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Ha - almost certainly the most clichéd topic I could have come up with, and one which I'm sure already exists on here but couldn't find a search button and it wasn't in the first 3 pages. Also a silly question because undoubtedly this changes on a regular basis, but enough procrastination; I put forth: Water Curses I can't think of another artist who have created an EP which contains a song which is arguably their greatest single creation. After a gravitating little intro we are thrust into lively and bouncy melody which is frankly just delightful. How anyone could not smile to this is beyond me. The arrangement of the track is very playful and poses gratifying structural questions and answers. The song resolves into its own unique crescendo, and after witnessing such immense awesomeness one is left feeling grateful that it's followed by the very worthy and almost sobering 'Street Flash' Now, lets hear yours (and the reason why)


  • Mine would definitely have to be Summertime Clothes. It sounds way different in its structure than other anco songs to me. Its also my favorite because of how it reminds me of summer and being out at night and stuff like that. I listen to it everyday in the summer.
  • Zaphox, I love your post! I love how you described the song and your feelings! I don't have a favorite song right now only because I have other stuff in rotation.
  • winter's love, im pretty sure it will always be that. my 2nd favorite changes all the time. my current 2nd favorite is the live song known as "i'm on my own"
  • The song and video for 'Peacebone' is what turned me onto AC, so that song will always have a special place but I think i'm gonna have to give the edge to "Banshee Beat." I've listened to it in the dead of summer, the dead of winter - every season and i've found it can either act as a highlight to a good day or it can be solace on a particularly bad day. Either way, I just keep listening to it.
  • "I've listened to it in the dead of summer, the dead of winter - every season and i've found it can either act as a highlight to a good day or it can be solace on a particularly bad day. Either way, I just keep listening to it." I feel the same way about Banshee Beat too, Viking. Banshee Beat is my most consistent favorite song, as in it will always be in my top three favorite AC songs.
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    Banshee Beat definitely takes the cake for every reason Viking Wolf laid out. It can get me through bad or good times, any time. Save that, I think Bluish is one of the greatest love songs I've ever heard, and I think the track I had on repeat for the longest time (and still listen to bi-weekly) is Mr. Fingers.
  • i love mr. fingers! who is singing in that? i used to think it was deakin but now i think its avey with a voice filter what about you (insert person who hasn't answered)?
  • Peacey says that is Avey with some vocal effects on top. At first I was convinced it was Deakin but at a second glance you can tell it is more like Avey Tare.
  • They have a unique style, plus Deakin is more a baritone where as Avey's a tenor.
  • i see now
  • There is a really hard question to answer because at some point in time all of AC's songs have been my favorite. I guess For Reverend Green has to be my all time favorite. I have listened to it almost everyday for 7 months. The first time I heard it I felt an amount extreme euphoria. I love Avey's voice in that song. His screaning is sublime and perfectly timed. There is so much emotion you dont need to know the lyrics to understand what he is saying. Then in a constant tie for second is Bluish, Kids on Holiday, Winters Love and Doggy. Right now my favorite is Someday You"ll Grow as Tall as a Giant. And In "Mr.Fingers" Avey uses the same vocal effects he used for "#1". And isn't Avey a bass??? Avey's voice is natually quite low and Panda is a tenor. Their voices complement each other quite well, so it would make more sense for Avey to be a bass.
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    Avey has a great range, but typically it sits in the tenor range. Also remember that he uses effects to lower his voice. I'll give a few examples of voice ranges so you get what I'm talking about. I mean, I could be wrong, I'm not an expert this is just what I'm guessing from what I've learned in music theory classes and being in a choir. Bass: (Stephan Meritt of The Magnetic Fields) Baritone: (Archy Marshall aka Zoo Kid/King Krule) Tenor: (James Mercer of The Shins) Hope this helps. Try comparing Avey's vocals with them.
  • cuckoo cuckoo..
  • Hmmmm... it'd probably have to be Brother Sport. Mainly because I can relate to the lyrical content behind it.
  • Grass, my most played song on Itunes, I listened to it like 3 times a day for months and it just gets better after every listen. I took the time of making a list of my top 50 Animal collective songs, Grass was first then Alvin Row and Brothersport, though the list changes every week.
  • Claude: My favorite Baritone, and in my opnion the best baritone, is Matt Berninger from The National
  • I love that 'Mr Fingers' has been mentioned several times here. I find it a very provocative and fitting introduction to ODDSAC. On the occasions that I have tried listened to it in isolation from the DVD, I've ended up just stopping what I've been doing and watching the film.
  • i love AC songs that dramatically change melodies. mr. fingers being a prime example
  • Ya Peacefish Matt Berninger is sweet
  • Winters Love is my favorite song of all time, place and manner
  • right now my 2nd favorite is someday i'll grow to be as tall as the giant. talk about creating a world within the music...
  • Forget Cuckoo, Grass is the greatest song ever. Winter's Love is pretty sweet too though!
  • my favorite AC song, as of now, is Mouth Wooed Her.
  • i need mouth oowaahhhhdurrrrr
  • "i need mouth oowaahhhhdurrrrr" haha quite on point. I love MWH though it's always fun and absorbing to listen to.
  • i love good lovin' oustide too. ST's most underrated for sure
  • I find it harder to pick out individual favorites up until Strawberry Jam era. I feel the early albums merge their songs together more and I listen to it as more of an album experience, where as SJ & MPP I hear individual songs.
  • i felt that way before i only listened to pre-SJ for about a month. you've probz just listened to SJ/MPP more than others
  • good lubbin ousside is my least fave sung tong! the fact i hear people talk good of it makes me find it quite OVERgrated! oh GOD?
  • also for one single second i saw MWH and thought someone was talking about MEN WITHOUT HATS! oh if only! i wanna live in THAT world!
  • hey, i think i know men without hats. pop goes the world, right?
  • I really like Good Luvin' Outside. Not really because of the way it sounds but because of the lyrics. It creates a beautiful mental picture.
  • the first two verses are so cool then it transforms into this orgy of guitars
  • well. I have finally decided that Bluish is my favorite. Bluish is the first song by them that connected with me. Without Bluish I would not be a fan.
  • Same with me Sage. Bluish was the first song I ever loved of AC. I listened to AC before that and did not like them. But once I read the lyrics for Bluish, I fell in love.
  • Recently, I've become addicted to Mr. Fingers. That humming bass combined with the tone of his voice just melts my heart.
  • Arrggh i still haven't seen ODDSAC. I've been seriously putting off ordering it. I've seen the clip of Mr. Fingers on Youtube though, and yeah man, it is quite heart melting.
  • Yeah, I ripped the tracks from the DVD. I could listen to them all day... Oh, wait, I do.
  • my favorite AC song atm is People.
  • I really dig People. It's sort of huge-sound-wall bass-y feel which I really like.
  • always gotta wash them at their ends..
  • i think my favorite right now behind winters love is Bees. errerererereeeee
  • my good friends favorite song is bees
  • every AC song is different from the next, but Bees especially. its so weird and different
  • daily routine is good, loch raven....grass....did you see the word...turn in to something...graze...fireworks.....taste.....leaf house...winters love fireworks is what really got me into them... although i remember the next day after a night out and had my itunes on random and winters love came on, i'd never listened to it before and it was like so intimate was just so chilled with it on lol
  • Purplesage said:<blockquote> my good friends favorite song is bees</blockquote> I read this and went "but we don't even know each other" then: "wait, isn't that one of the folks in miami, MAYBE IT IS MY BEST FRIEND AND I DON'T KNOW IT" but the odds of this are very not amazing.
  • forever and again. Grass
  • The screams in grass capture emotion better than any other AC song IMO
  • opinions are for the weak
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