It's time!

To start listening to summertime clothes again! I only listen to it during the summer. So I go down to the golf course and if the leaves on this one tree are all out and fully green that means its time to listen to it. And it sounds so great every time.


  • I totally see what you are saying Mitch. I almost refuse to listen to a song like Summertime Clothes when it isn't summertime. I mean when it is 80 degrees, sorry for you Euro folk who don't do Fahrenheit, sunny, birds chirping, kids playing, etc...You just need to play certain songs in this type of weather. Do you mind Mitch if we open this thread up to different summertime songs?
  • i really like Guys Eyes during the summer too
  • Peacefish, I'd love it if we did. I was going to start a new one earlier, actually. Ha well I'd have to say fireworks and Derek are 2 others that just seem so summery. I'm really hoping for this next album to have another song that is somewhat similar to summertime clothes.
  • is it weird that ive never associated AnCo songs with seasons?
  • It's turning winter here in Australia so... Winters Love!
  • It may be wierd if you DO associate songs by other artists to certain seasons, but even if you can't you can still associate songs with certain feelings or memories.
  • Yeah peacefish has a good point. I associate summertime clothes with the feeling of school ending and summer beginning. And all the memories of doing dumb stuff with friends and riding my bike everywhere
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    The amount of doing dumb stuff with friends and me biking around can not be contained in one song, it has to be contained within the whole of MPP.
  • walking around in their summer time clothings! pretty sun dresses! SUMNERDRESHES!
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