Your favourite Animal Collective Song



  • Actually, speaking of seasonal music, does anyone have an urge to listen to STGSTV or Fall Be Kind?
  • I actually have an urge to listen to HCTI.
  • Centipede ceason!
  • I do have an urge to listen to fall be kind, oddsac, people ep, etc. but not stgstv. Other than Alvin row it's a early spring album for me On a different note, I finally grew a watermelon that tasted pretty good! It's nice to taste a summers hard work haha.
  • I think Campfire Songs is good for a chilly fall day
  • I think Campfire Songs is good for a chilly fall day
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    Anyone else really loves New Town Burnout a whole lot?
  • Willl IIII maaaaakeeee itttt Baaack hoooome Yeah that song is really good
  • That song is from the Tomboy time I beleive
  • NTB has so much singing-in-your-house-alone potential
  • Lol you categorize things very strangely
  • thanks you, i tend to get weird looks from people alot because of this
  • haha that fits the song so well, just poorly singing it in your kitchen or whatever
  • Right now it has to be "Mouth Wooed Her". It's just so dreamy that I can't peel myself away from it.
  • For me at the moment, it is people. just the intro alone sounds so... good? I cant find a word to describe it
  • have you guys ever heard pre-feels People? always gotta wash em at the eyendddsss
  • I turned some completely mainstream friends at school on to "People" last year. It was probably the one thing that helped us study for exams.
  • grass forever
  • So, I was listening to people, and had this great thought it made me think of this creepy guy walking down a country road one night, everyone else is sleeping and he just walks around spreading fall around.... like making the leaves change color and stuff like that its kinda weird
  • Search For Delicious I wish Panda made more songs like it Since it's so great.
  • im so surprised that good girl/carrots isnt EVERYONES favorite from person pitch. such a great epic
  • search for delicious is my fave too! i wish he'd make more like it also! the vocal effects are just so damn good! it was the first song to pop up too and i thought man... PBLP3 is going to be AMAZING! then bros and good girls carrots i'm not comfy in naughty kah all came about! and i thought man this will be amazing! but by the time person pitch came out it felt more like a compf! a compilation! with 2 brand new songs when take pills got its own thing i thought well that just leaves pony tail! but it never got a release! the only song! even though search 4 delish was on a comp and goodgirlcarrots a split with EXCEPTER! (mthrfkr!) and then he did the same with tomboy releasing too many damn songs ahead of time just odd! he wanted THE MONEY! only in it for the! EEE! dirty greedy grubby paws!
  • Girls/Carrots is my favorite Panda song period.
  • i HATE carrots! the veggie table not the song!
  • you say you like the good girls' honey IS THAT TRUE? :(
  • Search for delicious transports me to a different world
  • Carrots is so good, its the first song I heard from pp and one of my favorite songs of all time
  • What Happened is my favorite AC atm. And AC's cover of On a Plain is absolutely lovely.
  • panda bear young prayer untitled 1 is probs my favorite right now. always makes me listen to the album over and over
  • Moonjock at the moment is one of my favorites. At first I really didn't like it that much, but much like the rest of the album, the more convoluted and cluttered parts get better over time with multiple listens.
  • I'm having trouble with it, man. Ugh. I've now gone through absolutely loving the new material (most of 2011) to getting kind of tired of it, to not really getting into the new album, to then kind of "getting" the new album and really getting into it, to not listening to it at all. Damn.
  • Favorites on PP are def. bros, take pills, carrots and of course search for DUHLISHUSS
  • Of all time? Probably purple bottle or something on the fall be kind album. Currently: TODAYS SUPERNATURAL "i met you in baltimore, laughing so loud"
  • Ive fallen in love with Person Pitch all over again! My old AND new obsession!
  • bearsong bitch! :(|)
  • I really love this slowed version of "Heather in the Hospital". The song speed makes Avey's voice/vocal effects sound more impactful than its regular speed.
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    It can be done. The question is who can handle it? Is the world ready?
  • My body is ready.
  • I even got one of my friends to get addicted to the LELELELEGO part of that song, A feat which is all too hard to do.
  • All too balloon. All two baboons!
  • ok i get it! my posts are usually those of a buffoon! ushing a harpoony!
  • i really love cobwebs right now and I cant explain why.
  • it isn't hard to understand why! cob WEBS! cob WEBS! powerful stuff!
  • Just realized that A Manatee Dance is their best opener. And im falling in love with Street Flash and Cobwebs right now.
  • Haha just kidding!
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  • No i love Street Flash!! I was kidding about the first part of my post!
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