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  • I didnt know that ttg had actual names for the songs
  • me either. thought they were just pt 1 and pt 2
  • I also didn't know that Transverse Temporal Gyrus was a part in the brain that processes auditory information til I googled it. Very interesting
  • Some interesting things have been said here. I think enjoying AnCo and drug use have been falsely related here - I think it's a a simple issue of being an open-minded individual in general, meaning that the type of people who give AnCo a shot are also the type of people who are more likely to give drugs a go. I was raised in an extremely conservative Adventist home (classic all-rock-music-is-from-the-devil conservatism), so I'm sure when I started getting into stranger forms of music my family just thought I was rebelling. I think it's gone on long enough now that they just understand that I think in very different ways, and that I genuinely enjoy things that they can't. I think my mom's mellowed out a little bit, that or she just decided to trust me.
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    Yeah that's pretty spot on about the connection of AC and drugs, it seems that a lot of music that is heavily layered and requires open-mindedness is falsely referred to as "drug music" which doesn't exist. There's no music that can only appeal to drug users, or that needs drugs to be appreciated, even stuff that's clearly been made on tonnes of drugs, it just distorts the music into something that can be really intriguing and eye-opening for anyone open enough to give it a listen. In terms of my musical upbringing, I think I got pretty lucky being brought up in a very open-minded family, there was barely any classic rock or anything. I was exposed to music from practically every major genre: rock, hip-hop, avant-garde, jazz, classical, metal, blues, electronic, world music (middle eastern etc..), free jazz/improv, industrial and so on. Bands like Ween, Mr. Bungle and Talking Heads were constantly played and still remain some of my favourite bands. In fact I can bet that there would be no chance that I would have my current music taste if it weren't for the music I was brought up on. I want to do the same if I ever have children and I believe it is very important to expose your children to all sorts of different media in order to give them a broader taste, and subsequently a more open-minded worldview. It may seem a bit of a stretch to say that getting into many different types of music, films etc would have such an impact on your general worldview but I think it forces you to open up to all sorts of personalities and cultures being expressed in ways that are relatable to you.
  • Yeah my dad isn't big on any of the music I like lol. To "non-melodic" for him haha. The other day I told my dad AC is a good middle ground between the more experimental stuff I like and the more pop oriented stuff I like, and he was like "Middle ground? You'd call Animal Collective pop at all??" lol My mom can stand most stuff I play in the car. (AC, of Montreal, Olivia tremor control, Sigur Ros, BoC, others) I want my kids to hear all types of music as well. (when I'm older and have kids lol) The radio, my favorite albums, my wife's favorite albums, our friends favorite albums, etc. I don't want to force them to like any music.
  • Also [quote=Dave]If youre thinking AC rules Im gonna go out and do psychedelics cause they did think again. Only half of the band really spent alot of time with these kinds of drugs. Did they have an effect on the music we make? well i think thats impossible to say cause weve made the music in a context without them and yet weve done maybe thats for you to decide. I think doing them has made some of us a little more clued into aspects of that world then others but obviously that doesnt effect anything in terms of our music. I think in terms of music it is possible to explore any kind of musical world without them if you are open to it.[/quote]
  • [quote=IkoOvo] I don't want to force them to like any music.[/quote] yeah for sure, just exposure, not a forcing of musical preference
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