Your favourite Animal Collective Song



  • I figured. The scream's the best, what a great scream.
  • Im really getting into Lablakely dress (Danse version, Holland's is great too though) Its so beautiful Danse Manatee is a very beautiful record.
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    [quote=welcometonarnia]i really love cobwebs right now and I cant explain why.[/quote] I was just about to post this! I'm so glad it's in their new setlist because i get to see them live in January!
  • Also Meet the Light Child is an incredible song, it just keeps going from one amazing part to the next. I really hate all the shit that Danse Manatee constantly gets, people need to give it more of a chance.
  • Could just be it's not to some people's taste, too.
  • Yeah, I used to absolutely hate Danse. The texture of the album made the album comepletelt abhorrent and inaccessible to me, but then I grew to like it some how. Essplode was the only song that sounded beautiful on first listen. The lyrics are incredible.
  • still wonder why so many say they could love essplode but no other! it MUST have something to do with fireworks explode! ... while they might not hit quite as hard there are many pretty / emotional / intense groovy parts or songs that should line up just as swell! at least now among the Ac fangs danse is getting it's final due!
  • I think the last 3 songs on Danse are killer The Living Toys is pretty awful though :p
  • I love the living toys... Although it was an acquired taste due to a period of danse obsession
  • I love the transitions in Danse.
  • I really am digging the Danse stuff this fall. In The Singing Box is a personal favorite that just closes out that album really well. Lablakely Dress has a cool chilling feel to it that reminds me of scary movies and Halloween.
  • My favorite AC song right now is PAPA TIME
  • JACOB! yyyeeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! HA-umHa-um! out of all the songs on danse I would want to cover meet the light child the most. I can already do essplode and sampling throwing the round ball for a rap would be cool
  • Tic, that song has some of my favorite Avey lyrics
  • No mention of the glove, I see. Interesting.
  • i consider A manatee danse/penguin penguin/new white singer the same song
  • i sure as hell don't! but it is like intro / noize attak! / funky lil jam man! then THE HIT SONG! then things REALLY heat up!
  • Penguin penguin is so amazing.. Better than essplode and white glove id say
  • that's just crazy talk tico tico! TUCO! :o
  • I love Danse but Penguin Penguin still hasn't clicked with me, it just sounds annoying and like a collection of harsh noises, the album is great from then on though.
  • theres like a little melody struggling so hard to get out of the noise and then theres that tiny breakdown down like glrbefshjlvjesbvreiwuobgobg ahh ahhhhh ;ujghqpo;anvgphiourngp;qnvp
  • white glove is good. It sounds like it's making fun of Michael Jackson>>>?
  • ha! i always wondered about that too he became just another white singer... lost his magik mojo! LITTLE PLASTIK GLUV
  • What [i]else[/i] could it be talking about? Didn't they talk about liking his music?
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    Right now I really love the liver version of Palenka.
  • Turn Into Something at the moment. Didn't listen to it for months so now it's like rediscovering it, isn't my least favorite Feels song anymore.
  • that was the first song i heard off of Feels, and it's been one of my favorites ever since.
  • [quote=welcometonarnia]Right now I really love the liver version of Palenka.[/quote] "liver" hahahahahahahaha
  • My favorite songs on Centipede Hz are Rosie Oh! and Pulleys. Saw them play last night and they rocked!! They played Brother sport it was awesome. I think my favorite song is water curses. I like this thread, you guys are reminding me of all the great songs.
  • Right now it's between Highway and I Think I Can
  • In the Singing Box, going through a real Danse phase at the moment, it gets better after every listen and now it's one of my favorite AC releases.
  • the bbc session of banshee beat/kids on holiday is magnificent
  • i could never make out banshee beat in that recording
  • me either but the holiday is so great and the droney-banshee still makes for a good (long) intro imo i think kids on holiday is close to being my fav ac song. i fall in love with every live rendition
  • it makes such a great live closer as long as avey is screaming
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  • [quote=Ticonderoga]it makes such a great live closer as long as avey is screaming[/quote] yessssss
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    trippster #3\ my fav right now is IN THE SIGNING BOX OH GOD COUNTRY!!@
  • nice. i luv danse zo much
  • Meet the Light Child > the rest of Danse
  • it's def. the hi-lite! oh for sure!
  • its the highlight but its barely better!
  • [quote=welcometonarnia]welcometonarnia said:Right now I really love the liver version of Palenka."liver" hahahahahahahaha[/quote] hAAHAHA I laughed profusely at the sight. I like Avey Tares slow words into 3 umbrellas live, smart sorrow filled and fun to danse to
  • Throwin' the round ball
  • that randomely gets stuck in my head all the time! So much random parts of danse like meet the light child with my own lyrics "WHO'S A PRETTY PONY? I AM!!!!"
  • Country report sounds great now. Anyone noticed the similar ideas in both wide eyed and country report?
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