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My family is not particularily religious were Christian but basically I consider myself a Spiritualist. Anyway, my whole entire family listens to radio music and dubs anything that is not popular or indie "sh*t", before the first listen. Because I like psychedelic, ambient and experimental music, that is very repetitive, they think I am listening to the satanic music. My father was somewhere between sleep and awake and "Bees" was playing and he saw demons in his dream. (I can see how that could happen) Anyway they almost banned me from listening to AnCo and are praying for me. Its ridiculous. The whole thing is so pretentious because they think they are better than me because of their Taste. Before I understood life, AnCo sounded terrible. What I mean to say is how has being an AnCo fan changed you and your tastes? And how do people react when they find out you like AnCo. And what do you think makes a lot of people SO averse to AnCo? Everyone I know, in the outernet, thinks they sound like "sh*t".


  • i knew that once i really got hooked on AnCo i would never love a band's music more than theirs for the rest of my life. anyways that sucks about the situation you're in. just show them fireworks or some other motivational song. tell them it is supposed to evoke emotion, even if that emotion is satanic at times.
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    First of all, great thread Narnia. Note: I don't feel like revising my longer posts for errors. I would ay my tastes have developed over a long time and some things needed to happen to get me to like AC. I would say the biggest influence which led me to begin listening to AC and bands of that sort was the extreme lonliness I felt about 4 years ago. I first liked ALternative music and some 90's alt like Oasis, believe it or not Oasis actually led me into better bands. Then I like FOW, Arctic Monkeys, Gorillaz, and Coldplay. I listned to bands like those for about two years then in the summer of 2010 I listened to AC when I was home alone and it changed my life, no joke. Before AC I didn't like many movies, TV, books, art, etc. that wasn't imediately catchy or pleasing at first glance. I would also give into common stereotypes of what things were, Ex. AC= Drug music. I learned how to be less judging and more tolerable to new ideas and sounds. I learned to like things as simple as mustard, I know it seems irrelevent, but it was the little thingsI would understand better. I tended to show my true colors too, and not be affected by the results. A good example is when I talk about AC in front of my friends and I don't care if they say it is trash or something, I just want them to understand and tolerate, and they do so. I think it may be that way because of how nice I treat them and how understanding I can be in terms of someones taste. Hell, if it weren't for Animal Collective I would not be a fan of these things: Radiohead, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Mustard, Indian food, MLP:FiM, other indie music, most of Pink Floyd, sad/slow movies, modern contemporary books which lead me to read for fun more often, making art, looking at art, and Battlestar Galactica (I finally got over the shaky camera). As for parents, my dad likes some songs and my mom likes even less, but since my family is non-religious/agnostic, they would never call it "devil music". They however have a deep hatred of the song "Safer". I guess i'm lucky to have parents that won't care about my choice of music (there are a lot of things which they don't like me doing so I won't say i'm too lucky). I really only have Turtlebite and my brother to talk AC to, but they are not on my level, that is why I post here a ton! And I guess the same can be said for a lot of my other tastes, like soccer or other sports, at least in terms of talking to my friends about them. I hope your parents will accept you as you are, I really do.
  • i could see Safer being a song that people genuinely hate, rather than hate as bad music. that piano is so haunting.
  • I've met quite a few people who like AnCo and at the end of the day i'm just the girl with weird taste in music. If you are ever given the opportunity, show them songs like Taste which discusses not being reliant on your things to dictate who you are. There are messages there that exist in Christianity. They make songs that don't talk about God but talk about real human emotions and things that happen to us. Talk about Brothersport or Doggy. Just because they delve into the darker aspects of human emotion and existence at times doesn't mean they are necessarily Satanic. I know that I personally just avoid listening to the darker/weirder stuff while my family is around.
  • Welcometonarnia - sorry to hear your family think that way about your musical tastes. I'm sure they're not trying to offend you - probably think they're trying to protect you or something! When I was young and living with my parents they totally snubbed most of my music! It was to a lesser degree, they wouldn't tell me not to listen to it, but they turned their noses up to it big time (as I would to the sort of shit which goes through the X-Factor etc!) Anyway, always stay close to your family, but ignore them on the music front! They're clearly not open minded and you are - so morally, spiritually, and other-stuff-ally you have the high ground on them! I've given up even trying to get most of my mates into AnCo (that's why I joined this site!!) although I think a few of them will like Honeycomb *fingers crossed*
  • As a Christian, I can tell you that sometimes I find Animal Collective's music to be spiritual for me. Like Tigers said, there are Christian themes in a few of their songs. I hate Christian music. It's so focused on the people singing rather than God -- tell them that you find peace in the repetition and stuff. I find that Animal Collective music can be better for prayer than any Christian music. Just my quick perspective
  • I can see what my family is saying though, from a outside perspective I would probably think the same way. I listened to AnCo for the first time two years ago and never really got past Fireworks. It used to sound so bland to me. But I really love the '60s so I started listening to pop and psychedelia. I fell in love with MGMT upon the first listen, but that was as far as I could go into "drug music". Then I started listening to Pink Floyd and I listened to Piper, which I loved, thus starting a Syd Barrett obsession. When I first listened to Piper it sounded scary but it grew on me. Then I liked of Montreal but I started becoming bored. So I remembered Animal Collective and at first I couldnt believe how scary they were but I was determined to figure out what I couldn't understand. I never liked them until I read the lyrics for Bluish, they were beyond anything I had ever heard and the others were just as beautiful. So I fell in love. Now I am a lot more openminded to a variety of things.
  • My family is not full of bible thumpers they are just REALLY closeminded. My mother claims to be openminded, but she is in fact not. I mean, in their defense AnCo does sound pretty scary. They have said their music is inspired by the sounds in horror films. And the repetition in their songs can sound cultish. The way that people do not initally like AnCo, can seem like the sounds are brainwashing people. And I listen to AnCo A LOT. My family is just afraid of what they cant understand. They dont understand anything I like but whatever.
  • My parents are Christians - my dad is a pastor - but they don't mind what music I listen to. I'm not sure of the difference between my parents and yours, like why they are closed minded and mine are not. Maybe it has to do more with personality, or what kind of congregation you're with. I dunno. I played some Animal Collective in the car, they don't like it, but they don't say anything about it.
  • They think its changing my mind and I am going to "the dark side" **flash of lightning/sound of thunder** I am a lot more open about drug use and things now. My family doesn't belong to any sort of denomination. I think we all believe that there is a spirit world that we cannot see, but there are some things that can open your mind to it, such as AnCo. And there is both good and bad. My mother hippie types and her parents were drug addicts, she has had bad experiences associated. She does not like psyche at all because it reminds her of her childhood. And when I listen to AnCo I feel like I am not part of this world, I go into a trance. AnCo is very hypnotic. So honestly I understand their reason for being closeminded.
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    I feel some interesting vibes going on here in this thread. I mean we are talking about a lot of tough things to talk about all at once. Drugs: Although I am tolerant to most people who use drugs Animal Collective and their music have not made me want to take drugs or even accept them as an option. I have a good amount of troubles that have happened to my family (aunts, uncles, and cousins) that were caused by drugs, I really think drugs are not the answer FOR ME. I also don't desire to lose my mind, even if it could be controlled or if I could gain some sort of higher level of thinking, I would not take shrooms or drop acid. Even cigs, alcohol, and pot are not going to be part of my life. Family Taste/Open-Mindedness: I'm sure ones open mindedness has a lot to do with how they were raised, not nessecarily ones religion. My parents, although my dad is techniqually catholic, are not religious, however they will let me decide on any sort of religion I want to choose. They are more about giving some things a chance rather than blocking things out completely. Taste has a big deal about ones openmindedness to stuff. Take my dad, he likes Pink Floyd and other Progressive rock bands of the 70's, he is more likely to like a song like (too many likes) Fireworks over someone like my mom, who likes more softer rock from singer songwriters. As to Religion/Spirituality in General: Do what feels right, religion or spirituality can be what YOU make of it, not what your parents think of it. I really wish some people would look at what we have in common and not our differences. I also want people to realize that religion could be the heart of both open and closed mindedness, I mean look at how fucked up your world is because of this. But a lot of people get it right too. I think i'm better off on the sidelines for religion. Peace and tolerance is my religion, as cheesy as it sounds.
  • peacefish = ghandi
  • I think i'm trying a bit too hard to be like Ghandi or someone like that. However I rally am being serious when i'm saying these things on here, mainly becuase when I have to deal with a lot of people that have many different views (I live in Michele Bachmanns congressional district) I learn to accept those who will disagree with me. And maybe, just maybe, if I show people my respect for them and their opinions, i'll get some respect back.
  • There's not much I can say, y'all have done a good job commiserating. Nothing helps this situation but time and self- and other-knowledge. You know they are absolutely correct, your family is. You are being drawn away from that which mirrors them. You are venturing out of the safey of the nest and perhaps tales of the hawk or the coyote will keep you safe, with them. Who will you be, if you are not like them? It's very primitive but also very complicated. Good luck and stay strong in your heart. Weakening in there is what will cause the real conflicts.
  • i wonder how many AnCo fans are republican. my parents are, but i am too young to really form an opinion yet and i really hate people on both sides. (extreme liberals or conservatives)
  • "ghandi" "safey of the nest" DEAD GHANDI BIRDS!
  • " (I live in Michele Bachmanns congressional district) " oh god! ... she went to my high school! ... as did gary's son (KILL HER!) i need to bring this fact up more often (to people!) jesse venture / al franken! mini soda is DUCKED... up!
  • Jesse Ventura helped kill Predator (he died) but he helped though! At least Amy Klobachar is sane!
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  • My dad is basically against all music unless it's being presented where he pays for it or on a factual basis. My best friend likes jam bands and my girlfriend likes pop, ska, easy rap and easy indy. I got her to like my girls and summertime clothes but the rest she just respects cause I like it. My mom accidentally put MPP on her ipod and she describes it as ghostly music which makes sense for how much reverb panda puts on his voice. Demon's is a little extreme. I rarely think of God while listening to Anco, they are secular I mean not partial towards any religious stuff and I think if they told people what to believe they may lose fans. They connect people based on human emotions. Maybe some of their music may not be considered pretty to some but not all human emotions are pretty. I guess that's why white folks hated rock for so long. They are pure human, not good or evil. I bet as people they are some of the nicest people you can meet. What would Jesus have on them? Seriously?
  • If God exists, then all music is inherently about God really. Whether that's celebrating its creation, describing parts of it, or opposing him it all goes back to God.
  • I'd like to think that Jesus is playing the Honeycomb/Gotham single in heaven.
  • "If God exists, then all music is inherently about God really. Whether that's celebrating its creation, describing parts of it, or opposing him it all goes back to God." Absolutely, Clawed. We are all created in His image and while not all music/art/lit directly glorifies Him, it celebrates the talents and expressive nature He gave us. Having said that, I am a staunch scientific universalist and my understanding of god is not from the same perspective as a Christian one. But Narnie, I do believe in what I said, that they are responding out of fear for your establishing your own personhood. Love them and comfort the, and be strong in who You are and what You believe in your heart to be Good.
  • Beautifully said Clawed (Jesus loves indie I think. He wasn't really mainstream during his time preaching was he?) I'm a Catholic myself, and I find a lot of spiritual meaning in some of AnCo's music. That's what Christian music (and any religious popular music) should be to me - not "Convert and be saved", but emotions and experiences.
  • Wow, I love you guys so much for being so calm and really thoughtful. To all those people on the board, Christian or not, I must say this is one of my favorite things to see. And yes, Jesus was so Indie! [img][/img]
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    I have to say the first time I heard "The Bees" I thought he said "The Beast, the Beast, the Beast wrarrrr wrarrrr"
  • i think the bees is definitely their most darkest and devilish. except for maybe the beginning of Safer
  • Jesus is the ultimate type of ladies undergarment! He forgave your sins before you committed them!
  • too far claude TOO FAR! oh dear GOD?
  • NO. Going too far would be to say "Jesus is the ultimate tampon. He seals your demons inside."
  • It's alright when you are the son of a pastor, I have a friend that is the son of the pastor and I think he turned out similar to you Claude, not to make a quick judgement.
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    I can see this. edit: meaning, I am aware of the potential of this current direction.
  • kloddy was the son of a preacher man! he was! he WAS! glove drugs on his mindy mind!
  • Yeah, I'm a creep! I'm a weirdo! What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here...
  • Im a christian but not a Paulist.
  • That's very interesting, Purplesage. Paul did come up with some wacky things.
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    edit: I did a whole huge post about Paul, but I'm not feeling it now.
  • I feel like as soon as christianity launched it got off track. If it had grown it the area it was born then that would have solved many issues. Maybe we would have a whole new set of issues then though. Surely less blood would have been spilt.
  • That one from ttg with the super deep voice just talking is pretty scary. So is #1.
  • i love that part, isnt that the "transition" between guggenheim jam and good house? i have trouble remembering details about TTG
  • I love whenever Avey does his deep crazy voice, like in #1 and TTG and ODDSAC too. It's so intense.
  • i love when his voice ramps into extremely low at the end of a sentence. cant think of any examples
  • Ex. "Safer in the dark".
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