.
  • Just placed my pre-order as well - happy to get the mp3s to huck on the iPod. Does anyone else hear a distracting similarity in Honeycomb to Tikwid? I love both the new tracks, but when Honeycomb gets to the end, all I hear (or expect to hear) is Tikwid... It's the chord progression from 2:15 - 2:21 in
  • Frumpkin, that was EXACTLY what I was thinking! I kept getting Tikwid in my head while listening to Honeycomb. I kept thinking it was to come, and now it is stuck in my head. Avey's voice sounds very similar in both songs.
  • I think I'm going to wait for the album to buy it on vinyl, but I'm listening to it everyday!
  • YAYYYY. Off of only one listen, which we all know is completely pointless to judge an AC track off of, I am not too excited about honeycomb as I am about gotham. Gotham really kind of reminds me of water curses, anyone else feel the same way?
  • I love both, probably Gotham more, and I can definitely see what you mean Blinky. I think it's the return of Deakin's guitar that really gives it the Feels/Water Curses feel.
  • Does Honeycomb remind anyone of Super Mario?
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    Oh yes, Gotham seemed like AC wanted to go into a new direction which is always exciting. Honeycomb is still a great song, but it doesn't have an awesome sounding guitar and a real emotional feel to it that makes it their second best b-side in my opinion.
  • I'm swinging between the two at the moment. One minute, Honeycomb is my favorite. Next minute it's Gotham. Arrgghh.
  • Oh my god I am so happy. Everything I love about Animal Collective. I feel it again. I missed it.
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    Honeycomb has my favourite opening right now. When I first heard it I thought, what could possibly happen next??
  • DNO333 oh dear god?
  • are these from the next album? what the hell is going on not sure if i should glisten! i don't like pre-album singles! i like the first listen of the album to be utterly fresh! so i always say: I WAIT FOR ALBUM! gah!
  • They are almost certainly from the next album, or at least Honeycomb is. So don't click!
  • i don't know WHAT to think! this is so confusing!
  • Gotham sounds really familiar to me. I swear I've heard it before!
  • @UprightBC: perhaps but i miss what they do at this part of Your Choice/Gotham:
  • i had no internet for 3 days and i miss THIS
  • im sweating right now its still downloading! i bought the 7" as well before listening
  • oh my god both songs are instant classics for me! the instruments they used are so new and fresh its crazy. it was weird to hear the cliche cymbal crash at the end of gotham.
  • I love them both, but share others fears of them appearing on the next album.. I don't want to mar the experience of the album by over-listening now.... but I want to hear them again, AGH!!
  • i listened to brother sport and grass obsessively literally two years before i heard the full albums and it didnt taint the experience for me at all. im listening to these for the third time and stopping for the day
  • taint. heh heh.
  • the only anco song that ive over-listened is probs last night at the jetty
  • Old on there Tico. We can't start the hype machine too soon. OMG, new Animal Collective, MAN!
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